Escape; To No Avail

March 12, 2012
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Flutter. My eyes fluttered to the point where I couldn’t see much in front of me.
Stab. I lunged, though the feeling felt disconnected.
Fall. I felt my legs fly out from under me, my head hitting the ground.
Unconscious. The breath flew from my lungs and my eyes stopped their excessive blinking.
Awake. I looked up, sideways, and down in front of me. Breathing had become harder.
Grasp. I looked down toward my hand which was clinging to a solid metal object. My sword!
Cut. I felt myself lift the sword, cutting the chains which pined me to a point.
Run. With a burst of speed I bounced off the table, bolting for the wooden door.
Blockade. People came from all sides surrounding me in what seemed like a small blockade.
Spin. I spun around a few times, rearing to go, and then jabbed at the nearest person till he fell.
Bolt. I bolted through the hole. I jumped up onto a table, jumping over several other guards, and gripping the door handle.
Pull. With all the force I had, I pulled open the door with all my might.
Shot. A shot sounded.
Black. And my vision went black.

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SmileyBabe said...
Apr. 10, 2012 at 9:55 am
OMG! I <3 IT!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME JOB!!!!!! LMAO LOV YA!!!!!
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