The Initial Chase

March 3, 2012
By SmirkingWriter BRONZE, Pillsbury, Iowa
SmirkingWriter BRONZE, Pillsbury, Iowa
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― Albert Einstein

The wind blew slightly, bringing the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to their noses. However, they didn’t want to go inside to eat them just yet. They continued lying on their backs in the grass looking up at the sky.

“Hey, look at that one!” she said as she pointed up to one of clouds, “it looks like your Uncle Shad’s giant nose.” She giggled.

He looked over in the direction she pointed at “Nuh uh. I think it looks like the huge hat your Aunt Beatrice always wears to your birthday parties.”

She giggled again. “It does! I wonder why she always wears that hat…..” She was silent for a moment. Then she looked over at him and whispered.
“Hey Mo?”

“Yeah?” He whispered back

She scooted closer.

“Guess what?”


“YOUR IT!” She tagged him and jumped up, laughing as she ran to the other side of the yard.

He got up as fast as he could and ran after her, the sun glinting off her braided red hair as she turned and ran past the house, wondering at the realization that her Aunt Beatrice’s hat looked oddly like his Uncle’s nose.

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