The Cruise

February 29, 2012
By ColinS BRONZE, Monticello,
ColinS BRONZE, Monticello,
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“Do you hear that?” I said.

It sounded like another boat was coming very fast at my private yacht. I am a millionaire who made my money inventing a new energy that is very clean to use, nowadays I am off celebrating with three friends on my new Yacht.

“No, I don’t hear anything,” said Josh.

Josh is a book writer who just sold the famous book called Soul.

“Well, it sounds like another ship is coming towards us, and the captain said he picked up another object on the sonar,” I said.

“I hear it,” said Mike.

I don’t really know Mike that well, but I know that he owns three McDonald’s in Chicago and Garrett said that he is a good person. Garrett is now playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. Josh, Garrett, and I have been friends for about two years. We became friends when we were in the Navy Seals together.

“I hear it, too, Colin; it sounds small. ” said Josh.

All of a sudden a machine gun started firing, I turned to see where it was coming from, then I saw about 15 men on a fishing boat that looked rigged to carry two-mounted machine guns and faster motor. The fishing boat wasn’t that small but it looks small compared two my two hundred and fifty foot yacht. All of the me men aboard the fishing boat were carrying Ak-47's.

“Please tell me those are not pirates,” said Mike.

“I think they are,” I said.

“Well this should be fun,” Josh said.

“Why would this be fun, Josh?” Mike said

“Because I haven’t got to shoot at people in over two years,” Josh said.

“Garrett go get four G18s from the weapons vault, Josh go get some explosives from the other vault, I will go tell the crew to stay hidden, and Mike try to stay out of trouble,” I said

The pirates were already aboard and had Mike when I got back. I walked up to them and asked what was going on.

“What is going on?” I asked. The biggest of the ten people guarding Mike stepped forward and said.

“This is a raid, where is everyone else?”

“It’s just me and Mike on this ship, no one else.”

“I don't believe it,” he said. He turned to five of his men and told them to go search the ship for anyone and bring them to him. Then he turned to me and said,

“I want you to go get all the money you have or your little friend here is going to lose a finger.” And with that I turned around and went to go meet Josh and Garrett.

“What’s the situation?” asked Josh.

“They have Mike as a hostage, guarding him with five people, another five searching the ship for people, and I guess fifteen people on the boat for backup.”

“Here are the guns,” said Garrett.

“Alright, Garrett go take the ship. Josh give Garrett the detonater and lets go get Mike.”

Josh and I went to go take Mike. They were right where I left them and the five men had returned and were saying that they had found nothing. Then we could barely hear the gunshot of a G18, and we knew that Garrett was on the enemy ship.

We decided that when the ten men that were holding Mike hostage heard the gunshots that it was time to make our move. When all of them were looking around for the noise Josh and I got up from our cover of the bar and shot down two of their men before any of them knew what was going on, then we took down one more and injured two before they started firing. When we heard that they stopped firing and started reloading, Josh and I got up and took out four more. There were only three left and two of them were injured. I told Josh to take out the two wounded men and I will take out the other one.

Things were going well, till Josh got shot in the shoulder. That was when Garrett came aboard and told us to get down. We got down and right when we got down, we felt the shock wave of the explosion. Then we threw the dead bodies over board and sped toward the coast of Florida to get Josh to a hospital.

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