The City of Gold

April 1, 2012
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Her rapid blinking eyes, perceived a vague figure sitting right in front of her. Its soft blue eyes staring at her with admiration and awe. It slowly limped over to her sitting right beside but in the thing looked much cautioned, looking around to find some kind of escape or exit. She slowly approached the creature and alertly kept a safe distance from it. The creature’s soft white fur and calming blue eyes attracted Lily to it. She crept up to the creature and with a big smile on her face said to it “Hi Buddy”. The creature’s eyes suddenly opened up and with great fear, it replied “Hi Buddy” in the same voice and tone of Lily herself. Astonished and speechless, Lily asked, “Who are you?” Again, the creature imitated Lily in the exact same tone and voice of hers and replied, “Who are you?” Since Lily knew this was not going to go anywhere, she took the creature by its hand, with its index finger pointed at herself, said, “My name is Lily”, then pointed at the creature, and asked again, “What is your name?” Jumping up and down on his toes the creature vociferously yelled out “Enma”. Lily’s eyes bulged out and she cupped her ears trying to block out the deafening shriek. Once the sound stopped, she slowly went up to the creature and in a calm, soft voice said, “Hi Enma can you please tell me where I am?” The Enma just stared back with its big blue eyes, completely confused.

With a frown on her face Lily got up and started walking away from Enma, she walked around the edges of the dark cave feeling the walls, trying to find an exit. She felt the weight of a feather on her shoulder. With wide eyes, she turns back over her shoulder and saw Enma sitting on her shoulders. Fascinated with the weightlessness of the creature, she tried to pick up Enma. But all of a sudden he floated up in the air and started pulling Lily’s hair. For the first time in days, Lily started to laugh, and Enma laughing right along with her in the same voice and tone.
“Ow let go of my hair Enma.” “Ouch” cried out Lily.

“Ow let go of my hair Enma” mocked Enma.
She caught hold of Enmas long tail and tried to pull him down. However, she started to float in the air, still hanging on the Enma’s tail. Even though she was just 5 feet above the ground, Lily started crying asking Enma to let her down.

“Enma please go down, I can’t stand heights please.”

“Enma please go down, I can’t stand heights please,” replied Enma.
With closed eyes, Lily let go and landed on her butt.

Then she heard a loud creak of a metal door opening. When Lily turned around, she saw a towering 7-foot creature standing beside her with a mallet on its back. Enma ran away whimpering and started climbing on a 60-foot pole to get away from this creature. With just its right arm the creature, picked Lily up like a rag doll, threw her to the other side of the jail cell, and then went after Enma, who was perched on top a pole mocking the giant. Infuriated, the giant shook the pole throwing Enma off balance. But Enma, started floating in mid air and started clawing out huge chucks of rocks from the ceiling and threw them at the creature and knocking it out.

Lily was lying down on the floor watching the whole fight amazed at the feat that Enma had just done. He brought down a creature at least 10 times his size using rocks that weighed a ton. Realizing that the gate to the cell was left open, both Enma and Lily rushed to get out.

They crept along the walls tiptoeing down the long and bare hallways that kept leading to another hallway. Completely lost, Enma and Lily walked for hours down endless hallways but realized that they were just going in circles when they got all the way back to the jail cell they were locked up in. With anger, Lily punched the wall that faced the jail, but instead of her fingers breaking, the walls of the hallways disintegrated into rubble, revealing a path among large oak trees that led to a bright white light.

Excited to finally receive some sunlight Lily ran along the path leading to the bright light. However, once she got to the other end of the path she saw a narrow bridge suspended above a 100-foot fall into a roaring river. Due to her great fear of heights, she had to fall back and catch her breath.

On the other hand, Enma ran across the bridge with no problem and signaled Lily to follow him. When Lily hesitated, he started jumping up and down on the bridge to show her that it was sturdy and safe, but Lily could not even look down the bridge at Enma because of her Altophobia. Running back across the bridge Enma picked Lily up by her arm, floated away with her, and softly put her down on the other side of the bridge. Lily just crawled into fetal position, feeling uncomfortable, and just stared at Enma.

“Why would you ever do such as thing?” I thought we both knew I am scared of heights”, screamed Lily.

Enma blankly stared behind Lily, and slowly raised his index finger to point at the large city of gold, in which thousands of creatures like the one they encountered before arranged into army of phalanxes chanting, “Capture Enma”.

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