The Enterance

March 21, 2012
By Nire_Kalen SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Nire_Kalen SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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If the world was as mad as Tim Burton and Doctor Seuss, it would be way more fun.

The unmistakable stench of rotting flesh is everywhere in the stale air. The scene fits the smell perfectly, full of dismembered body piled on one another across the ten by twelve room. I walk along the edge of the wall assessing the damage.
Hanging above my head on the walls and ceiling are some poor fools’ entrails and insides. Some were blood and wet, while others were shriveled and dry. Walking I examine the gory décor I slip, falling onto the bile and blood soaked floor.
“Great, totally gross,” my annoyed voice echoes through the room. A static sound resonated from my ear piece.” Ales, what is it? I’m kind of busy.” More static noise, then a clear, confident, superior toned voice breaks through the noise.
“How’s the carnage? Does it look like enough bodies to be the missing workers?” I look around the room at the dozens of dismembered bodies lying about and half their parts missing. Raising my hands I look at the newly accumulated blood stains on them
“Yeah: More then enough. No sign of whoever did this though.” I say neutrally. More static break through, I really need to think about fixing that.
“Alright, I’ll send some back up to collect what’s left. Keep searching for who or whatever did this, got it?” After I reply yes we continue conversation for a few more second, then he ends it. I stand up and take one more look around the room looking for a way to get out. In the left corner of the floor a trap door is evident under the gore.
Walking toward it I watch me step until I get to the door. I open it to find a dark tunnel filled with the smell of damp earth, and slowly slide into it. Before I close the door I take one more good look around at the scene before me and sighs a sad sigh, then close the floor and take my leave to find out more about who the lair belongs to and the massacre of the people

The author's comments:
I love horror and gore and all stuff like that :)

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