April 10, 2012
By Brenda Montanez BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Brenda Montanez BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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AAHH!!! Where am I? I thought I had gone to ballet class! Instead I see grass! Where are the pink Tutu’s? Where are the ballet bars? I’m completely baffled. Really, someone tell me where I am!

It all started a week ago. I had decided to take ballet classes to learn ballet, so my mom signed me up. Well today was the first day. As soon as I entered, I realized it was not ballet. I actually have no idea where I am right now. I feel like I literally stepped into a new and magical world. Even my clothes are magical! I don’t know how but at one point I was wearing my gym outfit and next thing I know, I’m wearing a sky blue, puffy, and long gown with lace handcuffs. Even my shoes transformed! Now as I look around me, I realized what a beautiful place this is. As I wandered around, I suddenly came to this beautiful, magnificent castle. In front was a stunning fountain in the shape of a dolphin. The water seemed crystal clear and it reflected the castle’s image. The castle’s front view was entirely made of glass, so the door just seemed to float in the middle. Since I didn’t know where I was, I decided to ring the doorbell. “Hello, how may I help you?” said the maid. “Hi”, I said “Can you please tell me where I am? I am completely lost.” “You are in Mistlewood Manor, the home of King William and Queen Nicole, surely you have heard of them?” I guess my expression was obvious because she went on to explain all about where I was, who they were, and what was happening. “The family’s teenaged daughter has disappeared and we have been desperately looking for her throughout the entire kingdom. Without her, this kingdom would be destroyed!” “Why would it be destroyed?” I asked incredously. “Her crystal necklace is what keeps our kingdom alive. If she were to loose or if they steal it, the kingdom would die. We would loose all of the crops we have planted. Our kingdom would loose our wealth!” “Wow, this crystal sure is important. Hey, maybe I can help you look for her!” I exclaimed. “Good idea! How about you come inside to speak to the king and queen?” “I would love to, thank you.” I said. As I walked through the front door, I could not help but marvel at the décor of the castle. It was as if I had stepped into a fairy tale story. The walls were golden with intricate designs. They were adorned with paintings of people who I guessed were the royal family. Finally, we arrived at the throne room. There in the front were the two biggest thrones I have ever seen. They were occupied by whom I guessed was King William and Queen Nicole. Sitting there, they looked like a god and goddess. I knelt down and said my name was Lisset and I wanted to help them look for their daughter. “Thank you so much for helping us!” exclaimed the queen. And so I set off to look for Princess Cordelia. I walked and walked until I go t to these doors. Since the road ended right there, I suddenly realized I didn’t know which door I should open. I decided to go with the one in the middle. As I walked slowly to the door, my hand trembled on the doorknob. I mentally prepared myself for what I was going to see. I slowly opened the door and surprise, surprise. I found Princess Cordelia taking ballet class. As I stared deeply into Cordelia’s face, I realized how much we looked alike. I was stunned at our resemblance. I took her back home to her parents, who were waiting. I closed my eyes for like 10 seconds and I found myself back in ballet class. What just happened?

After I had been in ballet for 3 months (this time it was the right class), I looked at the mirror and saw the same image I had seen when I had found Cordelia in ballet class. That’s when it struck me. I was Cordelia. That had been me. I suddenly realized that I had experienced déjà vu. Life always gives you unexpected surprises.

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