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March 26, 2012
By johnathan62 BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
johnathan62 BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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I never expected do much disbelief. My best friend has been kidnapped and I don’t know where she is. This all started 1 week ago. It was a hot sunny, winter day in Arizona, Sam and I had chosen to play in the desert. As we walked we ventured farther and farther from the small town of Baliefstein. Sam was a clever and sleek girl with long red hair, but she was kind of short. Sam wanted to see parts of the desert that we had never seen before, but when we stopped to pick some wild pin cushions. When I stood up with the small but tasty fruit she was gone at first I thought nothing of it, but when I started looking for her I could not find her. I started yelling but I still didn’t see or hear anything.
As I kept looking I still saw nothing but desert, then I looked down and say a trail of melted ice that was quickly evaporating. I started following the trail, but it seems to go on forever then I started to see something that I thought was a hallucination so I ate some pin cushion like plants and drank some water. But beyond all disbelief it was still there. So I went up to it and touched it and it was real. The water trail ended at a tall and wide door that was huge. I rang a door bell and nothing happened then “CRACK” the ground gave out and I fell to the bottom of this huge metal shaft. Everything is very dark.
This room is a cave Dark and black. Have I died? No, the lights are coming on and there’s a giant snowman. There`s Sam she`s in a suspended cage mid air. I go up and punch the snow man and he hits me back. I go to grab my net gun but when I shoot it at him he deploys a force field and shoots me with his freeze ray. He laughs and goes and gets Sam out of the cage and puts her in a big bowl then I realize he’s making soup with Sam and chickens that were screaming for help!
Then when everything seems lost Kenan the evil snowman’s side kick, Stephanie comes out and throws a fire ball and kills kenan. She came over and thawed me out then went over and let`s Sam go. I asked her why she was so nice and she said she was only doing this so she could pay her way through college. I couldn’t stand to see her like this, but what could I do. Sam and I went home and she said we could give Stephanie our Christmas money. On Christmas morning we went down stairs and looked at all our Christmas presents. Stephanie was sitting on her couch in her dorm packing when her mail came she looked at the card it had a $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 check in it and it was signed from: Santa Claus to: Stephanie. She yelled “YES” at the top of her lungs. At that exact moment Stephanie dropped out of college and bought a mansion on the moon. Then I woke up to my dad telling me it`s time to go to school. What a dream!

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im awesome.

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