Strange Times

March 22, 2012
By D3MONS_RUl3_TH3_34RTH BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
D3MONS_RUl3_TH3_34RTH BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present!!!


In the future there are only 6 countries/continents; North America, South America, Africa, Asia, England, and Australia. Antarctica heated up enough for humanity to survive there, so the Australians took the land and made it there own. Now Hades has unleashed havoc on the world in seek of revenge. And it’s up to The Cresters to save all of humanity. They think it’s just Hades but they are in for a little surprise.

It was the year 2178 and WWIV had just ended. Hades has been planning his revenge upon the Human Race. For killing his wife Serina. Serina was the Elder God and she could make anyone old and fragile with the touch of a finger

After all the bloodshed Hades, King of the Underworld, released all his Demons upon the earth. For he wanted to become the World’s leader, and with all the Demons roaming around Hades took his human form and blended right in. While all of humanity was fighting the Demons’ attack he snuck in to the oval office and killed Presitdent James Carter. He then declared himself the Ruler of North America.



“Who could be responsible for these attacks. Who let out the demons from the Underworld?” Captain Ray Shark ,commander of The Cresters, asked questioningly.

“Sir look at the this,” Sharla Green, the 2nd in command, replied.
“This just in Hades has released his Demons upon the Earth and has just killed the President. It seems that the Demons are just a distraction and that Hates is going to bring an end to the Earth. We must find help.............RING RING RING RING
“Hello,” Captain Shark said.
“Are you seeing this,” the Colonel replied.
“Yes Sir, Hades killed the President and now he’s trying to take over the world,” the Captain replied.
“Ya and it’s up to you to stop him,” The Colonel said, “ Get your heavy artillary man to get you all weapons and do it fast.”
“Right away sir,” the Captain said as he slammed down the recevier. “ We have a mission. It’s to take down Hades, Bulk do you still have that Russion friend.”
“Which one?” Bulk replied.

“The one that sells the weapons. You know the one on the black market,” the Captain said.
“Ya why?” Bulk said.
“We need weapons and fast, go call him,” the Captain replied.
“709-55........,” Bulk was saying.
“Bulk, you don’t have to say the number out loud,” Sharla said in an anoyd voice.
“Sorry,” He replied

10 Hours later


“That must be Chudnofski now with our supplies,” Bulk said.
“Hello,” the Captain said cautiosly as he opened the door.
“Good afternoon sir, you must be Captain Shark, my name is Chudnofski I have so weapons and ammo for Bulk. Is he here?” Chudnofski said.
“Uh...yes just give me a minute,” the Captain said.
“Hey cap is that Chudnofski,” Bulk said.
“Yes, yes it is now why don’t you explain why he is a cyborg. You know my rules.” the Captain replied.
“Yes sir when he was in space looking for Uranium on Mars he was on his way back when an asteroid hit his spacecraft........” Bulk was saying until the Captain interrupted.
“Save the rest I got the picture just go get the supplies,” the Captain said
“Sir-yes-sir,” Bulk replied.
“Thank you Chudnofski,” Bulk said as he came back in.
“Okay team suit up and lets move out we are leaving at 17:55 that gives you 15 minutes.”
“Sir-yes-sir,” the team shouted.

15 minutes later

The Cresters were on the light train when they had their first encounter with Hades.

BOOM!!!!!! There was an explosion in the front of the train. The train came to a Screeching halt. Then the lights flickered and went out. The team told everyone to get the the back and stay behind them. And as they cocked there weapons they herd a low screechy voice.
“ think you can stop me. Do you? Huh Cresters well lets see how you do against demons. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” Hades cackeled as he released his 5 demons toward them.
“Team let’s take them down,” the Captain said.

The demons began to swarm and the team started to shoot randomly they heard a scream and then remembered the people in the back and started to fire using accuracy. They then killed all the demons. When the lights flickered back on there was purple blood everywhere from the demons. And then the team saw a puddle of red blood forming. The team had shot a civilian!
As the civilian lied there moaning his wife ran at the team.
“You stupid little.....” she screamed
stupid little.....” she screamed
“Ma’am you need to calm down or we can arrest you,” Bulk said.
“Bulk have some manners, the lady’s husband just died, ma’am can you please calm down because you can’t possibly blame this on us,’ the Captain replied.
“Oh yeah watch me,” she replied.
“O.k. then Bulk put under arrest and shut her mouth with a yin trap,” the Captain said.
“Yes sir,” Bulk said, ma’am you have the right to remain silent. THAT MEANS SHUT UP!”
“You can’t do this to mmmmmm..............” she mumbled as the yin trap was put over her mouth.
“God am I glad that’s over,” Sharla said,” hey what happened to our informant?”
“He is supposed to meet us at the end of this railroad,” the Captain said.
“I take we have to walk the rest of the way,” Sharla replied.
It took the team 2 hours to get out of the tunnel. Then they had to walk 15 miles which is about 3 hours.
When they met the informant he gave them directions to Johena’s house. Johena is the ruler of South America and is the likliest target. Hades can only be killed by a shot between the eyes so they need to get there before Hades does so they can set up and prepare for the shot they will only get one. Sharla is the Sniper of the 3 so she will take the shot. The plan is Sharla will be on a roof 1000 meters away scoping the roof of Johena’s house. Johena will stay up there until Hades arrives. Then Sharla will line up the shot and take it.


“Johena’s house is huge what if he forgets,” Sharla asked before leaving to her position.

“If he leaves his spot or forgets to go there he’s screwed,” the Captain said.

“O.k. i’m gonna go get set up,” Sharla said.

“O.k. be careful,” the Captain replied.

“Will do Cap,” she said.


Johena was standing on his roof drinking coffee when Hades appeared he came in black smoke. Sharla lined up her sight when Bulk came running out.

“You son of a b**** you killed my sister and now im gonna kill you!!!” he screamed.

“You stupid little human, you can’t hurt me,” Hades said.

“OH YEAH, WHAT WOULD THIS DO,” Bulk said as he pulled out a Desert Eagle 67. He then pointed it at Hades’ face and shot.

“You stupid fool,” Hades said as he pulled Bulk up by his neck.
He then started to choke him. Bulk then dropped to the ground limp. Sharla shot just after Bulk was dropped and hit Hades in the forehead. Hades had been killed! As his body dropped the Captain ran over to make sure Hades was dead and then he went over to Bulk. As Sharla waited for the regroup signal she felt tears forming. Then she strated to cry. “Oh Bulk this is all my fault if I would have shot before you came out. You wouldn’t be hurt.” She thought to herself. She then saw the Captain lift his arm and use the regroup signal. She then ran to Johena’s house as fast as she could. When she arrived she realized that Bulk was still alive. She then began to have joy in her eyes.
“Oh Bulk your alive,” Sharla said.
“Yes he is but he isn’t conscious,” the Captain replied, “We need to get him to the hospital ASAP.”
“Yes sir,” Sharla said.
The doctor checked out Bulk. As it turns out Bulks neck was snapped. It was a miracle he didn’t die. He had to stay in the hospital for 8 weeks.



“What,” Steve sighed,” THAT”S IT!!! I spent $59.99 on this piece of crap game.
“STEVE!!!” His mom said.
“WHAT?!?!?!” he asked.
“First off watch your tone with me, second take out the trash, and third wash up dinner’s ready,” His mom yelled.
“Yes ma’am,” he replied.


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on Apr. 30 2012 at 11:51 am
sadie-blackangel PLATINUM, Newberg, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
I am who I am, Your approval isnt needed

Any time it gives me something to read

on Apr. 27 2012 at 11:45 am
D3MONS_RUl3_TH3_34RTH BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present!!!

thx u


on Apr. 26 2012 at 12:13 pm
sadie-blackangel PLATINUM, Newberg, Oregon
20 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
I am who I am, Your approval isnt needed

Its really good and kept my attention keep writing


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