Babaria - Chapter 5

March 20, 2012
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After leaving the scene of Albert’s murder, James went straight to Ella’s father’s house. James knew that there would be an investigation to find out who killed Albert, and Ella’s house was the only place that he knew the guards would never think to look for him. He felt like he would be one of the first targets that Shamus and the guards would look for because of the murder of Walter, James’ father. When James arrived, he saw Edward leaving to go to a City Council meeting. James watched as Edward climbed into a carriage, and Ella and her mother came out of the house.
James made his way closer to the house, staying close to the shadows to avoid being seen by Edward. Once Edward was in the carriage and out of sight, James had climbed up to the balcony just above where Ella and her mother had been standing. As the carriage began to drive away, James jumped down in front of Ella. Her mother nearly fainted, and Ella was also frightened at James’ entrance. “James, what are you doing?!” Ella asked in a raised voice. James raised his hands to quiet her down, and ushered Ella and her mother into the house.
“I need your help,” James said once they were inside. Ella had already heard about what had happened to James’ father and Albert, as well as most of the city. James continued, “My father … he –“
“Yes, we heard what happened,” Ella interrupted, “And Albert was also killed just outside the courthouse.”
“Yes, I know,” James replied, “And I know who killed him.” Ella and her mother looked at him in astonishment. “Well,” Ella’s mother spoke up, “Don’t keep us waiting. Who was it?” James looked at each of them, and after a few seconds took a deep breath. James finally spoke, “Me. I’m the one who killed him.” Ella’s eyes widened and her mother ran into the next room. “James, why would you do that?!” Ella screamed. James was beginning to grow as angry as he was when he learned of Albert’s treachery. “He betrayed my family, and he killed my father!” Ella had become very frightened, not sure how to handle all of this at once; Albert betraying James’ family, and then James becoming a killer. Unfortunately, the news just continued to get worse.
After what seemed like an hour of silence, James finally spoke up again. “I’ll have to leave the city,” James said. “There will be an investigation that will most likely lead to me being found guilty for Albert’s murder, and my family would be blamed for the attack on my uncle.”
“Where will you go?” Ella asked.
“My father had friends who lived out in the countryside that helped defend Babaria from the Arkanans many years ago. I’m sure that they’ll be willing to take me in, and it’s better than staying here and risking the safety of my family,” James said. Just then, one of Ella’s father’s housekeepers, Curtis, entered the room after hearing the commotion. “What is going on in her – Oh, it’s you, Master Meyer,” Curtis greeted him, “How pleasant of you to pay us a visit. I’m terribly sorry about what happened to your father.” James turned his eyes down, and almost seemed to have been looking at nothing. “Do you have anywhere to go in the meantime?” Curtis asked.
“Yes, I think so,” James answered, “My father had some friends out in the countryside that might be able to help me. I’ll head out there and hope that they allow me to stay with them.”
“Oh,” Curtis gasped, “The countryside? It’s very dangerous out there, what with all of the bandits and savage animals and all. You should probably go see my friend, Felix. He’s an artist that lives in the square near the market place, but I assure you that he knows how to make more than just paintings and sculptures. Tell him that ‘Fox’ sent you, and he’ll know what to do.” Then James nodded, and Curtis left the room; shortly after, James kissed Ella and then left the house to meet with the artist Felix.

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