Run Roach Run

April 13, 2012
By daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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One day they were two roaches trying to get from the exterminator. The roaches had many reasons not to be killed according to the them. The roaches still had many things to take care of before they died. The two roaches had thought of a very good plan to tell the exterminator what they wanted and what they wanted was to live because they had three reasons what they wanted to live the first one was that they had baby roaches to take care of, the second reason was to make her dreams came true, and the last thing why the roaches wanted to live was because they had an easy life living in an house were there was trash every where.

The first thing why the two roaches wanted to live was because they had just had 16 babies and there was nobody to take care of the baby roaches and if they left them by their own they could die because nobody would take care of the little roaches by feeding them and caring for them. The third reason why the two roaches wanted to live was to they make there dreams come true, the two roaches dream was to be owners of the most popular restaurant in America the two roaches favorite restaurant was McDonald's and the two roaches biggest dream was to be the owners of all the McDonald's in the entire world and eat all they wanted. The last reason why the roaches wanted to live was because they had an easy life where they lived they always had food there were days that they had so much food that they couldn't finish it, they lived in a dumpster behind a Chinese buffet restaurant and the people that owned the restaurant always throwing food that people left in the garbage and never struggle on finding food.

The two roaches planned to tell the exterminator their reasons on why they wanted to live, but they didn't know how to tell the exterminator their dreams because they were too small and they knew that if an exterminator will see a roach for any reason he would kill it right away no matter what. The two roaches were really stressed because they didn't know what to do and they decided to go to the oracle. The oracle was the oldest roach. The oracle told the two roaches what to do she gave them a potion to put into the exterminators ear and would make the exterminator small like a roach. The two roaches went and put the potion into the exterminators ear and the exterminator became smaller the roaches and the roaches showed the exterminator how hard it was to be a roach and the exterminator saw how much they struggle to be able to survive and the exterminator decided to let them live.

The author's comments:
I wrote this article because i like adventures and I wanted to see the point of view of a roach.

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