March 5, 2012
Artemis ran through the ancient forest in a trance the rivers of pain that filled her eye’s fell down like a stream and licked her cheeks. How? She thought, how could they see what she saw as a bundle of beauty, happiness as a abomination, destruction? Although she was just a baby, her hair was still abnormally long and slithered down her little body like threads of silver carefully strung by the fates themselves. Her dark skin glowed, and she studied the ancient script that like little vines painted in blue wrapped around her arms. Then those eyes Artemis thought, those captivating beautiful eyes that constantly twinkle from blue to green to yellow depending on how she felt. She stared into them and thought, there almost… diamond like, yes she’s almost diamond like, and that’s when she decided that would be her name Adamantinena, Nena she would be known by.
Artemis wouldn’t let go, no not this time. She put up with her siblings, the titans and their constant fits for power all these decades because of her loyalty to the gods, but how could they not see what she held in her hands. Not only the pure beauty and integrity she could see through her young infant eyes which reflected no evil, but the chance to finally be free from the Titans who are now rising again because the truth is no form of imprisonment can hold them forever. They always seem to find a way, maybe the gods were cursed by the fates she thought and snickered sarcastically, maybe destiny was strung that way and whether they choose to accept it or not this is the answer to our trouble. The god’s ignorance blinded them from seeing this. From seeing the little hero to her world and the mortal world that she held in her arms.
That was the moment when she denied all the values she obeyed and lived by as a goddess. Denied her baby’s father, whose name should not be known or mention for you will be dammed to internal destruction and whose wishes would be to destroy the child if he knew of her existence. The moment when she obeyed the oracle Delphi whishes and hid Nena among the mortals.
Years later on the night the moon and sun would be one and Nena would turn sixteen she would find herself running through the same ancient forest. Running away from the ghastly monster’s the evil titan who now knew of her existence sent to destroy her. This would be the moment of truth. The moment Nena thought she would meet her end, but alarmed by the sudden surge of power that found her as the solar eclipse took form in the sky. Alarmed at the images that ran through her mind as she saw a woman that somehow she knew was her birth mother and, the little baby with silver hair and her blue eyes that she held in her arms. This would be the moment when she understood why she was always different. The moment the dust from the earth would push her in the sky and the water from the sea would flow up and form a bubble around her. The sun would then peek from behind the moon and the bubble would catch on fire, and she would say “this is so happening!” Still levitating in the sky the bubble would burst and the fire which did not dare to scorch her skin would dance on her black hair, and transform into the mesmerizing silver hair of the baby she saw in her vision. She would feel the power of the sun, the moon, and the fire, water and earth that were begging to be set free after all these years. An enchanting voice would whisper from inside her “you are Adamantinena, child of the prophecy daughter of Artemis, goddess of the moon. Half god/half Titan, the ultimate hybrid. You posses the ability to control the elements of the realms of the earth.
Nena, with speed she never knew she had would fly through the air. For the first time in her life she would finally feel truly happy, a bit confused but happy because she now knew her destiny, and she felt like someone actually wanted, needed her. The ancient manuscripts would once again form on her arms, a little flower that twinkled from green to blue to yellow would magically form in the palms of her hands, her body would guide itself up to Olympus and she would think.. ‘’TIME TO GO KICK SOME BUTT!”

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vladimer said...
Mar. 7, 2012 at 11:15 am

i like it alot, the gods and goddess i love all of that. i dont see any thing wrong here. Great job!


kkizzee05 said...
Mar. 6, 2012 at 7:37 pm
I really like it. I love the whole god and goddess stuff along with titans and all the magic and ancient powers. I think it could make for an amazing book!
Smenge said...
Mar. 6, 2012 at 7:36 pm
The story is a good idea, but it has a lot of run-on sentences. Can you comment on some of my stuff too? Thanks.
VampirexSuckx said...
Mar. 6, 2012 at 11:36 am
I NEED TO KNO....llz
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