2019, Aaron's Diary

April 11, 2012
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It was the middle of summer in 2019; the days were long, hot, crimeless…? I was too good to be true.
In the night, wind threw my hair, pointless crimes and adventure. The name of this “wonderful”, ‘crime free”, astonishing town was unknown, so Aaron crest just called It, free land. Aaron crest’s family, well his brother and his sister were poor, after the “families” parents died the family started to be irresponsible, care free, and they felt that they didn’t need jobs. – 12pm later that same day. There were police s in the air, Aaron found his self outside of his living space striving to survive. He walked the dry streets like a stray cat or dog despitly trying to find loose change of even or leftover food in dumpsters behind the café. “Aye boy!” it sounded like a mob, it was a mob! Heading right for Aaron, “what did they want”. Aaron quickly jumped sacredly into the dumpster that he was looking for food in and slowly closed the lid. “Hey you get outta there and tell me where he went

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