February 28, 2012
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Breakfast is ready,” yelled mom. I sat up in my bed rubbing my eyes. It smelled like eggs and bacon.

I asked, “What time is it?” I looked out the window and couldn't even see the sun yet.

Mom replied, “ It's 6 o'clock”

“What!” I yelled, I was wondering why she had woke me up so early but then I remembered that today we were going to get on the water early.

I got up and went upstairs and saw Tent on the patio and asked “ What are you doing here”

He said “ I'm going out with you guys.”

After that we all got ready and loaded up the boat, then we were off. We had to stop at the gas dock to fill up the boat. Finally, we headed to our favorite spot on the lake.

Our favorite spot had the smoothest water on the lake. It was right next to the railroad bridge, we had jumped off the middle of the bridge a lot, but today I asked my dad if we could jump of the very top of the bridge.

The top of the the bridge had to be another twenty feet from the middle section making it about a forty foot jump. But my dad still said that we could.

I was the first to jump in the water, then my friend Trent, then my older brother Cain, and finally we had to drag my younger brother Carter in. After that we all swam to shore, it was mossy and sharp rock that we had to climb and then it was tall sharp grass and finally there was a four foot wall that we had to climb.

I climbed it first and walked over to the tracks. I heard something and that something was a train! I sprinted back to the wall and jumped down and we all ducked and waited for the train to pass. Finally, it passed and I climbed back up and helped everyone.

Then we walked to the middle of the bridge because it was the deepest water there. None of us had ever done this before so nobody wanted to go first. My brother said he would give me five bucks if I jumped. I said “ No way” and stepped back. None of us would go so we started to walk down.

At that moment I got a boost of adrenaline, I turned sprinted to the middle of the bridge, and jumped. At that moment time froze, I couldn't hear anything, I just saw the trees, then boats and then, the water. I hit the water with such force that the bottom of my feet felt like fire. Finally, I swam up to the surface, I turned and yelled at my brothers. When I looked up there I saw Trent and Cain playing rock, paper, scissors. I think Trent lost because he was on his way down, he came down but he wasn't straight when he hit the water. So he came up and his arms were bright red on the bottom. Finally Cain jumped he landed just like me. When we looked up we saw my little brother just standing at the top.

I yelled, “ Jump you big baby!”

Then he yelled something back but I couldn't hear him. We saw him start walking back down so we raced to the shore and dragged him back to the top. This time Carter made Cain jump with him.

I counted, “ 1...2...3!” They both tried to fake each other out. So this time, I made them hold hands and jump. They still wouldn't go, then we heard something. It was Tyler running down the tracks with no pants on!

I screamed, “ Jump!” All at once we jumped, this time was the best, because we were all screaming and yelling. This time we hit the water laughing. But when we looked we couldn't find Carter. Where was he? Did he jump? Did Tyler kill him? We were yelling for Carter, nobody could find him.

We climbed up there and found some bones on the track. We were all crying so hard, from laughing. Carter was laying down on the wall crying, and Tyler was running of into the sunset without pants! Carter said that Tyler took his pants and ran off. When we all stopped laughing, we walked back to the boat and got Carter some new pants. We haven't seen Tyler since that day, and I hope we never do.

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