Dance Class Mix-Up

April 10, 2012
By kelvin molina BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
kelvin molina BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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This is it I thought as I was backed into a corner with nowhere to turn, if only I walked into the right class this wouldn’t have happened. This all started on a tepid yet chilly day in Charlotte, North Carolina as children of all ages prepared themselves for the first day of school. As a current student myself I felt nervous, wondering of all the new kids and happy about the old ones but all together I was apprehensive. I rode the school bus and everything was fine, as a matter of fact the whole day was fine, well until it reached time for our electives. My schedule was as all my other schedules in the previous years except this year it appeared that ballet was an elective and I was a victim of taking it. RRRRING! The bell was ringing and finally I was on my way to ballet, looking forward to anything new I may learn. The ballet room was very easy to spot because outside of the room it said “Ballet”, yet the room was murky and inexplicable like as though it wasn’t meant to be entered. I walked in and the first thing I noticed was the blood-splattered walls and the skulls everywhere, “Well this seems right”, I said to myself. I looked back and realized that there were a lot of kids wearing tights walking into the other room; I tried to follow but found myself locked inside. I turned to find another exit but I found myself staring eye to eye with an undersized, rotten-tooth women. I backed away, startled and revolted by the smell of death coming out of her mouth. She was wearing a pointed hat and a black robe, trying to remember where I saw this before I realized that she was no other than Dr. Seuss. Curious to see if my prediction was accurate I asked, “Are you Dr. Seuss?” As quickly as I asked her she replied with a raspy voice of anger, “No dummy I’m a witch!” Carefully pondering on what she just said I realized slowly that as a matter of fact she was a witch. She slowly approached me and had me cornered. This is it I thought as I was backed into a corner with nowhere to turn, if only I walked into the right class this wouldn’t have happened. Quickly I saw a door labeled Ballet at the back of the room, I dodged the old witch as she attempted to grab me and I ran as fast as I can to the door, opened it and what I saw was far worse than any witch… The ballet room was full of guys in tights. The first day of the school year and I am already hating it, first with the witch who I really rather be with and now with this class full of tights. Now I am definitely going to think twice before I believe anything I read. This is going to be a long school year!

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