The boys friend

February 20, 2012
By Cristian serrano BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Cristian serrano BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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In a lonely night a kid was looking up the sky. The kid was the age where you try to figure out how life works. He tried to tell his parents but as usually they where never around. He had no friend he had was a street dog which wasn't allowed to get in the house.

The kid would talk to that dog for days. The dog always waited for the boy in the ally next to his house. They would play, talk and eat together. The boy had made the poor dog a house in the ally. The dog was so excited to see the boy but when it rained the dog wouldn't expect the boy not to come he would show up making the dog happy.

The next day the boy had gotten sick and made the parents miss days of work. They had heard of the dog and since they were very mad they demanded why the son had gone outside. The boy said he had went to see his friend the dog. The dad said you'll never see that friend again. That afternoon the boy had only heard the dog cry and a gun shout.

The next day the boy never talked and only said dad want to know something. The dad said what and the boy had said something that made the dad think for what he had done the boy said don't worry dad like always my friend is waiting for me. The dad got the boy and said no son he is dead now go to school okay. The past month the boy had gone to school come home and cry. The dad had been on the watch since the boy had tried to kill himself. The boy had told his parents that his friend was in his house in the ally.

On a rainy day the boy was seeing out his window since it was above his friends house. Then he saw the dog his parents had looked him but forgotten to lock the window. The boy open the window and jumped a three story house. When the police man came they couldn't believe their eyes the dead dog and boy were hugging like if they had jumped together. The dad then realize that he didn't had the power to break a friendship like they had.

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