Winter Underland: Dark Journey

January 22, 2012
The horizon looked absolutely stunning tonight.The stars danced, embracing the moons soft glow. My skin was tender and cold, goose-bumps creating tiny ripples on the surface of my entire body. I licked my lips, well aware once the wind blew that they were dry and chapped. However, this winter night didn’t seem as cold as it usually was. The soft crunch of snow beneath my feet broke the serenity and silence of this perfect night, my footprints creating imperfections in the white blanket of ice. Time passed slowly, my breath marking each second as my eyes stung with freezing wind blowing in my face. Finally reaching a brook, hidden by frosted greens and vegetation, I cupped my hands to catch the ice water for a drink, to quench my dry throat. I thirsted for something deeper, though. A specific tree lurked in the forest that I was being carried to by my weak legs.

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