Our Secret Christmas

March 26, 2012
By Challie Jones BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
Challie Jones BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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“Kyla, wait up!” I called down the hallway. Mikyla had been my best friend ever since preschool. She was smart, friendly, determined, athletic, and always knew how to cheer me up. I’d had a secret crush on her since the very day I saw her beautiful face. She turned around. ‘Just ask her. She has to say yes. Just do it.’ I demanded of myself.
“Hey, um, next week I’m going up to Canada for a ski trip with my parents. They said I could bring a friend, and I wanted to know if you’d like to come with…” I trailed on; I could feel the red circles appearing on my cheeks. I watched her big blue eyes widen in turn with her perfect smile before she replied.
“Of course I will! I can’t wait! Just have your parents call mine tonight! I’ll talk to you later, Silver!” I watched her long blonde pony-tail disappear down the hallway. I can’t believe she said yes! She said yes! She said yes! This is going to be the best Christmas break ever. My day had just become a little brighter.
He asked me to come with him! Oh my gosh, I’m going on a ski trip with Silver! Does he like me? Does he know I like him? I can’t wait! Thoughts clouded my mind, blocking out everything as I thought about the new plans. Sure enough, my phone rang that night and it was Silver’s parents. And then it was sealed, I was going to Canada for Christmas with my best friend. The week went by faster than ever. Before I knew it, I was on a plane sitting next to my best friend, and first crush. I was going to spend the whole, amazing weekend, with that brown hair with eyes to match. He was on the football team, in all advanced classes, and no one could stand in his way when he wanted something. How could I not like him? The plane ride went fast and soon we were driving to the cabin high up in the mountains. I knew that I’d have a long day tomorrow, full of skiing and drinking hot chocolate, so I headed straight for bed and dreamt about tomorrow.
As soon as we woke up, we got our gear and headed out the door. I had been skiing ever since I was little, but I knew this was Mikyla’s first time. I was excited to teach her, and I knew from class that she was a fast learner. It only took a few runs down the beginner’s Bunny Hill for Mikyla to get the hang of her pizza position and even start going straight with her skis. It was a sunny day and the snow covered trees shimmered in the morning light. There were people everywhere, speaking in weird Canadian accents. I couldn’t wait to go down the biggest hills to show her my own skill. I loved the thrill of conquering the steepest slopes, dodging trees and people, and even trying the moguls.
“Haven’t we seen them like at every other hill? Ha-ha, it’s like they’re following us!” Mikyla laughed and continued watching the skiers below as we climbed up the mountain. She was right; there were a group of guys that had just happened to be behind us on the ski lift every single time. I hadn’t thought much about it, but I wasn’t going to let it bother me. I was having a great time with Mikyla. I hoped she was too.
I had seen those guys multiple times already today. It was starting to creep me out. I had been listening to their conversations as they trailed behind us. I knew the biggest guy, his name was Braxel, and he called everyone else “Crew”. I wonder what that meant. Lately they had been getting closer and closer. I turned around and my eyes met with Braxel’s. He was smiling, a creepy evil smile, that scared my very being. He had a dark, thick head of hair with beady eyes and extremely large ears. He was wearing all black wrinkly gear, matching his bagged eyes and double chin. They all looked the same; dark, evil, and mysterious. I felt like a helpless bunny, and they were a pack of wild dogs sneaking in for a kill.
“We need to uhh, go back to the lodge. I need new gloves. Yeah, these ones are too wet.” I told Silver. I tried to give him the hint that I was spooked, but he didn’t understand. We were finally off the lift and Braxel and his Crew were sliding after us with devilish smiles.
“Silver, we need to go now! There after us!” I screamed at him as I pulled his sweatshirt, dragging him down the slope behind me. I was scared.
When I turned around, I saw what Mikyla was looking at. The group of men, big and scary looking, was coming down after us. Who are they? What do they want? I was afraid, but I wasn’t going to let Mikyla see.
“Follow me!” I screamed at her. I headed down a small path cluttered with rocks and branches. It was a curving path surrounded by forest. It obviously was only for very advanced skiers. “Be careful! It’s rocky!” I looked back and saw that the Crew had dwindled down to about 5 men, roughly 50 feet behind Mikyla. I hoped the rest had taken a wrong turn. We needed to try and lose them. I didn’t know who they were or what they wanted, but I knew it wasn’t good. For a second, I wondered where my parents were and how differently this Christmas should be going.
I followed Silver down the hill while Braxel and his Crew closed in from behind. I was a new skier and surely shouldn’t be on this rough terrain but my adrenaline was pumping as the frosty air bit at my cheeks. We were going so fast that my eyes started to water from the icy wind rushing under my goggles. There were trees everywhere in front of me, but I kept my eyes on Silver’s bright blue jacket and managed my way through. The Crew did not have any gear and I could tell the cold was affecting them worse than me. I knew they couldn’t see, so I began weaving through trees, on and off of the trail. Slowly but surely, men started disappearing. I hope there all crashing and breaking their legs. I took a quick sharp turn as the path veered off towards the lodge, and sent two more men into trees. That’s for messing up my Christmas plans.
I turned to see where Mikyla was behind me. She was there in her pretty purple coat and puffy white snow pants, and suddenly four of the men were gone. What did she do to them? Oh my, she’s amazing! There was only one man left now 100 yards behind. I wish I knew who he was. I pulled over to the side by the trees waving to Mikyla to follow.
“What are you doing? We have to go! Braxel is coming!” She whispered into my ear, her icy breath sending an extra shiver down my already shaking body. It was cold and my blood was pumping. So know I knew my enemy, Braxel.
“Just hide!” She did as I said. We crouched in the bushes watching Braxel crawl down the slope searching for us. What does he want with us! As If I had just screamed my thoughts, Braxel looked directly at our pair and laughed an evil laugh. I tried to scope my surroundings for anything that might help. For once, I saw the beautiful winter day we had. Birds were singing to the squirrels that were scurrying across the paths, hoping not to get trampled. I could only imagine what this place looked like in the summer. Braxel’s speech interrupted my thoughts.
“You thought you could hide,” his crackly voice yelled at us, “you were wrong! Merry Christmas, children!”
He started towards us, but before he could get 30 feet from us, a man came swerving down the slope. He was quick as lightning and before Braxel could react he had tackled him to the ground. It was Silver’s father with his mother swooping in moments after. She gestured at us to quick follow her; we clawed our way out of the trees and headed to the lodge. I didn’t know how they found us, or where they came from, but I didn’t care because we were safe. The shock of everything was still trying to sort itself out in my mind. We’d escaped because Silver had been so brave. I don’t know what would’ve happened without him. We immediately headed to the cabin and packed our bags. A half hour later, Silver’s dad arrived with a cut on his forehead. I wanted to know what happened, but I was still too shocked to speak. We drove to the airport in silence, and it wasn’t until we were flying home that anyone dared to say a word.
“Dad, what just happened? What’s going on?” I asked my voice still a little shaky.
“Son, your mother and I, were… Secret Agents… FBI. We’ll talk about this at home. You’ve had a tough day, why don’t you kids take a nap.” His father replied.
Shock was evident as Mikyla’s jaw dropped in time with mine. Questions flew around in my head and jumbled together, but I had nothing to say to him. It was too much to handle.
“I’m sorry. This wasn’t what I had planned for our Christmas vacation.” I admitted to Mikyla, and I could feel the embarrassment on my face once again.
“It’s okay Silver. This was the best Christmas ever. I got to spend it with my best friend. It will be our secret Christmas.” She said and she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She was right. Maybe was the best Christmas ever.

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