Rayne's Foreshadowed Fate

February 28, 2012
By AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
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Rayne, A Demon Assassin of the Twilight Sanctuary, was wandering the gates of Oblivion for his duties as the town guard. The town does not know what Rayne is but they know he masters any weapon he wields. Rayne wields 2 War Hammers Obliteration and Purification, each having both a Demonic and Angellic appearance. As he patrols the gates, Davon, his little cousin runs to him.

"Rayne, there's an undead army heading towards the town. Shall I call Master Dante? Or will you take care of this?" He asked cautiously and curiously. Rayne responds with a deep voice, "I will handle this army myself. Make sure everyone is locked inside their homes, it's going to get gruesome." Rayne's hands start to turn into demonic claws as he walks to his armory. Rayne thinks to himself, "Why would an undead army want to attack these innocents...? Oh wait, they have to feed on something don't they?" Rayne slaps himself in the face.

Rayne grabs his two hammers and his gear and starts to walk to the gates. As the undead army starts to charge toward Rayne, Rayne starts to shift into his true demon form, and he teleports behind the undead army. "Foolish fleshlings, you only rely on rage instead of wits. Now it's time to die again!" Rayne starts to cast a forbidden technique he learned from his first master after killing two undead archers: The Oblivion Shockwave, a repulse of pure blue fire and black lightning that has a blast radius of 20 miles.

Minutes later, Rayne walks to the last undead soldier standing as he holds his hammers, "You are the first to endure that shockwave fleshing. Now why didn't you attack me? Was it because of what I am or because you still think like a human does?" "Master Rayne, I did not attack because I know what you have become and I respect your honor. You only fight when it is necessary to fight and this battle was not necessary. My name is Kralas Shadowmourne, and I was a demon assassin like you." Kralas responds to Rayne with a calm tone.

Rayne nods to Kralas and asks curiously, "Kralas, if i bring you back to life as a living human, would you like to accompany me to summon a death god that is required to be summoned?" In response, Kralas nods and Ace, Rhiannon and Sai teleport behind Rayne. "Rayne, you didn't tell us that the person that'd be accompanying us would be another being like you." Rhiannon tells Rayne in a curious tone.

As Rayne, Kralas, Rhiannon, Ace and Sai arrive in front of the gate that teleports them from their world to the world of the Daedra, a race of demons that are trying to overtake Cyrodill, they head through the gate and try to find the sphere keeping the gate open so it will be destroyed.

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