February 20, 2012
By Anonymous

Flying, peaceful and smooth. We were on our way to the bahamas. It seemed like a good flight. I got my own row so did Aj, Trey, and Dad. We got lots of snacks and beverages. I decided to doze off and I woke up along with the all the other sleeping passengers on the plane.

“Whats going on?” I asked my Dad.
“Just turbulence.” My Dad said with a straight face but the look of fear in his eyes.

The plane was aggressively shaking left and right. Luggage falling from the overhead tubs, babies in the back were crying. The pilot spoke on the intercom.

“Don’t worry folks just a little wind, we will be out of it in a few minutes.”

The sound of relieved passengers filled the plane. Then the shaking got even more aggressive. A scream from the back drew all eyes to the left side of the plane. The left wing was smoking and started to burst in flames. Scream’s from all the passengers rang through my head like gunfire. I looked over at my Dad, speechless.

The plane began to drop. Still screaming, and it all stopped as the pilot said his last words to us.

“Brace yourself.”

We came hurtling down to the earth like a asteroid falling from space.

It seems like nobody was listening. The moment the captain got off the intercom passengers started pulling out their cell phones and making calls to loved ones. I saw Aj on the phone with my Mom. No hope, thats all that ran through the minds of everyone on board. No hope.

As we were getting closer to the ground my dad yelled us.

“Get down!”

We tucked our head in between our knees and prepared for impact. I closed my eyes. The plane hit.

It happened so fast. I could not believe it. I made it. I was covered with debris from the airplane and as I brought my head to surface there was nobody. I immediately went to where my family was sitting. I began to dig. Aj, Trey, and Dad were all made it. I almost went into shock when I saw Trey’s arm. It was bent in an odd way. It was broken. Aj had a giant gash right along his forehead and Dad was a little bit bruised up.

I could not even comprehend what was going on. Aj and Dad started looking for other passengers that could have made it. I just sat their and I looked over at Trey and he looked at me as if he had saw a ghost. I rubbed my hair back from my forehead and I looked at my hand. It was covered with blood. I had a giant cut on my head and I was loosing blood fast. I found my jacket and wrapped it around the wound and I helped Trey

I took off my t shirt and wrapped it carefully around treys arm to make a sling. I told him to sit put so I could help Dad and Aj. After an hour of digging we found 3 passengers. The only three who made it.

We made it off the plane to a shoreline. We were on an island. As we made it off the plane I was greeted by the passengers. There was a man in Digital Army Camouflage along with his wife and a flight attendant. The man in the Army was named Steve, his wife, Jennie, and the flight attendant was Jake. ?

My Dad told everybody to take out their cell phones all were broken but one. Jakes. But there was no service. We could not contact anybody. We were alone. As far as we knew. We had no idea what to do. We went to find some shelter.

When all seemed to be lost it got worse. Jennie was in bad condition with a piece of metal debris penetrated through her stomach. Jennie died right their by the shoreline.
We gave Steve some time and we told him we will be back. We are going to see where we were and we directed Steve to try to make a camp.

We walked halfway across the island before it got dark and we started to head back and continue this tomorrow. We made our way back to the crash site and Steve was not there. We stated calling his name.

“Over here!” yelled Steve.

He had found a small cave just by the crash site. We made our way inside. Dark, cold, moist. It was just big enough to fit all of us. We lied down and I fell to sleep. I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes and everybody else was still sleeping except for Jake, he was not there. I walked out and saw some tracks that were not faded away by the water and it looked like he was dragged out.

I immediately woke everybody else. Steve looked at the tracks for a while.
“He was dragged out of here, but the tracks stop right here.”

The tracks went the opposite direction we went when we searched the island and stopped at they went into the the trees. Somebody or something had taken him, and that something knew where we slept so we found a new shelter.

We found a better shelter that we found on the backside of the airplane in the cargo hold. It was perfect. It had one entrance with a door we can close and lock from the inside. Whatever was out there could not get us.

Steve went to the plane to see what he could find, luggage, supplies, food water anything. He ended up finding a couple bags of peanuts and a few cans of soda in the flight attendant’s hold.

Aj, Trey, Dad, and I searched through bag after bag of luggage, we carried most of the bags with clothes to the shore. Aj found a bag that said EMERGENCY on it and we looked inside. We found flares, a lighter, flashlight, and two butterfly knifes. Steve was very thrilled to see what we had found.

We would not have food without Steve. He fashioned together a harpoon with a wooden stick and some rope. And Steve looked like he had done this before. He was catching fish like a pro.

“Did the same thing in Afghanistan” Steve said with a smile.

We made a fire and breakfast was served. I was actually happy we had food and a shelter and a fire but I had a huge bolt of fear jolt down my spine like I was struck by lightning.

“What happened to Jake?”

I interrupted my Dad and Steve while they were talking. Everybody went silent. Steve set down his food.

“There is somebody or something else here, unless he dragged himself out of here. I don’t know what happened to him but we will find out.”

We left the plane and began to search. We followed the tracks and stayed in one group. Steve in front constantly looking back at us, Aj, Trey, Dad, and me. I volunteered to be in the back to keep an eye out behind us. We walked for about a mile in the direction the tracks were in and it began to get dark. We were debating whether to go back or not and we marked on a tree where we stopped and something caught our attention.

We saw some sort of glow off in the distance. Almost like a fire.
“Stay put” said Steve

He walked forward. He got a little bit closer.

“Whats out...”

Steve cut try off with a hand gesture that meant quiet. Steve slowly crept back to where we were standing and signaled us to walk back to the airplane. We made it to the camp site just before dark.

“Torches, lots of em” Steve said.

“There are others?” I said immediately

“Yes” Steve said.


“What were they doing?”

I was bursting out with questions and Steve stopped me.

“Cannibals, and they were eating” Steve said with no emotion.

“Eating what?” Aj asked.


We all took a step back. In shock I gave off a

“What should we do?”

“Hide” Steve said covering his tracks.

We all entered that cargo hold of the airplane and locked the door behind us. None of us slept that night. We could hear others outside speaking. We could not understand. Their were to many talking or it was another language. A large burst of screaming and chants sprang through the airplane, as the words echoed through the island it immediately went silent.

“Sleep” my dad said quietly, “They don’t know where we are and they can’t get in”

Aj, Trey and I put our heads down. I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes through the little crease at the bottom of the door. It was sunrise. I woke the others. Steve slowly made his way to the door.

“Step back”

He slowly opened the door, and walked out. It was clear. We all walked out of the. Fear stuck me like a lightning bolt. Tracks of at-least 10 men were in the sand and the bloody remains of jake lied in the sand. His head. Steve dropped to his knees and began to cry.

“No Jennie no”

The hole he had buried his wife in was dug up and Jennie was gone.

“What sick people would do something like this” Aj said.

Steve walked back into the plane.

“Trey you stay in here and lock the door, only answer if you here us tell you to understand?”

Trey nodded and Steve closed the door. Steve pulled out both knifes from his boot and handed one to Aj and one to me. He gave Dad a spear he uses to catch fish along with another one for him. We knew what Steve wanted to do. Without any questions we began to follow him. Steve set two traps with some of the rope and 6 spiked branches Aj and I made. Steve was so skilled. It was like he had been in this situation before. We set two traps and began walking again.

We walked for hours and did not find a sign of the others on the island. Tired, weak, we could not go to much longer. We sat down to rest. We drank some of the soda that we had carried and ate a few bags of peanuts. The rest was with Trey on the airplane. Steve began to fancy a few more sharpened pieces of wood. Aj and I went to help. Dad kept watch. We made a few more and Aj said something I will never forget.

“What is it like?” “To take someones life?”

“Sad” “I hoped I would never have to do it again.”

Aj stopped talking. We got back up and started to walk again. It began to get dark and we kept walking. Hours went by. It probably midnight. We waked for a little bit longer but something stopped us. The sound of water. We walked up to a waterfall, Steve stuck his finger at in it and pulled it out and stuck it in his mouth.

“Fresh water, “but how” Steve said.

We made our way to the top of the water fall and found a lake and over it was torchlight. We got as close as we could and we could see all of them. There must have been no more than 15 but we were out numbered. Steve almost gave away our position by screaming but I covered his mouth. The remains of his wife were hanging on a tree by their fire. Along with others. We walked back to a safe distance away to speak.

“Their were other survivors” my Dad said.

“No, those are the others from the plane” Steve said.

We began to walk around their campsite and we began to hear a light calling in the distance, we walked closer and closer and we saw cages with live people in them!


Steve covered my mouth and pointed, their was a helicopter in the distance, Steve uncovered my mouth

“Lets walk somewhere safe”

We walked back to the lake and sat down waiting to see if Steve had an explanation. I could not wait any longer so I started to ask questions.

“Who were those people locked up and why is their a helicopter?”

“That was a search party looking for survivors from the crash and the helicopter is what they flew in on.”

“And I don’t think the cannibals know about the helicopter.” Steve said.

“This is great” we can get Trey and fly out of here.” My Dad said.

“Yeah!, can you fly a helicopter?” Aj asked

“Yes I can”

“Perfect lets get Trey and go!” I said.

“ It’s not that easy” “lets go back to camp and I will tell you on the way”

We started to walk back. Steve told us a whole game plan that was able to work on the way back. We made it back to camp just before sunrise and Trey let us in. We all sat down and let Steve walk us through it again.

“Alright, we can leave tomorrow morning early, just at sunrise and make it to the helicopter and try to fly out of here un noticed, we just have to make sure the keys are in it.” Or we can wait it out and wait for another search party to come by because the first one went missing.” “I will leave it to you guys”

We all sat thinking for a long time, we couldn't decide what to do. Should we fly and hope we have the keys or should we try to wait for another search party to come if one does come but who knows how long that will take? After hours of discussing we decided we are going to fly out. We spent the rest of the day in the airplane and finished up all the soda and the peanuts.

We woke up early the next morning and headed straight to the helicopter. It took around 4 hours and we went without a rest. We made it to the waterfall by noon and got some water. We walked through the trees and hid in the bushes to see if anybody was at the campsite. Steve walked out to get a closer look while we waited. We waited for an hour and Steve finally came back with blood his his hands. I got two of them but their are a lot more.

“Where are they?” I asked.

“Sleeping” Steve said breathing heavily

“And not for long, lets move”

We made our way to the cages and all the people from the search party were sleeping as well but some were missing. We moved around them trying to to wake them up and made our way to the helicopter. We opened the door and the keys were not inside.

“No, its over, all our supplies are gone and we can’t get out of here.” I said.

Steve jumped down from the helicopter.

“ We need to get back to the cages, maybe the pilot has the keys.”

Steve walked right up to on of the cages and searched for the pilot. He was there. Steve crept up to the back of the cage and lightly tapped the pilot. He woke up and right as he was going to let out a yell Steve put his finger over his mouth.

“Shhhhhh, its ok were here to help, I am going to take my hand off ok”

The pilot nodded, and Steve removed his hand.

“Do you have the keys to the helicopter” Steve asked

“Yes” the pilot said quietly.

Steve pulled out a knife and started to cut the back of the wooden cage. He managed to make a little hole and the pilot slipped through and began to walk toward the helicopter.

“What about the others?” Steve said.

“Their dead, whoever drank the water they gave us last night died, they came to check on us last night and I just laid here motionless, but there is one more survivor, my wife we have to get her, she is in the tent over there. They took her last night.”

“We can’t its too dangerous” said Steve

“Please sir, she is all the family I have left”

“What makes you think she is alive” said Steve

“I know she is” I know it”


Steve walked into the tent and did not walk out for awhile. We started to see some of the cannibals walking around at the backside of the camp. One of them started to chant and yell and Steve and the pilots wife came out of the tent running with two cannibals chasing them. Steve turned around and began to fight both of the cannibals. He stabbed them both and started running toward us. As Steve was running an arrow was shot right through his chest. He almost fell off his feet and he still kept running, he was shot again and he fell to his knees. The pilots wife made it to us.

“Run!” “Get out of here!”

That was the last time I ever saw Captain Steve V Hancock

We ran to the helicopter and took off. I looked out the window to try to see if Steve was still alive but I could not see him. The pilots wife grabbed me by the shoulder.

“He told me to give these to you”

She handed me dog tags.

“He knew he wasn’t going to make it didn’t he?” I asked my Dad

He nodded. I put my head back against the seat and closed my eyes.

“Lets go home”

Captain Steve V Hancock. January 16th 1987 to September 1st 2011 Loving husband to Jennie H. Deceased, Friend to the survivors of flight 193645.

It has been 6 years since the crash and I still dream of it every night. Has the government sent people to go to the island to get rid of those sick people. I have watched the news every night to see if there has been info on the island and nothing. People do not know and we are not allowed to speak of it. I need to figure out what happened. I need to know how those people got on that island and what they are doing there.

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