Starbucks Robbery Gone Wild

March 13, 2012
Everyone has dreams. Day dreams, when their sleeping and even when you're just thinking and being zoned out. You can't help it at all it's a fact of life. Some people get scary dreams, or action packed dreams, nightmares, or happy, normal dreams. There are those dreams where you remember them for a long time or you wake up and think you never even had a dream but you really did. I think dreaming is a way of letting yourself know you still have a crazy, awesome imagination. I think some people think that maybe they're too old for dreams but I think you're never too old to have an imagination. Dreaming is a just a way of letting your mind go free for a little while. But that's just my opinion!

I once had a dream about something I would never do in actual real lifetime; it was one afternoon, sunny for once here in Washington on a summer day. Many people were on vacation and for some reason it made me get the notion that I could get away with something that usually would never be okay. I hadn't seen cops or fire trucks anywhere in site. So I went to all the Starbucks, took all if the money in every Starbucks I visited and as I did I took all of the supplies and drink mixes my friends, family and myself loved! I felt on top of the world, invincible, and unattainable. No one could catch me, even if they tried. Doesn't everyone want that feeling? I knew deep down in my heart that it wasn't okay, but I really wanted to get my drinks and money. I knew well since its summertime, and the people of my city including the police officers and what not were all on vacation I would take what I had, pack up and move out so when everyone from their trips got back they think I went on a trip too... But I really won't come back. I chose to go to Starbucks because the drinks are so expensive, so good amount s of cash, yummy, delicious drinks all for free! So in my dreams I know they just let loose and my mind takes me on an adventure so I packed up, took what I had and took a road trip. Then I stole my rich cousin's private jet and flew myself to Hawaii where I had a condo on a private part of the beautiful island of Maui! I got a journal as soon as I woke up and wrote this, it was as much as I could remember in my dream from the night before. You could see I love Starbucks, Hawaii, and I really want the summer time to hurry up and get here. I take this journal to school with me and read it on occasion when I feel down, or need inspiration to have a new topic to day dream about when I'm in school or have free time.

I heard about the random locker searches that our fellow principal will now be conducting in my school. I have nothing to hide. Plus, my journal is private anyway there would be no way they could get me in trouble for writing my feelings and what goes through my head, especially when I dream! Soon after that ran through my mind I got a neon green slip of paper and it read, "Meet in counseling office, now." I thought, great, I bet they found something inappropriate in someone else's' locker and decided they could blame it on me." But no, the principal read my PRIVATE journal, and saw what my dream was about and thought it wasn't appropriate and decided it would be best to expel me. I gave a great reason not to and it was to use it as a lesson for my school, read it at an assembly and use it as something like a life lesson, even if you think your invincible, and think your too cool for anything and have the mind set or a careless teenager, think about what it will do to you, your family, friends, and community. You have to look at other peoples perspectives and not just yours before you act on something. Even if you have the slightest thought of a negative outcome.

My second reason the principal shouldn't be expelling me is because every student, person should have chances in life, and especially if it was something personal someone didn't have permission to be doing, like reading someone's personal journal about a dream, I think everyone needs a good education and if the principal at my school expels me I feel like I wouldn't be able to peruse in achieving a good, healthy education like others. I would rather take suspension or tell my parents and have them give me a consequence or to not bring things like that to school.

I just disagree with being expelled for expressing a dream I dreamt of and writing it down in a personal, private journal I brought to my school in my backpack, when I'm sure other students have much worse dreams, thoughts and things that are actually against the law, and school rules to have around school grounds. When they expel me and it goes on my transcript, it makes me think of what it will say like, "Violation of bringing personal journal with my dreams inside of it." Even though I would never even have the guts or brains to do something so bad, unruly, and bad to my community that I love dearly.

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