Basset hound world part 2

March 2, 2012
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The year is 2012, 20 days after Jamaal returned to the modern world he has now found out that he needs to destroy the Basset empire. So Jamaal got in his time machine and went back to that really long year so long that I'm not willing to repeat it. So when he got back to the time of the bassets he headed for there main headquarters. When he got close to the headquarters he saw a group of bassets. Then he saw one of them had a rocket launcher so when the front of the group was ahead he snuck up to the Basset and through him into a bush and knocked him out. He then took the rocket launcher and had three rockets so he fired one at the headquarters and one at a nuclear power plant, then the last one at a bunch of boxes of dynamite (8425 lbs of dynamite). The explosion set the headquarters on fire and sent Jamaal flying into a tree so fast that he flew through the tree, he then got up and ran away. The bassets tried to chase them but they just sat down and ate food then went to sleep. Jamaal went to the space craft and went to 2012 when he found out that the humans were in a war with the bassets. The bassets are still angry after Jamaals attack. When he noticed he was in a battelfield he ran away as fast as he could he noticed that the bassets had high advanced tanks faster than the humans but couldn't carry as much amunition and were using less powerfull rockets. But the humans couldn't fire as fast as the bassets. But the humans tanks were much stronger and thicker. The humans also had much powerful ammunition. He ran to one of the humans troops. He grabbed a bunch of grenades (59) so he went to bassets tanks and would open there hatch and drop a couple of grenades down into there. So when Jamaal had about 3 tanks to destroy he pulled the pin on one of the grenades when one of the bassets tanks shot his belt full of about 10 grenades and they all blew up creating a 2 foot wide hole in his stomach and his hand with the grenade was fine because he dropped the grenade before it blew up. Now Jamaal was dead the humans and bassets tanks were destoyed so now they were fighting on the ground with air support then suddenly all basset hound planes retreated. The humans have won it or so they thought. Thats when all the humans troops on the ground and in the air were still there a B-2 bomber dropped a nuke on the humans wiping out all of there armies population. The bassets have won the war and now back in control.

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