Prank Wars

February 23, 2012
By Anonymous

It was that time of year again. Lilly, her brother James, and their good friends were having their annual prank war. Last year Lilly had pulled the BEST prank ever on her brother James; she had gotten him sick by giving him some delicious looking fake rubber food. This year it was time to get Lilly back. The prank was going to scare his sister so much, she’d be begging for mercy by the time he was done with her.
“Oh my gosh!” Lilly screamed. She had just seen the weirdest thing crash into the middle of the street. It appeared to be an ALIEN! Not your average alien, with the huge glowing eyes, and the big head with the sickly green colored skin. Instead, it was a purple- looking human.
She was on the verge of calling the police, but the friendly-looking, purple, human-like alien said, “Please don’t call the police!!!!” Lilly was so shocked! She had almost passed out at the sound of his voice.
By the time she was focused again on the situation, the alien had walked her back to her house. She asked the funny looking alien if he was hungry or thirsty. He said he would like “purple coco butter water with a side of chilled orange grass crickets.” Lilly had thought that was kind of strange because they weren’t real food. She said she was out and gave him some chocolate milk and cookies.
Then they sat on the couch and Lilly felt uncomfortable. She had gotten the courage to ask the purple alien his name. He said his name was Neilia. She didn’t want to insult him because she thought it sounded like a girl’s name. Maybe there are different type of names were he came from. Maybe Neilia is a boy’s name and Neilia is a girl’s name.
Lilly had decided to turn on the T.V.; they watched what happened to be Barney and then changed the channel to the Science Channel. It turns out there was an alien show on. So Lilly questioned Neilia if his planet was anything like the planet they were watching on T.V. Neilia had told her that the planet on the T.V. show was the same planet he had lived on. Lilly had started getting suspicious because astronauts had never seen life on that planet before.

After the T.V. show had finished, Lilly was going to take Neilia to The Hilton hotel for the night. She told him she would check on him in the morning.

The next morning, Lilly went to the hotel to check on him. When she had gotten to room 3049, she opened the door, only to find her younger brother James in there. Lilly had become very upset with her brother because she rented a nice room and it cost a lot of money... But she knew what was going on… Lilly, James, and their friends had started there annual Prank Wars. But now she had many pranks in mind for her friends and brother. The War will go on…

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