The Flood

March 26, 2012
By kenan bohanan BRONZE, Mitchell, SD, South Dakota
kenan bohanan BRONZE, Mitchell, SD, South Dakota
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I rode my bike to school in the morning and had a feeling something was wrong with the school. I walked in the building and there was a flood. The water washed me away and my friends, Luciano, and Brett helped me out of the water. We were on a desk floating on the water. Then, we went in the water and started swimming, looking for anybody else. Next, we found Zack and John on a floating cafeteria table. We saw a shark and it was swimming toward us. All of us screamed and jumped in the water to swim away, we lost the shark. John couldn’t swim so we helped him. There was another table and we crawled up on it. Some random kid swam up and crawled up on the table too. Then a shark pops up and eats Zack. We swim away and a zombie bursts out of the water and eats a random kid. John can’t swim so he drowns. Brett, Luciano and I escape the school. The school then blows up and we flew back into the grass. We hit the ground and the water, zombies, and shark just disappear.

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