The School War

March 15, 2012
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Our story begins in a quaint little school in an 8th grade corridor on March 17 2029. The heroes of our story are three kids named Alex, Sean, and Cheyanne, but everyone knows that where there’s a hero, there’s a villain, of course the arch-rival of our trio is no other than Zach, someone who was hated by everyone. So we ask, “What will happen to our heroes?”

Now Alex and his friends were walking down the corridor and Zach was walking in the opposite direction, towards Alex. When Zach passes by Alex he says, “Imbecile,” and walks away. Alex spins around and says, “That’s it Zach, you’ve gone too far, I’m declaring WAR ON YOU!” Zach replies, “Fine, Where?” Alex says, “Bottom of the catwalk, BE THERE!” After school at the bottom of the catwalk in the street Alex, Sean, and Cheyenne are standing on one side of the street while Zach is on the other side. A paintball rifle is slinged across Alex’s back and there are 2 BB pistols in his back pockets. Sean is carrying 2 BB Uzi’s in his back pockets as well as a paintball rocket launcher. Finally Cheyenne has a Paintball Sniper gun slung across her back. We know nothing of what Zach is packing in store for our heroes. Alex then signals his group of soldiers to come forward then Zach does the same thing. Then Alex shouts, “OPEN FIRE!” and a barrage of paintballs and BBs is flying through the air. Cheyenne hides behind a tree to snipe off troops on the opposite side while Alex and Sean fire multiply at Zach and his army. After many rounds have been fired and many soldiers wounded Alex, Sean, and Cheyenne and huddle together to figure out a plan. “This is getting tough,” Sean says, “We’re running low on ammunition and a lot of our troops are injured,” “What do we do?” Cheyenne asks. “I don’t-“before Alex could finish his sentence a huge helicopter pulls up to Zach’s side of the battlefield. All three stare in amazement, then Alex shakes his head and taps on the radio on his ear and says, “I need the tank here NOW!” Suddenly a huge tank rolls up to Alex’s side of the battlefield. The hatch opens and the trio jump inside. The hatch closes and Zach attacks the tank with a machine gun equipped on the copter but the tank is unaffected. Then Alex says, “Ready,” as the tank charges up “Aim,” The barrel of the tank aims at the copter “FIRE!” The tank fires a charged blast of Anti-matter that hits the copter causing it to spin out of control. The trio cheers, but then they notice that the copter is spinning strait for them. As they stare at their impending doom Sean tries to open the hatch and says, “It’s fused shut, probably from the aerial machine gun attack.” Then BOOM! Both the copter and the tank cause a nuclear explosion because both are nuclear powered. Everyone is affected except Alex, Sean, and Cheyenne and turns their hometown into a post-apocalyptic town. However Alex, Sean, and Cheyenne are knocked out. Then a strange creature that looks like half a cockroach and half a man appears; we shall call it a Mutated Human. Suddenly the creature is lifted up off the ground and thrown aside. Alex then becomes conscious. “Uhh…What happened?” he asks, “Where is everyone?” Alex glances over and sees his friends still unconscious. Then a different Mutated Human runs at Alex and Alex raises his hand causing the creature to be lifted up into the air. “Whoa,” Alex says in amazement. Then he throws the creature three blocks and it lands with a THUD. “Incredible,” Alex says, “I appear to be telekinetic.” Then another creature sneaks up and hovers over Cheyenne. Seeing this out of the corner of his eye, Alex spins around, picks up the creature, and hurls it like a football and says, “Back Off.” Then Cheyenne wakes up. Alex asks, “Are you alright? Cheyenne responds, “Yeah, Fine, except my head hurts,” Alex looks at her head and notices a small blue gem embedded into her forehead. Alex then says to himself, “Strange,” Then another creature runs up behind Cheyenne just as she’s about to sneeze. She turns around and sneezes at the creature “Ah…AH...ACHOO!” Cheyenne sneezes “Bless yo…”Once again Alex trails off because where the creature was it now stands frozen. Cheyenne discovers that she can now breathe ice at her enemies. Then the two hear a voice say, “BACK OFF!” as a thud is heard and a creature is thrown through the air screaming. Sean is awake and as we can see he does not take a liking to the Mutated Humans. Sean then looks down at his hands and discovers that their solid rock. “Whoa,” he says. “Well I see everyone’s awake,” Alex says, “And I see we have acquired some very…unique powers, C'mon lets head back to headquarters.” The three return to headquarters which is in Alex’s basement. After they get there Alex says, “Alright I’ll scan each of us.” Alex steps into a machine called The Scanotron 3000 and an infrared laser scans Alex and results appear on a big computer screen. The screen says SUBJECT: Alex POWER: Telekinesis SOURCE: Brain STATUS: Alive. Cheyenne then steps into the machine and the screen says SUBJECT: Cheyenne POWER: Ice and Fire Breathing SOURCE: Gem Embedded in Forehead STATUS: Alive. “Fire breathing?” Cheyenne asks. Alex then says, “Try to think of something hot, like magma,” Suddenly the gem on Cheyenne’s head changes from blue to red. Finally Sean steps into the devices scanning area and the screen says SUBJECT: Sean POWER: Rock Fists SOURCE: Fists STATUS: Alive. Suddenly a high pitched noise coming from the computer fills the room and causes the three to fall to the floor clutching their ears in pain. Using his telekinetic powers Alex shuts the computer off. After three get up Sean asks, “What in the world was that?” Alex responds, “I don’t know, but I plan to find out,” Alex then turns the computer back on. This time no noise comes out of the machine. Alex then says to the computer, “Computer, Voice Command, Decode and replay the last transmission received,” The computer obeys Alex’s command and replays the now decoded message which says, “Come, come my loyal servants, come and we will crush Alex and his friends on our rise to power, Oh and Alex if you have already decoded this message then you’ll notice that the blast radius from the explosion spanned across the entire country, So in order for me to gain control of these…creatures I had to make three transmitters and put them in a triangular shape. Think you can stop me? Well go ahead and try.” The transmission ends and a map with three blinking dots shows up on the screen, one in their home town, the second at Mount Rushmore, and the third in New York. Sean says, “These must be the location of the transmitters,” Alex then turns and faces Sean and Cheyenne and says, “Well now we know what we have to do, we have to destroy the transmitters and find the evil madman behind all of this,” The two nod and then Cheyenne asks, “So where’s the first transmitter?” Alex typing on the keyboard of the computer says, “On the top floor of the big tower in the center of town,” Sean then says; “Well let’s go then,” The trio exit their headquarters through a back door and head towards the great big tower that’s in the center of the town. When they near the tower they hide behind a building and Alex says, “Shh, Look,” Alex points at a few Mutated Humans guarding the entryway to the tower. Sean then asks, “How are we gonna get in without being noticed?” Cheyenne then picks up 3 empty half shells and says, “With these,” Quickly changing into their new attire they walk towards the front door and enter the building. Inside there are no lights on except the elevator light. Cheyenne then says, “It’s dark in here,” The trio then walks towards the elevator removing their disguises as they walk. Alex pushes the up button and the elevator doors slide open. The three step inside the elevator and Alex pushes the top floor button inside the elevator. Casual elevator music plays as the elevator rises. A small ding is heard as the elevator’s doors open. The trio step out and see a small device with a red light on top of it slowly blinking. Alex then says, “Sean if you will do the honors,” Sean walks over to the device, forms his rock fists, and punches the device to custard. The trio then board the elevator, ride it back down to the first floor, and walk outside. Now instead of it being guarded by Mutated Humans, a bunch of regular humans are lying around unconscious. Cheyenne then asks, “Well, now where?” Alex looks at his wristwatch computer and says, “Mount Rushmore,” Sean then asks, “Well how do we get there?” Alex’s face suddenly lights up with an idea. He quickly dashes away towards the wreckage of the old tank as Sean and Cheyenne quickly follow him. When Sean and Cheyenne arrive they see Alex hold up a few parts from the tank and he says, “Hey Cheyenne, a little help here?” Cheyenne walks over and Alex says, “I need you to weld these parts together,” Cheyenne changing her gem to red quickly welds the parts together and were once stood the wreckage of an Anti-matter tank now stood a Harley with a sidecar attached to it. Alex then says, “Now let’s ride,” Alex jumps on and starts the Harley as Cheyenne gets on clutching to Alex’s stomach as Sean gets into the sidecar. The three ride off towards Mount Rushmore as fast as they can. When they arrive there Cheyenne then asks, “So how do we know where the transmitter is?” Alex answers simply, “Why it’s in Abraham Lincoln’s nose of course,” Finding the device attached to Lincoln’s nose Alex removes the device and lets it fall down to the ground smashing it to pieces. Alex then says, “Now to New York,” When they arrive in New York, Alex says, “Apparently it’s at the top of the Twin Towers,” (Now to prevent any confusion the Twin Towers were rebuilt in 2015 and no terrorists ever attacked it again) As the trio enter the towers and ride the elevator up, once they reach the top floor Sean says, “Something’s not right,” Alex says, “You’re right, something defiantly feels off,” Then a voice says, “You mean like the fake transmitter in the room?” Suddenly the transmitter that was in the center of vanishes. Then a figure steps out from the shadows. Alex asks,” Zach, Is That You?” We now see that the figure IS Zach except he has been mutated like all the others. Alex asks, “But how, we thought you died in the blast,” Mutated Zach says, “No you see like all the others I was Mutated but it gave me extraordinary powers and seeing as how you and your friends were almost going to die I let you live, I thought you might prove a worthy adversary.” Then Zach knocks the three unconscious and writes a note that says, “If you want your girlfriend back then come and find me.” *Dragon Ball Z like ending, And so the evil Zach took Cheyenne and fled off towards Mount Rushmore. Will our heroes wake up? Will they find out where Zach has taken Cheyenne? All of these questions may or may not be answered on the next episode of THE SCHOOL WAR*

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