The Beginning of Darth Remnant's Trials

April 4, 2012
By AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
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Remnant Akatiri, a Sith Warrior who is training to become a Sith Marauder, is a mere teenager. Remnant was a boy when he saw his parents murdered by a rogue Sith Lord. When his parents were killed, Darth Baras felt the force and rage that was inside the little boy who was known as Remnant. Since that very day, Darth Baras took Remnant as his own son and trained him as his apprentice.

On Remnant’s 16th Birthday, Darth Baras sent him to retrieve his father’s lightsaber, which held a Black Lightsaber Crystal within it. Rumors have it that a Black Lightsaber Crystal resembles a Sith Marauder or Juggernaut. But Remnant accepted Baras’ mission, even if the tomb was guarded by Jedi Sentinels. When he arrived at the tomb, a Jedi Sentinel ambushed Remnant. Remnant channeled a force push and shot the force push directly at her, throwing her into the wall at a fast and painful speed. Remnant then moved on into the tunnel that leads to his father’s tomb.

He walked through the tunnel and found a lightsaber on the ground. “Is this my father’s Lightsaber? If it is, then someone desecrated his tomb.” Remnant thought to himself. He then picked up the lightsaber and walked out of the tunnel. Waiting for Remnant to get out of the tunnel, the persistent Jedi Sentinel was waiting for him. “Now that you have a lightsaber sith fool, fight me. No restrictions.” The woman said to Remnant. In response, Remnant cracked his neck and knuckles and then his skin turned red and his hair reddish black. After he finished cracking his neck and building up his rage, Remnant pulled out the Lightsaber and unsheathed it, unleashing its color and power. “It is my father’s Lightsaber…….but why would Baras want me to find it?” Remnant thought to himself again. He then channeled another ball of force and shot it directly at the woman, pushing her into the wall again at the same speed as the last one. Surprisingly, she got up and Remnant teleported in front of the woman and started choking her. He choked her until she was unconscious. After that, he threw her into the wall, breaking her spine and she screamed in agony for five minutes until she died.

“Sith Marauders rely on their rage, not just their force puny woman.” Remnant said as he started turning back to normal. As he arrived back to the sith temple, he walked into Darth Baras’ chambers, and waiting for him was Darth Baras’ former apprentice, Malakari. “I will prove to Darth Baras that I am his true apprentice, even if I have to kill you in the end.” He said angrily. “You will prove nothing. You have failed at being his apprentice and he chose me over you.” Remnant said as he takes out his father’s lightsaber. When he takes out his father’s lightsaber, he unsheathes it and prepares to fight Malakari. Shocked, Malakari looks at the color crystal of the lightsaber Remnant wields. “He’s the son of the first Sith Marauder…” Malakari thought to himself.

Malakari charged at Remnant seconds later, but Remnant impaled the lightsaber into Malakari’s heart and started twisting. Remnant then pulled the lightsaber out and wiped the blood off of his lightsaber hilt. As Remnant walked into Baras’ chambers, Baras asked, “Did I hear Malakari’s voice out there?” Remnant responded with a grin. “Yes, and I have his blood on the hilt of my lightsaber. He tried to prove he was better than me by trying to kill me, but he failed as you can tell Master.” Baras laughed and then smiled under his mask. “Good. You have proved yourself worthy of becoming a Sith Marauder my apprentice. Take my apprentice’s lightsaber and shed some blood with it. When you’re ready, meet me at the Dromund Kaas temple.” Baras said in a serious, but proud manner. Baras then left his chambers heading to his shuttle and Remnant went to train in the ways of the Sith Marauder.

20 minutes later, he left the training room and took a shuttle to Dromund Kaas. He then walked to the temple Darth Baras was located at. When he arrived at the temple, the guards kneeled before him and called him “True Sith.” “Welcome to Dromund Kaas Remnant. Your new life starts here. I can tell you’ve trained in the ways of the sith marauder.” Baras greeted Remnant and congratulated him after saying that. “Well you know me master. I learn quickly.” Remnant responded proudly.

“Your next trial is to destroy 2 Mandalorian Camps Remnant. They are located on the outskirts of a camp near the city. Bring me the heads of the Mandalorian Leaders for each camp and I will reward you greatly.” Baras told Remnant. Obediently, Remnant nodded and left the temple to hunt the Mandalorian Leaders, Though he just became a Sith Marauder, Remnant had the confidence he would succeed in this trial. He then sprinted and used parkour all the way to the first encampment.

When he arrived at the first camp, the Mandalorian soldiers pulled out their scatter pistols and started shooting at Remnant. Remnant blocked all of the shots and decapitated each Mandalorian including the leader. He then picked up the leader’s head and put it into a sash. “These Mandalorians are too easy. Hopefully I’ll get an even bigger challenge at the next camp…” Remnant thought to himself. Again, he sprinted and used parkour to get to the last camp. This time, the Mandalorians came prepared. They had Rancors surrounding the camp and Remnant had to kill them all to get to the Mandalorian leader.

It took Remnant 4 hours to kill every Rancor surrounding the camp, but the Mandalorians were still easy to slay. “This is just too easy, except for the rancors, the Mandalorians were a piece of cake.” After he picked up the last Mandalorian leader’s head, he pulled out his speederbike and rode back to the Dromund Kaas temple. Again, Remnant was interrupted by an apprentice. “Remnant, you have a bounty on your head for slaying a sith. What say you?” The boy said. “Bounty? Where’s the proof boy? And I don’t serve the Imperials, I serve Darth Baras only.” Remnant responded angrily and walked away.

Rayne arrived at a sith arena minutes later after he walked away from the apprentice accusing him of murdering another sith. “Maybe I should join the arena and test my abilities.” Remnant thought to himself. He then walked to the entrance of the arena and applied to battle. Remnant was accepted in the arena, but started at a high rank because of being Darth Baras’ apprentice. His first battle was against a Zabrak sith Juggernaut. The Zabrak charged at Remnant but he channeled a force push to throw him at the wall. Remnant then pulled out his two lightsabers he named Hatred and Chaos. The sith juggernaut then struck at Remnant and there were constant sounds of lightsabers clashing for five minutes. After that, Remnant threw his two lightsabers at the juggernaut, but he didn’t dodge the lightsabers so the lightsabers impaled the sith juggernaut’s heart. Remnant then walked up to the Zabrak, pulled out the lightsabers and kicked him halfway across the arena. The crowd went wild after the fight.

Remnant was grinning until he got back to the arena roster, and who he’d be fighting next. His next opponent was his uncle: Rayne Akatiri, a renowned sith marauder. Remnant walked to the arena and waited for his opponent in such a scared way, he wasn’t sure if he could fight. Rayne walked into the arena wearing a black and red masked hood with black and red robes. “Be ready to fight, because I won’t hold back nephew.” Rayne said cockily. Remnant gulped and pulled out his lightsabers after Rayne unsheathed his Black and Purple lightsabers. Remnant charged at Rayne, but was thrown at the wall because of Rayne’s force grip. Remnant didn’t get up for 2 minutes, and Rayne waited. When Remnant got up, he threw his lightsabers at Rayne, and he grabbed the lightsabers’ hilts and threw them on the ground. Rayne then channeled a force repulse, which is a shockwave of force that knocks everything back, and unleashed it on Remnant. Remnant got right back up after the force repulse and charged at Rayne when he wasn’t paying attention. He unleashed a flurry of punches onto Rayne and then grabbed his lightsabers and impaled one into Rayne’s chest. “I’m sorry uncle, but I must do what I am told…” Remnant said after a tear went down his face. “Nephew, you beat me. I’m glad you have come this far and succeeded in being Darth Baras’ apprentice. I should…..tell you who killed your parents…….but--“ Rayne died before he could finish what he was saying. “He must have killed my parents, but I can’t blame him because my mother was a Jedi and my father was a Sith.” Remnant thought to himself.

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This is the complete short story.

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