Hunted Lies

March 21, 2012
By Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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“I don’t care what you say you’ll do to me!” I shouted through the screen door. “You’re never going to make me go back to school!”

Mrs. Morgenstern struggled to keep her voice and temper under control, “Young lady, you’re only sixteen years old and you’re not about to start telling me what you can or cannot do. Like it or not, I’m still your mother.”

“But they all hate me!” I wept, breaking into little sobs. “They all pick on me—I’ll never go back—never—not after what happened in gym class. I’ll run away from home first—that’s what I’ll do!” in a burst of temper and tears, I slung her backpack at the door, where it slammed into the screen, ripping is loose from the frame. Then I turned and fled down the sidewalk, towards the street.

I ran down the sidewalk, hoping and praying to get away from this woman who said she was my mother. I didn’t honestly see how we could be related, for she had shoulder-length blonde-brown hair and hazel eyes, whereas I have black hair that reaches my feet with light blue streaks and the tips of my bangs and ends where white, in pigtails and piercing red eyes. I also had a black teardrop tattoo in the under the corner of my left eye, near my nose. I had got it last month for my birthday, stating that I wanted to be strange and all. I also had scars on my arms, legs, stomach, and chest from various fights and being abused by my so called ‘mother’. I wish I was never born, or that I never even moved to the terrible place. Yet, here I am, running away from everything I have ever known.

As I ran, I thought about all the places I would usually go, and then stopped for a minute to think. ‘If I go to all my usual spots, Mom would likely look for me there. But what about my old friend, Dylan? Maybe I could go to his house to lay low for a while.’ So I ran off towards the left, leading me away from civilization and from her. I growled just by thinking of her, which isn’t normal, is it? I finally decided to walk for a while before coming to a crossroad, and looked both ways before remembering that he lived down the left lane. I turned left and ran until I saw his house. “Finally!” I mumbled under my breath. I knew Dylan liked me more then a friend, for we always hung out together, and not to mention he told me before I had to stop seeing him. While thinking about him, his sister, Kelsey, and how they’re doing, I got to the front door and knocked. Mrs. Johnson, Dylan’s mother, answered the door instead. She nearly cries when she saw me and gave me a bear hug. “Oh, Hannah! It’s been so long since we last saw you! Dylan has missed you so much! Tell me, does your mother know you’re here?” I looked down after getting out of her grasp, “No…we had a fight and I sorta kinda ran away.”
“Well, come inside and tell me about it, dear. Dylan should be back soon anyways.”
“Thanks so much, Mrs. Johnson. And I’ll be out of here soon, I promise.”
“No need. You can stay here until things cool down with you and you’re mother, and besides, I’m sure Dylan will be happy to see you once again.”

So I followed Mrs. Johnson inside and sat at the kitchen table before telling her everything, even how I got my scars. “And she thinks I should still go to school despite my protests and dislike for the other kids.” she nodded before getting up to do the dishes.
“Why don’t you go into the living room and I’ll bring some cookies out. We can also watch a movie until Dylan gets home.” I smiled before getting up and heading into the living room to look through the movies. ‘Wow. They still have all the little kid movies. It’s been forever, but maybe not.’ I thought. Then I spotted one movie, ‘Underworld’ and instantly knew that was the one I wanted to watch. “Did you find one dear?” I turned to see Mrs. Johnson enter with a platter full of chocolate chip cookies. I nodded and held up ‘Underworld’. She nodded, “Well, I have to do the laundry and finish the dishes, but you can go ahead and watch it, dear.”
“Okay, and thanks for letting me stay here.”
“Anything for you, dear, for you are like family to us.”

I had to smile at that, for I never knew my family, ‘cause my ‘mother’ was the only person I knew of. I wish I could find out my real parents and where I actually came from because I hated being left in the dark. As I was putting the movie in, Mrs. Johnson left to do her chores. I found the TV and DVD remote, hit play and put on the subtitles. I was soon lying on the couch, half-way asleep, half-way through the movie, when the door opened. “Hey, Mom. Back from band practice.” A voice said. “Welcome home, honey. You have a friend over. She’s in the living room watching a movie.” I heard Mrs. Johnson say. This was going to be funny once he found out it was me, and I heard footsteps getting closer, I hid under the blanket, praying he didn’t find me right away so I could scare him. I watched carefully as Dylan observed the couch before turning his back away from me. ‘Perfect chance.’ I thought, then threw the covers off and jumped on his back. “Hey, Dly! Miss me?” I teased. He partially jumped before looking over his shoulder at me. “Hannah! I most certainly did miss you.” He turned himself around and hugged me. “What are you even doing here?”
“Mom and I had a fight, plus I couldn’t take it anymore, living with her. So I ran away.”
“Well, Mom says you can have Kelsey’s room.”
“Where is she anyways? I miss her.”
“College. First in the family, but she had to wait a year cause of the accident.”
“I heard about that. How’s she doing?”
“Better, though she would’ve been killed by that bear if her friends weren’t there to help her.”
“I remember seeing that on the news: ‘Local Girl Gets Mauled by Bear. Will she live or die?’ When I heard who it was, I nearly cried.”
“Yea, but she’s doing better, coming home in a few days.”
“I cannot wait to see her again.”

After that, we finished the movie and walked upstairs. I went over to Kelsey’s room, which was still the same: gray-black walls, ton of posters on the walls, ceiling, and doors, dresser and nightstands covered in pictures and other things. I went over to her dresser and saw a picture of Dylan, Kelsey, and me all together, smiling and laughing. I was in the middle wearing a black bikini with a skull on the left side, my hair in pigtails, Dylan was wearing a white tank top and black swim shorts, and Kelsey was in a white bikini with her hair in a braid. I smiled sadly and sighed, for it seemed like only yesterday that we all hung out, joking and goofing off, and now we had gone our separate ways it seemed. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t hear the door open, or Dylan come in until he said, “Whatcha thinking about?” I jumped slightly before looking at him and
answering, “When we all hung out together. It seems only yesterday, but it was over 4 years ago.”
“Yeah, but at least she’s coming home soon.”
“You said that already. Plus I’m excited to see her once again.”
“She called a while ago, mom told her you where here, so she’s excited and can’t wait to get home.”
I had to smile, for I haven’t seen her since that day, but I would’ve visited her, but my mother was against it. Dylan slightly pushed me, “Come on, let’s go down to our pool. Oh, mom said you can wear Kelsey’s old clothes.”
“Okay. I’ll change into a swimsuit...please leave.”
“Oh, alright. Thought you would need to know where it is.”
“I can probably find it on my own. I’ll be out there in 15.”
“See ya down there.”

And with that, Dylan left. I searched the dresser and found a bikini like the one I wore in the picture and decided to wear that one. After I changed, I checked the time and realized I had only 10 minutes left, so I grabbed a towel and went down to the pool, hoping Dylan wasn’t there. As I got closer to it, I saw he wasn’t out yet. ‘Probably still getting ready.’ I thought before sitting on the side and dangling my feet in. I felt a presence and turned to see Dylan trying to sneak up behind me and push me in. I smiled, “Did I mess up your plans?”
“Nah. I wanted to see how long it would’ve taken you to realize I was here. Not bad though, the minute I walked out the door you realized someone was here.”
“Well, when you’re getting beaten on at school and home, you gotta learn to hear for things.”
“Yea-wait, people at school beat on you? And your mother?”
“Yea, long story…kinda don’t want to get into that now.”
“Sorry...just thought that you would want to talk about it.”
“Kinda don’t…sorry.”

I looked down, hoping my tears wouldn’t threaten to spill over. “Well, Kelsey comes back today.”
“Really, when?”

I looked up at Dylan, happiness surging through me. He laughed, “Soon. She can’t wait to see ya again.” I was so happy, I could’ve dived right into the pool, but I really didn’t feel like getting wet. “When should she be here?”
“In about 20 minutes, depending on the traffic she said.”
“I can’t believe I’m going to see her again. It’s been ages.”
“Yea, she agrees. You two can share her room, she doesn’t mind.”

I giggled, then heard a car pull up, “Thought it was going to take 20 minutes.” I looked at Dylan. He chuckled nervously, “Yea, but she called 10 minutes ago and I guess she had just left.”
“Wow…but I’m so happy she’s back. Come on, lets go meet her!”

And with that, I jumped up and ran, not bothering to see if he was following or not, but footsteps behind me told me he was. As I ran around to the front door, I saw her struggling to get her stuff out of the car. “Need help?” I walked up to her. Kelsey turned around and nearly squealed, “Hannah! You’re really here,” she hugged me before continuing. “I’ve missed you so much! I am so happy to see you!”
“I am too. And I’m glad you’re okay after that attack.”
“Yea, kinda surprised you didn’t come visit me in the hospital.”
“Mom wouldn’t let me. She thought I would’ve never come back.”
“Well, Mom and Dylan told me what happened. I’m sorry to hear that, but you can always stay with us.”

I smiled before helping her bring stuff to the house. “Why don’t you go tell Mom you’re here, and I’ll bring the rest of the stuff up.” Dylan looked at Kelsey and me. “Okay. Hannah can help me unpack.”

We got up to the house, and as Kelsey was saying hi to her mom, I brought everything upstairs and set it on the bed. Kelsey walked in then, and unzipped a suitcase, “I’m so happy to see you. I remember when you came over all the time to hang out. It’s been to long and when I heard you were here, I wanted to come home that very day.”
“I would’ve too, if I was away in college.”
“Yea, well, you don’t want to be stuck in college. Unless you go for something you really want to do in life.”

Dylan walked in and closed the door. “What’s wrong, Dyl?” Kelsey and I looked at him. “There’s some people downstairs, and they don’t look friendly.” He responded. “I vote on hiding.” I said while diving under the bed. Footsteps told me that Dylan was hiding behind the door and Kelsey went into the closet. More footsteps told me that people were approaching and pretty soon I felt myself being dragged out and slung over someone’s shoulder. “Should we leave the other two?”
“No. They’ll probably report it to the police, besides, if we come back with her friends, this half-demon will finally tell us how to destroy this world.”
“True. And her ears are finally showing. Cat ears by the looks of it.”
“Nope, wolf ears. She’s part wolf remember. Not sure how one of our operatives managed to lose her.”

I was shocked, for I had lost my memory at age 5, not remembering who I was and what I was doing or why. I closed my eyes and was soon thrown into a van. I opened my eyes and saw Dylan, but Kelsey was nowhere to be found. “Dylan, you okay?”
“H-Hannah? Is that you?”
“Yea. Are you okay?”
“Yea, you?”
“Yea, where’s Kelsey?”
“They must’ve put her in a different van.”

I crawled over to him and leaned against him. “I’m glad that you’re alright.” He put an arm around me and whispered, “Me too. If something happened to you, or Kelsey, I would probably go after the people who did it.”

After a 3 day journey, we finally make it to the place where we’re suppose to be, and I don’t even know where we are, let alone find a way to escape. “Dylan! Hannah!” Kelsey ran over to us. I hugged her, “Kelsey! Are you okay?”
“I’m fine. But I found a way to get out of here!”
“We just gotta take a van and drive out. They only check if we’re going in.”

Dylan cut in just then, “Yes, but they captured us for a reason. We should find out that reason.” I nodded, but then again, I wanted to get out of here. “Let’s just get out of here.”
“Not so fast. We need you, and only you.”

I turned to see the men from yesterday, but just as one of them grabbed me, a strange light appeared and a woman came, chanting something in a foreign language. Kelsey, Dylan, me, the women, we were all transported away to a different area. “So, you are awake, young Hannah.” The woman’s gentle voice was soothing over me. “W-Who are you?”
“I am Sabrina, your real mother. That foolish woman stole you from us so the government could turn you into a weapon of mass destruction.”
“Why am I here?”
“You are the key to the destruction or the resurrection of this world.”
“I’ll do what I must.”
“Then follow me.”

Sabrina led me down to a room with a giant crystal orb floating in the middle. “You must do this alone.” and she was gone.

Come closer Hannah, for you must not be afraid to find the truth and the way to saving, or destroying, this world.
I walked closer, then stopped about half-way there. Come on child, do not be afraid. For it is time to see the darkness or the light of your heart…the good or evil.
I swallowed, then sighed and finished the walk there, stopping just before I could touch the orb. Good. Now touch the orb and reveal this world’s destiny, and your own, young one. ‘No going back now…especially when everything is gonna end soon anyways.’ I thought, then reached forward and touched the orb. Images flashed through my mind, and on the orb. This world will be destroyed, yet you are going to revive it, along with two people whom you truly love.

I gasped, then thought for a minute. The voice was still speaking, The time for your decision in now, young Hannah. Will you stay in this world and die along with it and everything? Or will you allow yourself to become one with the Earth, destroying it, but then reviving it was well?
I looked at the orb, and growled, “I WILL BECOME ONE WITH THE EARTH AND SAVE MY FRIENDS, DYLAN AND KESLEY! I WISH FOR THE WORLD TO BE REBORN!” So be it. And that was all I heard, for I felt my soul leave, and watched as my body became one with the Earth. “You will have a new body, and a new name. But you will still look the same.” I looked to my left and saw a girl who looked my age, but must’ve been over 1,000 years old. “What will my new name be? And who are you?” I asked. She sighed, “I am Kaga. And your new name will be Miku Rue.”

There was a flash of bright light, and soon all was quiet. Then voices, “Should we help her?”
“Let’s bring her into the police, maybe they can help her.”

Your new life begins right now. I looked at the sky and smiled, ‘Thanks…Kaga.’ Then was brought into the police station to be questioned. Maybe things will soon turn out to be different then last time…but one could only hope for so much, and my whole life had been reborn, along with the world…soon I will look towards everything with a new light…or darkness…whichever I chose.

The author's comments:
this was for an English assignment we had to do. I'm thinking of making it into a book

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