The Adventures of Jon Smith Part Two: The Return of Bill

April 4, 2012
By Anonymous

It has been five years since Jon and the crew have defeated Bill. They go on to fight more crime, but something has gone terribly wrong. “Hi Hector,” Jon says.
“Hi Jon,” Hector says very weakly.
“Are you ok?”
“Not really,” Hector says.
“The doctor says I only have a few more days left.”
“I hope you feel better.” Suddenly Hector jolts with his head gasping for air. He can’t
breathe and dies.
One week earlier. “Ok crew we have a sighting of a bank robbery on 23 and Lexington,”
Jon says.
“Ok let’s go,” Hector says. They go to the site and find a robbery taking place. They run
into the bank and get out guns. Fred goes to free some hostages while Jon and Hector surround the robbers. They tell them to put up their hands but they resist.
One of the robbers says, “You’ll never catch us now.” He immediately throws down a smoke grenade and run away from the scene. Jon, Hector, and Fred all go running for the robbers. They are able to find them in an ally. Jon pulls out his gun right as one of the robbers throws his knife at Jon.
Jon thinks to himself, “Oh great not this again.” Jon ducks as the knife just misses him but it sores through the air and hits Fred and ricochets into Hector. The blade slices into Hector and Hector falls. Jon quickly goes to catch the robbers but it is too late, they have already gotten away. Jon quickly goes to Hector.
“Hector are you alright?” Jon says.
“Yeah I’m alright,” Hector says. Immediately Hector falls to the ground. 5 minutes later. Hector is on a stretcher.
He can hear doctors saying things like, “we need an iv over here.”
“Hector,” Someone says.
“Hector can you hear me.”
“Are you awake” Jon is right behind Hector as they get into a hospital room. They hook Hector up to an IV and a heart rate machine. “It’s going to be ok,” Jon says. In another room Fred is getting helped for his cut. A doctor asks him questions about his health.
“Ok Fred so do you have any illnesses or allergy’s we need to know.”
“Oh yeah I do have this condition where my immune system can be broken down but it usually doesn’t have any effect on me.”
“Oh no” The doctor says.
“What’s wrong” Fred says.
“Did the blade go through you first?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Because your condition might have been transferred to Hector, and the doctors are about to give him an anti-biotic that will kill him with that condition!”
“We have to stop them.” They run down the hall as fast as possible. As they get to the room, the doctors are putting the anti-biotic into him. They run into the room 1 second too late. The doctors have started to put away the supplies. They run in and say, “Stop you will kill him” They both say.
“All we did was gave him an anti-biotic.”
“That’s the point, this man has an immune system condition and the blade went through him first.”
“If the condition was transferred, the anti-biotic will kill him.”
“5 days later”
“Hi Jon,” Hector says very weakly.
“Are you ok?”
“Not really,” Hector says.
“The doctor says I only have a few more days left.”
“I hope you feel better.” Suddenly Hector jolts with his head gasping for air. He can’t
breathe and dies. Jon starts to cry and runs out of the room. Jon goes to Fred’s room to tell him the bad news. “Hector just died.”
“It’s all my fault” Fred says. “No it’s those bank robbers fault, if they never threw that knife none of this would have happened” Jon says.
“Hey, we should go find those robbers” Fred says.
“Yeah let’s give them the justice they deserve.”
“For Hector.”
“Yeah let’s go.”
They go back to Fred’s house for a meeting. They ask Fred’s son if he wants to join the crew, he says yes. Next they go to Jon’s house. They ask Jon’s son and daughter if they want to join the crew. They also say yes. They go back to the base to discuss the mission. They decide to have Jon’s daughter stay at the base as mission control and have Jon, Jon’s son Luke, Fred, and Fred’s son Ryan.
They look at the crime sightings board and suddenly a red dot appears on the map. They see the security footage and the robbers that killed Hector. They rush to the scene and find the robbers still taking money. They pull their guns out and point them at the robbers. One robber runs away out of the bank but one is trapped by himself. The other bank robber runs, but Luke pull out his Taser and shoots him with it. They capture him but the other one gets away.
Somewhere in New York’s maximum security prison. “Bill” the sheriff says. “What do you— oh never mind” Bill says. “Someone’s sprung ya” the sheriff says. “Who would come for me” Bill says. “These guys.” All the sudden Jon and Fred walk into the jail cell. “What do you guys want—you left me for dead at that diner and had the cops revive me.” “We need your help” Jon says. “And why would I help you.” “Because we did have someone revive you.” “What do you want anyway?” “Hector was killed from a group of robbers— long story. Anyway we caught one of them and we lost the other one. We need your help to capture him. If you do that, you could come back into the group and get out of this little cell.” “Fine ill help” Bill said. “Ok let’s go.” “Sorry about Hector.” “It’s ok, he was a good group member- and a good friend.”
They go back to the base and try to locate the robber. They make another suit for bill.
“Hey I thought your legs were paralyzed,” John says.
“Yeah but I got a special surgery that repaired them,” Bill said. All the sudden a light blinks on the crime board.
“We’ve located the robber.”
“Ok let’s go,” Jon says.
They go to the scene where the robbery is taking place.
“Ok let’s split up,” Jon says.
“Bill and I will go through the front, and you guys will go in the back.” They go into the front but are caught in a trap. The robber they have been looking for has brought some friends with him. About ten are surrounding him and another ten are surrounding the other squad. They are trapped until they realize that they have Bill. Bill immediately starts pulling out his automatic tazer and starts shooting all of the robbers with it. Jon and the other squad ducks as Bill takes care of the robbers. Finally, Bill takes out the last robber while Jon starts hand cuffing the other robbers. Next they confront the robber they’ve been looking for. They corner him and the robber starts to flee. As he starts to run, he forgets that the back door of the bank is guarded by the other squad.
The other squad led by Fred tazes the robber as he tries to escape. They hand cuff the robber and put him in a squad car waiting out front. The robber is sentenced to life without parole.
In the end, a memorial service is dedicated to Hector. Bill joins the team for good. And Jon, Fred and the rest of the crew lived happily ever after… Until the next set of crime sprees begin.

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