A day to sled

March 26, 2012
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“Don’t forget there are sandwiches in the fridge Wyatt.” his mom reminded him once again.

“Mom I won’t forget you’ve told me like 100 times not to forget.” Wyatt sighed.

“I just want to make sure you listen to me you never do any other time I tell you something.” His mom stated.

Wyatt’s parents then left to go visit they’re grandma like they did every year around this time. So that they could go Christmas shopping for they’re gifts. Wyatt went over to the couch and looked for a channel to watch while he waited for his sisters to wake up.

He ended up watching a Mickey Mouse cartoon since nothing else was on to watch. He heard a little thump on the stairs and a couple seconds later he saw his youngest sister Chasity emerge from the doorway. She didn’t look much like him she had light brown curly hair that was down almost to the middle of her back. She also had green eyes that looked like ice. Her skin was almost as pale as the snow and on her cheeks she had little freckles. He on the other hand had snow white hair with pale skin that was a tanner than hers. He had hazel eyes and had no freckles not even when he was a baby.

“Where’s mommy and daddy?” she asked tiredly.

“They went to grandma’s.” he replied.

“What are we going to do all day then?”

“I don’t know we’ll figure out soon.”

They sat there and watched TV and waited for Erin to wake up.

“Do you want me to make anything for breakfast?”

“Sure what do we have in the kitchen?”

“I don’t know let’s go look.”

They walked into the kitchen too look for something that they could make for breakfast. Wyatt looked in the fridge in hopes to find out if they had any eggs or bacon. He pulled them out of the fridge and grabbed the loaf of bread. He grabbed out two frying pans and sprayed them with non stick cooking oil, and turned on the stovetop. He waited for the pans to heat up then he laid the bacon on the pan and then cracked open the eggs and let them sit he then got out plates and silver wear. After the food was done cooking he told Chasity to go upstairs and wake up Erin.

They came downstairs and then ate their breakfast. Erin didn’t look much like him either. She had golden blonde hair that was cut to be above her shoulders. With green eyes that had a gold tint to them. She had no freckles and was a tanner color than both him and Chasity. Chasity was like a bunny rabbit she was small and energetic. She looked like their dad and Chasity like their mother but he didn’t seem to look like either of his parents.

They ate their food, and surfed the channels to look for a station to watch. They ended up just leaving it on a random station and pulling out some board games to play. They decided to play monopoly and picked out some pieces. Then they began to play the game finishing their breakfast and staying entertained.

Wyatt went to the kitchen and cleaned the plates, so their parents wouldn’t have to when they got home. He went back into the living room when he was done so they could continue their game. After awhile they started to get bored, and Chasity suggested that they play a game of Uno. The other two agreed so they started a game of Uno but soon enough that got boring as well.

“Why did mom and dad have to go to grandmas today?” questioned Erin. “It’s so boring being here with nothing to do. We were supposed to go sledding today too.”

“Maybe we’ll get to go sledding tomorrow.” Chasity stated. “Then we could have lots of fun!”

“Tomorrow it Sunday we have school the next day,” Wyatt said glumly. “and besides it’s supposed to snow as well.”

The kids sat there and thought about what to do on the rather snowy Saturday.

“Maybe we could go sledding when they get home.” Chasity suggested

“No it’ll be too late and probably too cold by then” Answered Erin.

They sat there and thought more about their predicament. Then all of a sudden Chasity got an idea.

“Maybe we could bring in the snow set it on the stairs and then bring our sleds to the top and slide down them!” Chasity squeaked.

“That is such a stupid idea,” replied Wyatt. “and besides how are we supposed to get the snow inside and onto the stairs without it melting in our hands?”

“We use buckets and turn on the AC, we also put fans on cold around the house mainly by the stairs then the snow won’t melt and we don’t have to put it in our hands.” She replied

“I still don’t think it would work.” Wyatt sighed.

“I think it’s a great idea!” Erin and Chasity shouted at the same time.

“Fine then you two try it but when it doesn’t work don’t come crying to me.” He said.

“We will and it will work.” Chasity snapped.

Chasity and Erin got hard to work grabbing fans and turning on the AC’s they had one upstairs and one downstairs. They turned the fans on high, and then ran to the garage to grab buckets. They waited for the house to get colder so they changed into warm clothes and grabbed the sleds. Chasity had a lime green coat with white snow pants a hat and gloves with pink and white snow boots. Erin had on a Pink coat with black snow pants white gloves and a hat with pink purple and black snow boots.

The house was getting colder and a couple minutes after they started to open the doors Wyatt went upstairs to put on his winter clothes. He had on a white and black coat with black snow pants and black boots. He sat on the couch while he waited for his sister’s idea to be turned into something bad.

They piled the snow into the buckets and dumped them onto the stairs. And continued to do so till the entire stair case was full of snow. They climbed up the side and grabbed their sleds. Erin went first, she slid down the stairs at full speed. She screamed as the sled flew around the corner and landed at the foot of the stairs with a thud. Chasity went as soon as Erin gave her the all clear. She flew as fast as Erin but when she went to turn the corner she smacked into the wall. It hurt but the sled didn’t stop till it thudded to the bottom of the stairs at Wyatt and Erin’s feet.

She was crying but didn’t want to show it so that way Wyatt couldn’t say I told you so. She got up, grabbed her sled and started to hike back up the stairs. She sat at the top of the stairs crying she heard someone coming up the stairs. She stopped crying to see Wyatt with his sled waiting for her to get out of the way.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I hit my head when I went around the corner.” Chasity replied through sniffles.

“Don’t worry it’ll be okay.” He said. “Now get out of the way so I can go down the stairs.”

“You’re really going to go down them?” Chasity asked.

“Yeah, if you would get out of the way I could.” He answered.

She moved, and then Wyatt got on his sled was a bird as he pushed away from the top of the stairs. He slid down the stairs he wasn’t as fast as Erin and Chasity but he was going pretty fast. He turned the corner without hitting his head or anything else and landed at the bottom of the stairs laughing his head off. But too his surprise when he go to the bottom there staring down at him where both of his parents with very unhappy expressions on their faces. He heard Chasity coming down the stairs so he hurried and got out of the way just in the nick of time. She landed at the bottom of the stairs with a much happier expression than she had before.

“I didn’t hit my head that time!” She laughed.

“Well that’s good; your head shouldn’t be hurting for a long time because you are all grounded!” Their mother yelled.

“Aww mom we were just trying to have some fun, we were really bored being cooped up in the house all day.”

“Maybe you should have thought of something else to do instead of something you knew would get you into trouble.” She replied.

The kids were then told to clean up the snow put all the fans away and turn off the AC’s. They then had to go to their rooms until supper to think about what they did, and what their punishment would be. When supper came around all the kids decided that they would clean up the house for a week. The parents agreed then they ate their supper without any arguments. This made them all happy.


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