The School War: Conclusion

March 15, 2012
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Last time on The School War. After an enormous battle, our heroes’ hometown is thrown into chaos, as mutant soldiers roam the streets. With their new-found powers our heroes are able to destroy the first two mind control generators, but with the third being a fake, we realize the mastermind behind this is our heroes arch-nemesis, Zach, however being mutated like the others, he is easily able to knock Alex and Sean unconscious while he steals away Cheyanne. So now we pick up where we left off in The School War Part 2!

When Sean and Alex return to consciousness, Alex asks, "Where's Cheyanne?" Sean responds, "I don't know?" Suddenly on a hidden screen Zach's face appears. Alex then says, "Zach, what have you done with Cheyanne?" Zach then says, "Read the note.” Alex picks up the note and reads it as the monitor shuts off. Alex then punches the ground and says, "Dang it, we'll never find her." Alex's face then changes from a frown to a smile as he says, "Unless Zach hasn’t noticed the tracer I put on her." Alex hen taps on his wristwatch computer and up comes a map with a blinking red dot." Alex then says, "They're heading to Mount Rushmore, c'mon lets go!" Alex and Sean rush out of the building and back to the bike. When on the bike Alex thinks, "Hang on Cheyanne, I'll be there." So with a mighty rev Alex and Sean are off towards Mount Rushmore. When they get there Alex uses his telekinetic powers to make a platform that takes them to the top of Mount Rushmore. When they get to the top Alex sees Cheyanne lying on her side, passed out. Alex then says, "Zach, when I said you went too far, that was an understatement, you nearly destroyed the whole world, you took control of nearly everyone, but oh, the one mistake you made, the only tiny little thing that made you cross the line, was stealing my girlfriend," Then blue light starts to lift Alex up off the ground, as he dons a white overcoat, and his eyes turn crystal blue, suddenly in a different voice, Alex says, "Zach, you have crossed my personal boundaries, and for that you shall pay." Zach says, “We'll see about that," then a dark purple aura lifts Zach off the ground and his eyes change to crimson red. The two then fly at each other and hit each other resulting in a deadlock. The two then back away from each other. Alex then says, “Let’s end this already!” Alex and Zach then begin charging energy. The two then fire the energy at each other as beams, also ending in a deadlock. We then see Zach’s beam begin to push Alex’s back. Sean then notices this and says, “Alex, are you going to let him push you around anymore, after all that we did your going to let him beat you?” Alex then says, “No...I’m...NOT!” Alex then pushes back and his beam overcomes Zach’s by tenfold and engulfs Zach. We then see Zach lying on the ground, unconscious. Alex then floats down and his aura disappears. Alex and Sean check on Cheyanne, who comes to and smiles at them. The three then look at each other then fall to the ground, screaming in pain. Alex while yelling asks, “What’s happening now?” The three then hear a voice say, “You destroyed the evil that had plagued your country, yet you also destroyed the true source of your powers, therefore you are rid of them.” The trio’s pain subsides and they all get up. Everyone tries to activate their powers, but to no avail. Cheyanne then says, “Well, we may have lost our powers, but at least we saved the day.” Alex then says, “Yeah, now let’s get off of here and head back home, I’m sure we’ve got a lot of rebuilding to do.” Sean then looks to Zach and asks, "What about him?" Alex responds, "Well, I guess we can bring him with us." We see the trio then proceed to walk off of the top of Mount Rushmore, with Zach in tow, as the camera fades out.


All of Zach's followers never took orders from him again, realizing he was a big jerk, however Zach had developed a new-fond sense of respect for Alex, however never realized that Alex had lost his powers. Once Alex, Sean, and Cheyanne got back to their hometown the mayor congratulated them for saving the town as well as the world, the president then called them, and congratulated them as well, giving them medals, calling them heroes, and naming a day after them. While the praise was accepted, they never let the power go to their heads, because they knew that although they had lost their powers, something else was out there, that could possibly threaten the whole world all over again but when that day would come, they decided that they would be ready.

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