The White Monster

February 29, 2012
By Gmoney12 SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
Gmoney12 SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
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Knock, Knock, Knock. That is the sound of somebody beating on my bedroom door. “Who is it?” I say.

“Brady, can I come in?” he replies.

“Sure,” I say. He comes in with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

“Do you want to go sledding with Jody and me?” he asks.

“Sure, just give me a minute to get dressed,” I reply. It seems longer to get ready then to actually going sledding. After I get dressed, I trot down the hall to find Jody. When I finally found him I ask, “Where are we going sledding at?”

“We're going to go to the golf course, I have heard they have the best hills,” he said.

“I agree,” I replied. As we are packing up our sleds, our mom came charging out of the house.

“Is that going to be enough clothes for you guys, oh wait, here you can have my scarf,” she commands.

“All of us are going to be fine, if any of us get cold I will bring them back,” said Jody.

“Ok, fine, just be careful,” said mom.

We all screamed, “Ok.”

In the car, we all were talking about how amazing this sledding trip is going to be. We listened to the song “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band. When we pulled up, I said, “Oh my gosh, we are finally here.”

“I know it looks really exciting,” said Jody. While we were getting our sleds out, we were deciding who gets what sled.

“I call dibs on the orange one,” I say.

“I call the red,” commanded Brady.

“I guess I will get purple,” Jody complained. “So, which hill should we go down first?”

“Let’s go to the White Monster,” suggested Brady.

“Since that is so far away, how about we hit some of the smaller ones then we can go to the White Monster,” I said.

“That sounds good,” agreed Jody. So then we went down some of the hills and they were pretty fun. Jody and I could stand up on our sleds while going down the hills. Brady just sat or laid down on his.

“I'm freezing,” complained Brady.

“Hold on, we can see the White Monster now,” continued Jody, “after we go down the White Monster, then we can leave.” Everybody agreed to that idea.

“I see it, I see it!” I yelled. The first time down everything was fine. I went really far, and when I got up they both applauded. Brady went next and went farther than me. Next went Jody, and he didn't beat Brady. All of us were getting kind of bored, so this was our last time down.

“How about we all lay down on one sled?” suggested Jody.

“Together?” asked Brady

“Yes, you ding-dong,:” said Jody. We all started laughing our heads off. This sled ride is going to be one that none of us will ever forget.

Jody layed down first, then me, and then Brady.

“1,2,3 go!” Jody screamed.

As soon as we took off, Brady screamed, “Wait, I fell off!” But it was too late.

“We are going fast!” I yelled. About a couple seconds later, there was a humongous block of ice. “Watch out for that ice!” But it was too late. Smack!! That is the sound of our sled slamming into the ice. Just a split second later, I was flying in the air. While I was in the air, I did a front flip and landed on my back. As I was getting up, laughter just poured out of me. I definitely stopped laughing when I saw Jody. His nose is bent out of shape and just pouring buckets of blood onto the ground. Also his right wrist isn’t looking so good.

“Oh, My Gosh,” I screamed. “How did that happen?”

Still trying to wipe his nose, Jody said, “When you flew forward your chest slammed my face into that giant block of ice.”

“What about your wrist?” I asked.

“When you flew off, you also rolled over my wrist,” said Jody.

“I am so sorry,” I continued, “I didn't mean to.”

“It's ok, Brady is calling your mom, she is on her way. When she finally got here, she could barely speak. She is asking so many questions, and we all said we will tell her later. Mom drove us really fast to the hospital. We had to wait for like three hours and there was nothing to do. Finally, Jody came out with a piece of tape over his nose and he was wearing a sling on his right arm. He needed to wear the sling for a week and also his nose was broken. When we were walking out he said to me, “That was the most awesome/terrifying experience sledding I have ever had in my life,” he continued, “I will never forget that in my whole life.”

“Me too, me too,” I said.

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