Summer Hopping

February 29, 2012
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How did I end up flat on my back laying on this wet log? Well, let’s just start the story from the beginning. It started like any other summer day. My three friends and i Josh, Jake and Sutten were down at the river. Every time we went down there it seemed like it was a race to see who would get in the water first, often it was Jake who got in first.

Jake was a very risky person and would try just about anything and was always talking about something. After Jake, it was me, then Sutten, but Josh was always last to get in the water. Josh was the shyest of my friends and he wasn't known to take many too risks. Then there wass Sutten he was one of the only people that in know that is always calm. He tries to make a joke at every single thing a person says.

When we got tired of swimming, went to our favorite spot at the river. There were these trees that had fallen over a long time ago and were in the middle of the river. We just sat around most of the time and talked.

Jake yells, “Josh watch out there’s a spider behind you!”

Josh replied “I don’t even have to look Jake I know you’re lying like you always do.”

“I do lie a lot, but I am not lying now, I swear!” answered Jake,

Then Sutten said “It’s not nice to swear Jake.”

“Whatever,” Josh said. “I bet you can’t do this.” Then like a monkey, Josh starts to jump log to log. We all said that was way too easy, but of course we had to try it. It would have been funny to see what we would have looked like hopping around on the logs like frogs. All of a sudden, I declared that I could make the farthest jump out of them all.

They replied with, “Sit down, Blake! You can’t jump that!” I stood up and prepared myself to jump.

I am standing on the log looking at the other log and thinking it’s only a four foot jump I can do this easy! So I bent my knees and pushed off with my feet and I got the feeling in my stomach that something bad was going to happen. The moment my feet touch the log I felt the wetness of moss below my feet. I now know that there is no way that I am going to end up on my feet. After my feet had slipped, I could feel myself falling flat on my back. All I hear is my friends laughing at me and my back fells like someone dropped a bowling ball on it.

Later that day we check my back to see what it look like and there was a bruise the size of a softball. It just reminded me to not try stupid things like jumping log to log ever again but you still have to love summer.

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