April 2, 2012
By Amberboo61997 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Amberboo61997 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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I smiled at the concrete wall. This was it. I was finally gone. Gone from the place that had unleashed happiness on me. A tear fell down my cheeks and my hand reached up and wiped it away. Why should I cry? It’s not my fault I was born this way. Born without the extraordinary powers that was possessed in my family, I was considered a nuisance, a minor disturbance in the family name. Besides me being in the Royal Family, no one would put up with me.

I scratched my back and felt the rough potato sack fabric I was wearing. Of course it itched, but it was manageable. My skin actually breathed. Instead of wearing the heavy petticoats and dresses and skirts, I wore this sack. The lightness of it was strange to me. Suddenly, the door opened behind me. In came the man I should thank. His name was Alonzo Smith. Half-Mexican and Half-Black, Alonzo was a six-foot tall seventeen year old with a lot of power. He had short curly hair and he wore a t-shirt and some jeans.

He stepped inside and said, “Hello, Maria. How are you?” I crawled up and said, “I’m coping, but overall, ecstatic.” He smirked and snapped his fingers. In came a maid. She was old and way past her time. Someone give her some help, my God! She held out a sword. I took it and nodded. It was time. Alonzo frowned and said, “I wish you good luck, but I know you will win.” He held out a hand and I gradually took it.

We walked through the catacombs and came to another cell. It was decorated to look like a dressing room. Inside, there was three people. The make-up artists. They sat me in a chair and instantly got to work. One did my hair. She rolled it so that it came down in layered waves. Another one did my make-up. He put on some grey blush and some red lipstick. He also put on some black eye-shadow and which had some blue specks in it. The third one was trying to do my nails but it felt like she was puling them out one by one.

Alonzo sat beside me. He was explaining what names I should choose. The names were interesting but not me. “We could do The Raven,” he said, looking at his clipboard. I shook my head. “Oh no. That will not do,” I said. Alonzo groaned. Choosing names was a hard feat and I had to admit, it was frustrating. I thought hard and came up with a solution. “How about…The…Reaper?” Alonzo looked up from his clipboard. “The Reaper? Hmmm… That actually sounds interesting. So, what are your powers?”

I looked down at my manicured hands. “I don’t have any. Well, none that I don’t know of. But I was trained to fight,” I said, trying to lift the mood. Alonzo frowned. “Your parents told me that you had powers. So, you’re telling me that your parents are practically signing you up for execution?” I nodded. That’s what they told me.
Alonzo stood up, with a grave face, and said, “Um…I’ll go to the sign in and enter you, okay?” I nodded and watched as he left the room. So sad. I like him. Too bad I couldn’t stick around long enough to become friends with him. The male make-up artist went into a closet and came out with my costume. It was a black leotard that had sapphire stones embedded in the bodice. There was also a belt that had a sheath in it to hold a sword or a knife. They made me put on some black stockings and then the leotard. Then I put on some awesome black boots. I looked hot actually. The lady who was doing my hair came up to me with a cape and a hood. I slipped it on and I actually looked like the grim reaper.

Suddenly, Alonzo came and escorted me out. He led me down the catacombs until we came to a small empty room. In the middle there was a tube that I knew would lead me to the place I was secretly dreading. On the wall to the right there hung a clock. It was exactly 9:45 in the evening. Alonzo closed the door and turned to me. “Okay, here’s the thing. You are to fight at ten. Your parents have assigned a low class opponent but he still has the power to kill you. Okay…your opponent is called The Snake. I don’t know what his power is, so be careful.” I nodded. The snake.

Alonzo looked at the time. “I have to go. Oh wait! Here,” he said and brought out a sword. “Your grandmother wanted me to give this to you. She said it will, as she said, ‘enlighten’ you. The sword’s handle was black but the actual metal was a deep navy blue. Written in white letters, “The Reaper” was written on the metal. I grabbed the sword and smiled. It was beautiful.

Suddenly a small bell rung. The tube in the middle of the room opened. Alonzo pushed me towards it. I climbed in and watched as I rose. Soon I came to an opening. A stadium, filled to the brim with people. I pulled my hood over my head and looked around. Then I was on top of a huge pillar. In front of me, on the other side of the field, there stood my opponent. A scrawny kid who looked like he should be at a computer, not fighting.

Over to my left, there was a VIP balcony for special guests. I looked up at the balcony and spotted my family. The jerks. To the right, there was a balcony for the announcer. The announcer was a tall, fat dude who had thinning grey hair. He smiled and screamed, “AND NOW,ANNOUNCING OUR SECONDFIGHTERS!!!! THE SNAKE AND THE REAPER!!!!!” The crowd screamed and cheered with utter enjoyment. As if people fighting to the death is enjoyment. The announcer raised his hand and signaled the crowd to quiet. They did. “So, here are the rules. When you hear the buzz, that’s when you fight. We want a somewhat clean fight. Do not attack the citizens. And the winner will advance to the final round. So, let the fight begin!!!!!” The crowd cheered again.

I stood there and glanced at the VIP balcony. My brother was looking dead at me. He smirked and mouthed, “Good luck, vermin.” I smiled and said, “Die, sissy.” His face contorted to anger and I laughed. Soon a loud buzz sounded and the crowd went silent. Over across the field, the scrawny boy began to cringe and shimmer. He fell to his knees and let out a agonized scream.

Then he stopped moving then got up. His hair was messed up and now covered his eyes. I swear I saw a smile come to his lips. Then his chest started to pulse. What the heck?! He bent over and his shirt ripped as two huge snakes ripped out his back. Some of the crowd cringed and I swear I heard an “ew…” The snakes were red and their fangs were tipped with poison. OH MY GOD. I’m dead. The boy pushed his hair out of his eyes and showed his evil grin. His eyes were red now and looked just like a snake’s. Then he lifted a hand and pointed at me. As if on command, the snakes shot towards me.


The author's comments:
Um...I read Hunger Games and was like 'Hmmmm...This is a great book!' Then I watched X-Men and was like 'AWESOME'! So I decided that why dont I combine the two? This is only a preview so if there are enought votes I might make it a book. Hope you enjoy.

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