The Angel and the Lion

March 22, 2012
By Jessie-Dorsey BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
Jessie-Dorsey BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
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While its always best to believe in ones self, a little help from others can be a great blessing.

~Here lies the defiant demon of demons; the destroyer of our lands, the corruption of those corrupt, the darkness. He stole our souls and ruined our spirits, slayed our loved ones and shifted this world into darkness. Until… light shown his way. Within 20 plus years of evil controlling this land, a girl name Era was brought up and trained in the art of light. Abadon was oblivious of her actions. In this, a grand encounter was held but eventually Abadon was defeated and light was conveyed back within the world of Tri.

Abadon wasn’t born; he was summoned with the fire of Kallel. He was told to be, do, and succeed in one task and one task only; to bring fire and darkness to the world of Tri, and defeat the core within. He trained in the dark arts, learned to kill mercilessly, and slaughter regions without remorse. He was a demon indeed. He procured souls, only getting stronger and stronger in his power each time he consumed another quarry. Within 20 years’ time he was ready to defeat his most resilient foe. He prepared for a battle he surely thought he would triumph. Oblivious to his surroundings however, he came upon a girl, named Era and realized his foe wasn’t the light of the world, but the light of the girl. The war was great, and lasted for many months. Light verse dark, heroic verse wicked, giving life but also taking away. This wasn’t what the people of Tri thought it would be. Era, the women of light, after many months of war with Abadon, defeated him with one last technique, The Dark Arts of the Angel Tri. Reaching within Abadon’s souls and crushing his hearts. A forbidden technique, but the only one left to save the light of her world.

The Angel and the Lion

~Here lies the memories and personification of the young spirit Era; the one who brought this world to peace and prosperity, by way of engaging in war amongst the darkness that shrouded our planet in silence. She raised our thwarted souls and united us as one, to fight against that who wanted to rescind us all and destroy our lovely dwelling. Those of which were assassins. Assassins led by the malevolent dweller within the darkness, Abadon.

Born from the light of Tri, Era, meaning beauty within, was found in the tall grasslands of Tzu by a traveling merchant. Bearing the burden of an orphaned child, he continued his travels on the way to the kingdom of Tsui. Throughout his travels, the child remained silent, as if lifeless, but healthy. He arrived at the kingdom before dusk, only wanting to rid this child, for he could not retain her, for his trade was too difficult to bear and raise a lost one. However, he could not imagine discarding such a responsibility as this. Deep within his conscious, he knew what was right, and to many others, they saw him as a righteous man. The merchant named Seh, took her in and raised her. His father always taught him to be a free spirit, to never let the demons of the abroad imprison his soul into something defiant, unscrupulous, and corrupt. From his Fathers teachings, he raised the girl and taught her to be… free. Through her years of living in such a harsh world, she learned to adapt. She trained in the arts of archery, wizardry, the knowledge of health, and the art of light. The art of light brings oneself to full enlightenment of one’s own self. Over 20 years passed, and through her training of intensity and struggle, she mastered such an art and was able to defeat any darkness that came in her way and her people. Within the light of her will, she open-handedly defeated the darkness within her dwelling. Abadon.

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Without imagination, there is no creation.

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