The Adventures of JJ Legit

March 8, 2012
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A new hero rose to fame yesterday. This modern day super hero was a ordinary man just a few days ago, but then his two best friends Jacky Coconut and Webster Lime and his mother Zazi Legit were kidnapped. He came to the rescue and saved them from the evil Ricky Vensalua. Ricky is now facing life in the Michigan state prison. This hero’s name is John Joseufat Legit or better know as JJ Legit.

It was a cold and windy day on January 7,2012. A few snowflakes hit JJ’s face as he walked home after a long day of work at the school where he taught. The streets were lonely. Just JJ and a small red snow plow truck plowing a drive way trying not to hit the mail box. JJ walked up his slippery drive way to his front door. That’s odd. Why are the lights off when mom is here? JJ’s mother had been staying with him after her house was robbed , a few months ago.He grabbed the house keys out of his light brown jacket pocket and opened the door. “ Mom” he yelled thinking she would answer with in the living room kitting, honey. Sadly no answer. No sounds at all. Just darkness.JJ picked up his iPhone and deiced to call one of his best friends, Jacky Coconut.Ring,ring,ring. Voicemail. Then he deiced to call his other best friend and cousin Webster Lime. Again, no answer. JJ thought and thought until he came up with the logically idea that they were all KIDNAPPED.

He darted out of the door.He ran though the yards leaving only foot prints behind.He ran all the way to the police station. Out of breath he manged to mumble “ My mother and two best friends have been taken.” “ Hold on here. You say your mom and two best friends have been kidnapped. We will be on that as soon as pigs fly you, hippie.” the sheriff laughed. JJ picked up part of his long blond hair and looked at his scruffy beard. “Hippie?” he whispered. He walked out of the station with his head down and is hopes of seeing his friends and mom again gone. What am I going to do he thought.

“That’s it! Mom has a GPS tracker on her cell phone.” He said talking to himself. He took his phone out and tapped the GPS app. “ It looks like they are in the middle of lake Luck! What?!” he exclaimed. He thought how this could be possible.Then it hit him like a pie in the face. “A boat.” he screamed. Suddenly a sliver jeep liberty stopped right next to JJ. The grey haired man then asked “do you need a ride somewhere?” “Yes please, Lake Luck.” said JJ. “Oh my goodness. I have a boat on that lake if you want to use it your welcome to.” the man said. JJ then hopped into the car. “Hurry.” he exclaimed. The man had the I-am-going-to-put-the-pedal-to-the-metal face and pushed the gas pedal as hard as he could.They drove off into the distance on their way to lake Luck.

As they came upon the lake, the mist hung over the mucky lake. “My boat is right there.” the man said as he pointed over to a beautiful boat with the name Jenny painted on the side.JJ unlocked the door and jumped out. As he stepped onto the boat his hands were shaking with fear. He was so scared because he didn’t have a plan, so scared not knowing who would be on that boat holding his mom and two best friends.The roar of the boats engine started up. All of a sudden JJ saw a boat in the middle of the small lake.He drove the boat right up next to the boat. He jumped onto the boat trying not to fall into the icy water. Then he opened the only door on the boat that lead to a room down under the boat. “Help, JJ.” he heard his mother scream. She, as well as Webster and Jacky were chained to the wall.He found the key on a table five feet from his friends and family so they could see their only way to freedom. He unlocked them . “Quick we have to get out of here.” yelled JJ. Then Ricky Vensala the kidnapper came out. “ My hot pocket is ready.” he sang in a happy voice. He looked up from his tasty treat to see his victims escaping away. “The cops are on their way.” explained JJ. Ricky said nothing. At that moment he realized he could not win. He ran up the stairs and without looking leaped into the water, but he didn’t hit the water. He hit the police boat. The cold handcuffs were on Ricky’s wrists faster than lighting.The police took Ricky away and JJ was a hero.

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