Adventure Travel Destinations: “The Odyssey”

February 21, 2012
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Adventure Travel Destinations: “The Odyssey”
A Travel Guide to Scylla’s Cave, The River Ocean, The Land of the Cyclops, and Circe’s Home

Scylla’s Cave

Do you want to visit one of the most horrific sights around Greece? Do you want to experience a dreadful sight that would give anyone the shivers? Well, be sure to stock up on your courage because this is the land of the Scylla. She is a fierce immortal that can kill anyone twofold. Once you have stepped foot on the ship, no one is allowed to get off until the expedition is finished. Otherwise, if you are feeling too afraid, you can jump overboard and swim back. Are you still interested in this exciting trip? If so, here are some important facts that each participant has to be aware of.

Unlike when Odysseus sailed, this ship’s crew will be very alert so that Scylla will not hear or notice the ship as it nears her cave. Once we get near the cave, everyone except the crewmen will wear a disguise that looks like a rock. From Sparta, the length of this trip here and back will take two weeks. On this journey, only men and women that are fit can come on the expedition. It won’t be a safe voyage to Scylla’s cave because there may be strong wind currents and unwelcoming people who would want to fight against the ship. Another safety issue people have to be aware of is to not make noise as their ship reaches Scylla’s cave. Be sure you are very quiet so you do not disturb Scylla or else you’re likely to be her next meal.

Once we reach the cave, three crewmen will tie rope around all of the guests so if necessary they can escape easily by having all of the crewmen pull on them. When this has been accomplished, everyone except three crewmen will walk off of the ship as quietly as they can and go near the edge of the cave. This is when passengers will be able to see Scylla’s dreadful sight! You can also see what this immortal goddess does every day. But, people can watch her for only twenty minutes at most. If you watch her for more than twenty minutes, she’ll notice right away who is disguised in the rock costumes and destroy those watching her. Once Scylla knows that people are watching her or when the time is up, everyone will rush back to the ship, the guests will get reeled in by the leaders and crewmen and everyone will sail away. The cost of this trip is fifty obeloi. This amount covers the cost of disguises for people to keep and a rented crew that not only sails quickly but also quietly. Delicious food is included as well. This trip is considered to be outstanding because you can see the forceful immortal and how she acts!

The River Ocean

There are many excellent areas to visit throughout the Greek region. But, do you want to go somewhere you thought you would never experience in your lifetime? Then come to the River Ocean. This is where Hades, the god of the underworld, lives. Only people who have lived immoral lives go there once they are dead. You’ll see where the immoral go after death! Don’t worry; if someone lives an immoral life and sees this before he or she dies, that person will get to see it again. The trip you will be experiencing is viewing the people of the dead. Here are several steps that will be taken in order to see them.

The ship will leave from Sparta; the trip from here to the River Ocean will take a week and three days. We’ll be staying there for four days and four nights. Passengers will sleep on the ship. First, from the entrance to the Great River, the tour will travel to the deep eddies. Next, the ship will go to the dank house of Hades. After that, you’ll be going to a place where the two roaring rivers flow into one. This is the place where the people of the dead will be seen and your tour will take place. What one of the leaders of the ship will do is first draw an ell-square pit with his sword. Next, he’ll pour libation on all of the dead first with milk and honey, then with sweet wine, and then a third time with water. Afterwards, he’ll sprinkle white barley and pray, reciting from what Odysseus said is “to the looming dead, vowing sacrifice on Ithaca-a barren heifer, the herd’s finest, and rich gifts on the altar, and to Tiresias alone a great black ram.” After this is done, the man would take out sheep and cut its throat. This is when all the souls of the dead will gather.

Once the people of the dead appear, they’ll have to drink the ram’s blood to speak truthfully. When you come here, you are not destined to see all of the dead you may want to talk with. Maybe one. Be sure to not go crazy when you are there or else you may be killed by one of the spirits. Also, be sure not to wander around places we cannot see you or else you’ll never come back. The cost of this trip is twenty obeloi per person for the four rams in excellent condition, decent food and the crew. The trip is worth the price because you’ll be able to experience what an immoral dead person experiences in his or her afterlife.

The Land of the Cyclops

Many parts of the Greek lands have excellent pastures suitable for animals, such as sheep. Also, there are many places in different parts of the Greek land that also have simpleminded savages, like Cyclops. But, do you want to be able to see both in the same area? Then go the land of the Cyclops. This is an area where there are a lot of Cyclops and sheep roaming all around the island.

The trip from Sparta will take nine days and we will be on this land for seven days. The amount of time it will take to get back is also nine days. This is an amazing trip because first, there is a lot of space on the island to run around and be merry. But, don’t run far out of sight because the crew won’t go searching for the people who roam away. If at any moment you are alone, a Cyclops may come and the ship will have to be moved elsewhere. If you don’t make it onto the ship before we begin to sail then we will not wait for you. Are you still interested?

There are many activities on the island. Many of these include the sheep that roam all over the island. There is plenty to do with the sheep such as killing one for a meal. Or, if you want to take a nap, you can count the sheep roaming around. Also, you can care for the sheep for a while but don’t pester them too much.

There are other things that you can do on the island, such as sightseeing. Also, you can go with a crewman to escort you further into the island to see a Cyclops without getting caught. However, one crewman can escort only one person to one of the Cyclops. Since there will only be five people in charge, three people at a time can go. It would be too dangerous otherwise because the Cyclops can easily kill a person. The cost of the trip is ten obeloi only for travel and food costs. This trip is very exciting because of the scenery and things you can experience. This is a great trip for the entire family!

Circe’s Home

Do you want to see Circe, the dreaded goddess, in her house? Then come on our ship to go to the island of Aeaea. The island consists of fields, brush, wood and rugged lookout points from which to view the sights. From there, one can see smoke coming from one of the woods that is Circe’s house. Twenty people at most can come on this trip. There will be four guides, and we will separate into two groups of ten each with two guides. The groups will travel on the same ship to the island. From Sparta, the trip will take six days to get there by boat and we’ll stay there for six days.

Upon arrival to the island, one group will go to Circe’s home to see how she would interact with her guests. The other half would wait in the forest that surrounds her house. As everyone goes deeper into the island, they will go through several obstacles in the woods such as brush. Then, one of the groups will go up a lookout point to find any smoke rising from the forest. If smokes if found, that’s where Circe lives. Once everyone knows where her house is, two of the councilors, or guides, will give a rare herb called Moly to each person to protect them from Circe’s spells. After that, the group will reach her house and see a house guarded by lions and wolves bewitched by a drug Circe has given them. Do not worry about the animals because they don’t bite. Do not play around with them or else Circe may do something out of the blue that may hurt you. But, once we call out to Circe, she’ll invite her guests to come inside.

Now, listen carefully to this warning. First, a group will come inside and Circe will offer a drug to all the participants and the crewmen. (But, let the crewman do the talking. If you talk during this, you may even make a wrong turn and won’t come out as a human). Once she offers the drug, the crewman would say yes and present it to the rest of the people. By now, the herb that you were given should not be lost nor should you let it get out of your pocket. But if everyone has the herb, the drug will not have any effect nor will it let Circe cast her spell. After Circe thinks she has cast her magic spell on everyone in the house, both of the crewmen will lay their sharp swords on Circe and have murder in their eyes. This is when Circe would go to her knees and ask what they want. They’ll say that we all would want to stay for six days. Circe is likely to say yes and that is when one of the leaders will have the other crew come into Circe’s house.

Then you’ll be able to see how Circe and her maids work. You’ll also experience what it is like to live with a goddess! The cost of this trip is 40 obeloi due to the travel costs of getting to the area and getting the herb, Moly.

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