one special day

April 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Ughh!! No I’m not going to any ballet class what I look like. I have better things to do.”Yes you is going lil boy” said mom. Why do I have to go watch some people dance in some tights on”? “Don’t ask questions, just get in the car and come on “said mom. “Ight whatever. Why does someone always got to make me go somewhere, get on my nerves thinking to myself?”Where we at”, “we almost there just calm your butt down” said mom.
She pulled up in the parking lot and turns the car off.”Do I have to go”? “Yes lil boy now follow me” said mom. I got out the car boom! Slammed the door. “Don’t be slamming no doors or ill slam your face to the ground “said mom.” Yea ight whatever it isn’t even no cars self of this armor hummer, now was that doing at a ballet place”.”I don’t even know but come inside I got to show you something.
“Whoaaaa! What is all this”. “This is for you I want you to take it and go live a happy life” said mom. “Why am I leaving for was happening”. “Somebody is looking for us and I don’t want you in this so take it get packed and there is a car in the back it is your favorite car so take it and leave love you bye I will see you later in life. Thinking to myself “where I’m post to go and love you too.
I turned my head for one minute and she was gone. I started packing everything up and put it in the car i was happy but then, I was sad because my momma left but one day I will see her again. I left the country and live my life happy ever after.

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