A hero in the midst

February 21, 2012
By Blondediva SILVER, Hemet, California
Blondediva SILVER, Hemet, California
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What matters most is not how much money you have in the bank, or what you have lying around in your house, it is the thing that will stay with you forever and never leave your side. That, my dear friend, is love.

What is a hero? Some say a hero is a person who can fly around, kill bad guys and protect the city. Others might say a hero is a normal, regular person like you and me, who has hero-like abilities. Both of the definitions are right, yet they don’t explain everything. A hero lives with us in our daily lives, in our imaginations, and in books. The following is about a girl born with the abilities to become the greatest hero the world has never met. My name is Johnson; a lonely person who was told this story from my mother. This story has been in her family for a while, and she finally decided to tell me this story; a story of sacrifice, love, family, and the will of a young girl from California.
Our story starts in a little town not far from the beach, in a one bedroom community. With every hero, birth is first. She was born like any other person. Her mother screaming, her father fainting, and the nurses scattering around like chickens with their heads chopped off. Our hero was named after her grandmother that dies fighting for what she believed in, Margret. Margret weighed eight ounces and was six inches long. When her parents had gotten a hold of their new born baby, they almost died. When their first child was born, after only ten days, had died from a very rare disease. No doctor had ever seen the disease before, but when they brought their son in, every doctor was rushed in to study. Their efforts were maxed out, and he had just died in his sleep. They were then told they could never have any more children, but when they had her, could have been told the world was about to end, and they still wouldn’t care.
When they brought her back home, she was given the grand tour. After the tour was over, she was put into her brand new room. Her name came from her great grandmother who died doing what she loved. Her name is Margret Hitcher. When she was just six months old, she could walk, talk, and count. She was the biggest news to hit San Diego, and everybody knew about her. She had an ability most children take years to master. Her parents, though they wanted Margret to have everything, didn’t want her to have to go through the press. After a few days, she was non-existent on the front page. Her life turned back to normal, or so they thought.

A few years went by, and stranger things started to happen. “Mom!!!!” yelled Margret, at age three. “MOOOOMMM!”

“What sweaty?” Her mother said calmly.

“Mom, look at this,” she directed her mother’s attention to her hand. Margret was lifting her bookcase, full of books, high over her head. “Why and how can I do this?”

“I was afraid of this. I didn’t want to tell you but I guess you should know now more than ever. When I was younger, I was playing in my front yard with my brother and sister. When grandma called us in for lunch, I stayed behind to pick up our mess. That is when it happened. I was in the street, and a medical waste truck that was carrying a large barrel that
turned you into this. It had passed by and hit the pothole that was always in the way. The valve on the side of the truck had come lose and spilt all over me.”

“Ewwww!” screamed Margret.

“I am not done. Silly girl. I hadn’t noticed anything, until your brother was born. The reason he had died was not because of a rare disease, but because he was so weak, the radiation was too much on his body. When you were born, though, we thought the radiation hadn’t affected you, but I guess we were wrong.”

“Yeah, just a little. So, what happens now? How many other things can I do?”

“I don’t know, but you should be careful, and whatever powers you get, promise me you will use them for good.”
“Mom, I promise.”

With that, her life dragged on. One of Margret’s obvious power, was her intelligence. They had hired tutors to teach her because she was so far ahead of her age. At age eight, she was given the SAT, the ACT, and the CAHSEE; she passed all three, with the highest possible scores. Age nine, she graduated high school with a 5.0 GPA, and was accepted to every college in the nation. The schools she actually went to was Harvard Law, SDSU, and two others. She spent a year at each one, creating the full four years. She was at age thirteen when she when graduated with a BA in law, a BA and MA in marine biology, and a BA in history. Even though she had all these degrees, she still needed to get the most important education , how to use her powers.
Margret though she knew two of her powers she still needed to find out the other one. Her other power was that she had an eye for detail. She could stop a speeding bullet, spot a person in a crowd of people and see into the future. She wanted to do something with her life and found the perfect solution.
“Mom, we need to talk,” said Margret, “what would you say if I told you I wanted to join the army?”

“What? Are you serious? “

“Well I have these powers, and I am not going to be some super hero chasing criminals in California. I want to do something, you know help out our country, protect the other people that no one else cares about.”

“If your serious, I am not going to stop you. the main problem you are going to have is your age. You are too young, but I think if you show the army what you can do they might let you join.”

“I know. I am going to the office tomorrow, and I am going to put in an application. Thanks mom, and I know these times have been bad because of what happened to dad and all, but thank you.”
Her father had died in a car accident on the way to work. A criminal was driving from the police when he crossed on the opposite side of the road. Her father didn’t see him, and the car jack knifed him. H e was killed on impact. After his death, they were both devastated, and they didn’t know what to do. The funeral was held and all his friends and family were in a attendance. Margret, though, learned something about herself; though she had powers, they didn’t protect her from her life.
She had gone to the army office in town, and when she got there, she was so nervous, she thought her hair was about to fall out. She had walked in the door and was greeted by the officer in charge of having people sign in.
“Hello, little girl. Are you lost?”
“No I am not, I am here to join the army.”
“You are too young, maybe in a few years.” The officer showed her the door, when Margret ripped the door off its hinges.
“See what I can do? I can also stop a speeding bullet, think really quickly, see into the future, and as you can see, I am very strong.” The officer looked in awe and amazement as he watched her show him all of her powers.
“Oh my god, you are like super human. Here are the forms, you just have to get your parents to sign off on it, and you have joined the army. Congratulations.” they shook on it, she called her mom, and she was signed up for the army. She didn’t know though what was going to happen, but what did happen will change her life forever.
She was all packed and ready to go. She gave her mother a kiss and hug, and headed over to the cab that was going to take her to the army bus. She was taken to the bus, and the bus ride took almost 3 hours to get to the base. She was anxious waiting to see the base she was going to stay for 3 weeks. When she finally got on base, the commander in charge came to her.
“I know what you can do, and I wanted to propose you something. There is a secret underworking at this base. It is called Army services. It may not sound like much, but the people that are in it, are just like you. They have special abilities that got them recruited, but you. You are special; you are the first superhero we have ever had.”
“I don’t know what to say. Well lets go!” She was taken by the officer to his office. She didn’t know what was going to happen, until the officer opened up his bookcase. There was an elevator door. She was told to step inside, and when she did, the elevator doors shut, and she was taken down to a basement type building underneath the base. The elevator stopped, and the doors opened to a control room. A guy came up to her and greeted her.
“Hello my name is Austin, and I am the leader of Army services. This facility is the back bone of the army. We don’t actually go into to war, but we protect the people of the world from the individuals that attack on the world. Army services is glad to have someone of your abilities. Here come meet your team members. You are on team alpha, the head team and the best team.” He pointed to the three other people standing next to him.
“This is Richard. He is specialized in computers, and weapons. And this is Crystal. She is just like you; smart, good with her hands, and she kicks some hard butt. Lastly this Sniper. He specializes in karate, stealth, and kicking butt. Alpha, this is Margret. She will be working with us from here on out. Crystal will show you where you will be sleeping, and then on to training.”
Crystal motioned to Margret, and she followed her team member. Margret started to ask questions, just to get to know her team mate. She answered most of them, and then said
she had to go. Her quarters were small, yet livable. Training was easy for her; running, answering questions, and exercising. By this time she was sixteen, and knew very well how life was lived. Life was easy and well expected by Margret, being that she could see into the future, but no one knew that yet, until one night, they showed more than usual. She kept seeing pain, rejoice, triumph, and failure. She didn’t know what to make of them, but knew they important.
“Alpha,” said Austin, “we have a new mission for you. It is in Russia, a few of the mobsters are creating a weapon to destroy all of the worlds precious treasures, like the statue of liberty, the sphinx, ect. We need to have them stopped. Alpha out.”
Alpha team headed toward the helicopter. The GPS coordinates were placed in where to go so the team could get ready for battle.
“Margret why aren’t you getting ready?” asked Crystal
“Because I don’t need to. I can see into the future, stop a speeding bullet and can life practically anything they throw at me.” Though she knew she could so all that, she was still afraid for her life. The team was ready to deploy, when Margret got a vision. She saw that when they landed, they were going to be ambushed inside of the embassy.
“Wait!” She grabbed sniper by the arm, and told the pilot to drop them off at the closest helipad.
“Why? We are supposed to meet the ambassador.”
“It is an ambush. It is waiting for us to go into there, and then kill us all.”
“Oh my god, they must all be working for the mobsters.” They landed at the nearest helipad, and when they landed, Crystal said, “Lets go kick some Russian mobster butt.”
“I agree. Their hide out is,” Margret paused to get her vision, “at the embassy. No wonder they wanted to ambush us.”
“Makes sense now. Let’s hit it, we are burning daylight.” They ran to the embassy, of course in stealth, and under the radar. When they got to the embassy, they stopped for a second as Margret told them where to go.
“Straight through this door, there are three men with large guns. After that we come up to a corridor on the left. We take that, and then a few more men. After all that is done it is free and clear until we come up to a huge door. Five men guard the door into their office. Ready?”
“Sounds easier said than done, but we can do this. Alpha out.” They headed to the front of the embassy, They couldn’t get through the door because they locked it. Margret then stepped in, and took the door off. The guards were dumbfounded, and before they knew what was going on, they were knocked out on the floor. They ran down the hall, and came up to the corridor they needed to go down. Stairs were climbed doors were opened, and they finally stopped at the only thing between them and the mobsters; their huge door.
This door was brass plated, with a gold finishing. Margret stepped in, once again, and took the door off, when something horrible happened. When she took off the door, the door was too heavy for her to handle and it fell on her. that was when another power came into play, flight. She grabbed the door with all her strength, and jumped up high off the ground. The guards were ready to fight, when they got a mouth full of door. She took the door, and swung it at them. Not what most people would use, but effective.
The team ran in, Crystal took out the sidekick, sniper took out the boss, and Richard went to the computer to hack into the main frame. Margret stood there looking around when the boss took a shot at her with a hand gun. She realized one more power, her finale best power; she could stop time, because of her intelligence. She grabbed the bullet, and threw it back at the boss killing him. The other people were taken in, and put into jail.
For alpha, though, they stayed together for many years, stopping criminals. Margret went back home every once in a while to stay with her mother, and the other team members went back to their families. As for me, I am learning more and more. I now know that the reason this story had been in my family was because Margret was my grandmother. My grandmother was the best hero any one has ever seen, and they don’t even know it yet.

They are the unsung heroes
that no one knows about,
but thank them eternally.

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