Concealed part 2

April 4, 2012
Mr. Crazy: good morning Maggie and Jonny. I hope you got a good night sleep because you have a full day of training. Oh yeah, I am going to bring you to Mt. Skies to see your ancestors. They might be able to give you some weapons that you can use to fight medusa.
Jonny: great. Awesome.
Maggie: thank god we did not TOUCH anything on the nightstands. Right Jonny?
Jonny: ummm. yeah. Totally.
Jonny: well umm, I actually took the one that said**********
Mr. Crazy: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
Jonny: I’m sorry. I didn’t know.
Mr. Crazy: I told you not to know the weapon you touched will now be functioned. And because you mistouched it, it will go back to Medusa because it was HER’S!! That was the only weapon that could beat her in single combat! This is bad, this is really really really really bad.
Mr. Crazy: you know what, change of plans. I will track down the ******** while you guys go to Mt. Skies to see if the gods will give you any weapons that will weaken Medusa. Whatever you do, DO NOT PLEAD THE GODS FOR IT. If you do, they will think your weak and they will kill you right on the spot even if you are the chosen one.
Jonny and Maggie left.
Mr. Crazy: Ha. They do not know my secret plan. When my plan is fulfilled I will rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonny: we pretended to leave and we heard what you said.
Mr. Crazy: Dang it. Maybe I shouldn’t scream that loud.
Jonny: Yea. You were gonna use us to fulfill you stupid little plan. We thought we could trust you. I guess we can’t. Are the gods even expecting us? Are we really supposed to go? Are we really the Chosen ones?
Mr. Crazy: The answers to all those questions are yes. I just wanted to rule the world. But you know what, I am gonna put my selfish needs aside and help you guys defeat Medusa. LET’S DO THIS. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maggie: was that weapon really Medusa’s or was it just a fraud?
Mr. Crazy: it really was hers but it is not going to go back to her because Jonny touched it. Now. We need to find the fastest way to get to Mt. Skies. Now, we can either take the ponies, the unicorns or the magical chariot.
Jonny, Maggie: Definitely the unicorns!!!!1
Mr. Crazy: Great! I’ll call them now.
(makes screeching noise and talks like a whale).
Bright pink unicorns fly out of the sky. They fly gracefully and touch lightly on the grass as if the grass is their pillow.
Jonny: Alright Maggie, I’ll get on the bigger one when you get on the smaller one with Mr. Crazy.
Maggie: Are you sure about this?
Jonny: yes. Trust me Maggie. We will get Medusa out of our mother. We will DEFEAT MEDUSA OR MY NAME IS JONNY ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maggie: WHAT HE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Crazy: OK. We have exactly 26 hours 36 minutes and 10 seconds until your mom fully transforms into Medusa. On unicorns it will take us about 2 hours to get to the mountain. Then we must climb to the top of the mountain and the gods will be waiting there for us. They will do there weapon ceremony and give you guys the weapons. Then we will have about 10 hours left. You guys train for 2 hours, sleep for 2 hours and that leaves 6 hours. You will use those remaining hours to track down your mom. If you stab your mom in Medusa form, it will not hurt her; it will only hurt the Medusa side. But Medusa is very slick. If he sees you about to stab her, she will switch to your mother’s side so that you can stab your mother. Now if yall will excuse me (pant, pant) that was a very long speech so im a just gonna (pant, pant) watch yall guys talk so that I can recover my voice. When I talk to long yo, I starty soundin like some gansta.( Literary element called Ganstatourous)

( Maggie, Mr. Crazy and Jonny get on to the unicorns and fly away. They reach the bottom of the mountain).
Mr. Crazy: Ok, you guys must stay very close to me. There are some nasty monsters down here.
Maggie: What kind of monsters?
Mr. Crazy: All types.
Jonny: No there aren’t. I cant sense any.
Mr. Crazy: This is great! You can finally use some of your powers and there are no more monsters. Great! Now we can just run right up Mt. Skies and ask the gods for a weapon for you.
Maggie: But wont they-
Jonny: Maggie, just listen to Mr. Crazy, he sounds like he knows what he is doing.
Mr. Crazy: Thank you Jason
Jonny: it’s Jonny. Get it right.
Mr. Crazy: I’m sorry I just forgot there.
Mr. Crazy: Ok, I need you guys to remember these three things – don’t plead, look strong and thank them for whatever they give you whether it is something good or terrible.
Maggie: But why?
Mr. Crazy: If you don’t, they will blast you to smithereens. Trust me. I have witnessed a few of those and they aren’t pretty.
Jonny: Fine. Whatever.
Maggie: Lets go guys. We are off schedule.
Jonny: Alright Maggie, lets go.
Jonny and Maggie reach the top of the mountain.
Unknown god: WHO DARES ENTER MT. SKIES!?!?!?!?!?!
Jonny: ummmm. It’s just Maggie and Jonny Rob
Unknown god: Well, come inside the building so we can take a look at you.
Maggie: Ok then.
Unknown god: I am sorry, let me introduce myself. I am the king of the gods. I go by the name of King Raplekaple.
King Raplekaple: Ok then. What do I owe the pleasure.
Maggie: we are off to fight medusa. Mr. Crazy told us to come by you gods so that you can wish us luck.
King Raplekaple: Of course, of course. Get down on your knees.
Jonny and Maggie kneel at King Raplekaple’s feet.
King Raplekaple: I now give Jonny and Maggie Rob the swords of the Evarc desert.
Jonny, Rob: Thank you your highness.
King Raplekaple: Any time young warriors.
Maggie and Jonny leave Mt. Skies
Jonny: Maggie: now we only have one problem to worry about; the current whereabouts of Medusa.
Unknown voice: Are you looking for me?
Maggie: Jonny, I think we found her. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonny: You don’t have to tell me twice.
Medusa: Come back. We need to have our battle
Medusa’s hair: hissssssssssssssss!
Medusa: Come down. Don’t worry my babies. We will get them.
Jonny: Maggie, we can’t run forever. It is our destiny to fight her. We cannot be afraid of her. If we die, at least we die with style.
Maggie: Ok, Jonny. Let’s do this.
Jonny and Maggie turn around.
Jonny: Come here Medusa, me and Maggie are gonna teach you a lesson.
Mr. Crazy throws Maggie and Jonny each a pair of sunglasses
Mr. Crazy: Now you can look Medusa straight in the eye and not get turned to stone.
Jonny: Thank you.
Medusa: Yes, Yes. Wear your little glasses but I will still beat you.
Maggie and Jonny draw their swords.
Medusa: You’re going down.
Maggie and Jonny charge at medusa.

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