Phil's Adventures at Camp Place

February 28, 2012
By Anonymous

“Phil... Phil, PHIL!”

“Huh... wha, Nate give me 5 more minutes,” I asked.

“Remember the last time you said just 5 more minutes Phil” Nate replied. 3.2.1 FLASHBACK!

“Nate just 5 more minutes.”

“Alright.” 2 days later. Whoa that was a great night sleep.

“Phil that was 2 whole day,” Nate exclaimed. 3.2.1 FLASHBACK OVER.

“ I see your point, but I don’t want to move,” I told him.

“Phil, Larry and Andy will be here in 20 minutes to go to camp,” Nate told me as he hopped out of my room. After that I shot out of bed and raced around my room like and F5 tornado. Oh sorry I forgot to tell you who I am. I’m Phil the not so normal kid. I look like most kids tall, green eyes, blonde hair. and athletic, but I’m not like most people. One part of that is that I have a guardian pickle. That was Nate he’s always nagging me about something (do this do that, get that done get this done). Another thing you might want to know is that Larry’s a flying hippo and Andy’s a flying pig. So as I raced to get ready for camp Nate started yelling from outside. I sprinted out just in time to save him from being crushed by Larry. I ran up to Larry and Andy, said hello, and then raced back inside grabbed my stuff helped Nate get onto Andy, Then I climbed onto Larry and we headed off to a large bio-dome in a remote part of Siberia.
Okay, just so you know I am a “special” person. Me and other kids go to a place called Camp Place (Which is the bio-dome, in a remote part of Siberia). I love Camp Place, we play games like capture the flag, ultimate Frisbee, and other games like that. Now I’m going to take a nap because my sleep was rudely interrupted this morning (NATE!). “Huh, what was that Larry... we’re almost there, got it, okay. Yes we’re almost to camp I can’t wait I hope we get to play capture the flag today. We came in for a landing and Nate and I jumped off. Then Nate and I met the camp director Steve. “Hey Steve,” I yelled. “How’s it going Phil,” he replied. Steve told Nate and I to put our stuff away and report to the capture the flag arena. The capture the flag arena is a part of the forest the camp lets grow wild inside the bio-dome.
So I met with my cabin to discuss our strategy and since we are allowed to have our pets on our teams, Larry and Andy will be scouts. I ended up on boundary duty. That means I make sure no one crosses onto our side of the arena without us knowing about it. After we hid our flag I went to my position high in a tree, were Larry and Andy could relay me information. After I get an enemy approaching signal from Larry. I look down from my perch and see two campers trying to sneak across the boundary, and by the looks of it neither of them know I'm here. I take a deep breath and leap out over the two campers! I Plummet downward yelling crazily and land right behind two shocked campers. Both of my arms shoot out and tag them. I stand up and brush myself off as Andy comes in with a very excited look on his face.

“Hey Phil I found the flag,” he whispers excitedly, and proceeds to tell me where the flag is. “Nate wants me to tell you this Phil,” he tells me.

“What is it?” I reply. He says they put on the ground for a reason, and that they know you’ll come by tree. “Well you tell Nate that they just want to make me look good then,” I responded. With that I hurled my self into a tree and sped off.
As I started to see more and more campers I slowed my pace not wanting to be spotted. I stopped when I saw a ring of campers. I knew this was where the flag was. Then I heard a rustling noise. I looked up to see a large shadow smashing its way through the branches above me. I flung myself out of the way as its outstretched hand grabbed my shirt and yanked me down. I threw my hands up and felt them come down on a branch and I swung forward and wrapped my legs around another branch then pulled up hard on both branches. I felt my shirt tear and heard the smashing of branches below me. I immediately surged forward and swung down to the flag, grabbed it, and in the nick of time I launched myself back into the trees. I was climbing, swinging, leaping, and jumping my way back, not stopping because of the branches I heard cracking behind me. With a final surge i flung myself over the boundary onto my teams side. “I got the flag,” I yelled “we won, team waffle has won!” (Oh, team waffle is the team I’m on.)
So at dinner that night I got extra dessert and congrats from everyone. Now I am going to get some well deserved rest with my cabin. It was the best game ever. I just hope the rest of the summer is like this. I wonder if I’m part squirrel? Oh sorry random thought there and hey, come back any time for more stories.

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