April 10, 2012
By seanspiveyjr BRONZE, Poughkeepsie, New York
seanspiveyjr BRONZE, Poughkeepsie, New York
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"All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together."
Jack Kerouac

Janas picked up the shovel. After a while it’s gotten heavier and heavier. Sweat dripped down his forehead. Tears ran down from his eyes, dirt on his face. It’s been a long day for Janas. Miguel looked at him. There was an expressionless look on his face. He just stared at him. Bryant was looking at what was behind Janas; he cringed at what he saw. Carol was the only female of the group, but far from the quietest. She spoke her mind and didn’t have a care in the world. Kind of the reason she’s involved with these four guys.

“Are you done yet?” Miguel asked. The same expressionless look on his face

“I’m almost.” Janas replied. The hurt in his voice was clear; too clear. Miguel smiled. More like smirked as the obvious hurt in Janas’ voice amused him.

It was a dark and very hot night. Stevie lay there silently. Stevie had always been the quiet one, except in one occasion. He still hasn’t paid all the way for his actions. “He’s kind of cute when he cries.” Carol said. She smiled at Miguel. Miguel made little attempt to smile back. His eyes were still on Janas.

“Stevie,” Miguel said. Stevie’s eyes opened quickly. “Get the rope.” Stevie stood up slowly, clenching his side, and jogged slowly down to the truck. Miguel’s eyes remained on Janas. Two minutes later, Stevie returned with a rope I his hand.

“Give me.” Carol said, reaching for the rope in his hand. Without a word Stevie dropped the rope in her hand.

“Don’t have to be so rude about it.” Stevie said. He smiled at her. She didn’t smile back. They weren’t the best of friends. “Can I go back to what I was doing?” Stevie asked sarcastically.

“As you please.” Miguel said. His eyes remained locked on Janas. Several moments later, the shovel dropped. “I’m done.” Janas said. He walked toward Miguel, locking eyes with him when he was about three inches away. “Let’s just get this over with.” Janas said, grabbing the rope from Carol.


The three police officers arrived at the scene. One was tall, one was short, and the last was chubby. A call was received by a unanimous tip. When they arrived, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. The short one grabbed his radio. “No sign of anything wrong here.” It wasn’t dark but it was close.

The tall cop pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and a lighter from the other. Within seconds, two things happened. A gunshot went off and a punch was thrown. The tall cop fell to the ground. As another punch was being thrown, the tall cop yelled to the short cop, “Run, they’re here for you!”

The punch missed and the officer ran off. “I told you not to say a word.” A deep male voice said. His foot went back and connected with the tall police officer’s nose. The short cop was off in the distance. The chubby cop watched it all, he just stared. “You’re going to get hanged for this!” The male said. “And you, too.” He was talking to the chubby cop now. “I don’t trust you’ll keep your mouth shut.”

“Who cares? I’d rather be dead then work another day for you.” The chubby cop said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” The male said.


“Are we done?” Carol asked. Janas and Miguel were walking towards her. The sun was rising and their time was just about out. The rope dropped from Miguel’s hand.

“Yes. Start the truck and we’re gone.” Miguel said. Janas picked up the rope and followed Carol to the car. Miguel followed behind them. The car doors slammed shut, but the car never pulled off.


The tall police officer lay on the ground. His hand covered his nose as he attempted to stop the stream of blood that came from it. “He won’t get far. He’ll probably die from the wound or come back once he sees his surprise.” The deep voice said. It was the same voice that kicked him.

“You just had to open your mouth and of all times, you choose this one.” A female voice said. “We had him and you ruined the plan.” She swung her foot back and it connected with his stomach.

“Get him up.” The deep voice said. Two sets of hands grabbed him; one female and a set belonging to a male. He got a good look at the one who helped pick him up; it was the chubby cop. Also, the other cop in on the whole plan. His eyes were focused on something in front of him. His face cringed and his jaw tightened.

Both cops didn’t want to go along with the plan. The tall cop looked in front of him and his heart dropped at what he saw.


“You should have just killed me with Stevie and Bryant.” Janas said. Carol’s body lay dead in the passenger’s seat. Miguel was next to her in the driver’s seat, with the rope around his neck. The wound in Janas’ side hurt and he wouldn’t last very long, but at least he would be with his family. That’s all he wanted, he wanted to be with them no matter what. Dead or alive.


He came back. The short cop came back. He was holding his side and tears were in his eyes. Not from the wound, but from what he saw. There were two dead bodies that belonged to his wife and daughter. “I knew you’d come back.” The deep voice said.

The chubby cop stood against a tree and he still cringed at what he saw. The tall cop lay on the ground. The female stood alone, but not far from the group. The deep voice male stared at the wounded cop. “You’re going to dig a hole; a big hole. You’re going to put your family in it and then their bodies.” He said pointing at the other two cops.

The wounded cop picked up the shovel. After every time he picked up some dirt, the shovel got heavier and heavier.

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