Ground Zero

February 16, 2012
It all started in Mother Russia with a mutated strand of the influenza virus.Everyone died. The thing was that they didn’t stay dead. This is the story of the survivors.

It began very quietly in a comparison. A Russian Nuclear Reactor blew. Again. This time the radiation was blown over to a lab trying to develop and test the cure to the influenza virus. The radiation from the nuclear blast started to mutate the virus and turned it into an unstoppable viral weapon When the military went to investigate they found everyone dead, they counted the dead and realized a few scientists were missing. The couple that remained where torn apart as if by wild animals. Then mass riots took place in all the major cities but no knew what happened then they found out what was taking place. Zombies had been the start at it all they didn’t realize if because they shrugged off the earlier mutilated people as a new cult, but now that the evidence was there if was too late to contain; so they took what measures they could. Bombing cities and organizing refugee camps,but it was too late people fled spreading the virus all over the world. However the USA took matters into their own hands and built a fortress over the whole 48 states to prepared for the zombie attack. The American soldiers felt that the whole world was falling apart that they should be with their families. Leaving the only safe haven from the zombie apocalypse.
However they didnt tell the world they left.

My name is Yuri Gagoravich. I’m a battle hardened Russian General .This is my story of the zombie apocalypse. I will start at the beginning of the outbreak,while me and my men were on riot control in the streets in front of the Russian Capitol.
“Retreat!” I yelled at my men.
Not something a Russia solider does. We ran through the ruins of the city. The city was as we all remembered it except for all the zombies. We didn’t have a choice. The zombies were over powering my men and me. We retreated into a abandoned parking garage. We barricaded the entrances with cars. I grab a couple of my men and search the parking garage for survivors. The garage is clear no zombies and no innocents. We set up our central command on the 5th floor so we can hear and or see the zombies coming if they breach our defenses. We stay in the parking garage for four days with very little zombie activity on the roads outside, so we decide to move.
We headed towards the coast a mile and a half away. Encountering very little zombie activity. We found four innocents hiding in abandoned cars. We had them accompany us towards the coast. They all agreed to stay with us and help when help was needed. Halfway through the town we encountered zombie activity. The town was the same as we remembered it from before all snow on the ground and the smell of nuclear waste in the air.
They ambushed us from the alleyway to our left. “RETREAT!!!!!” I yelled. I stood there while my men and the innocents took cover in an apartment building. When all my men were in the building I started to retreat towards the apartment building my men took cover in. My men covered me the whole way. When I was in the building we all set up strategic positions to protect the innocents. Snipers on the roof, assault team by the door, and me guarding the innocents. The snipers took out five of the seven zombies before they got to the door. Then the assault team got the other two. We thought we killed them all, but one came through the window behind me and tried attacking the innocents. Time slowing down (almost stopping), glass breaking, people screaming, and my M1911 going off. The main thought going through my head was to protect the innocents at any cost. I shot three shots center-mass with my M1911. The zombie fell. Just to be sure I fired three more shot in to its head. The rest of the trip to the coast went smoothly. We were heading to the coast to find a ship and sail to the military base to gather supplies for our trip to the U.S.A.
When we reached the coast we found an abandoned fishing boat. We commandeered it and sailed to the closest military base five miles away. As we reached the military base we saw no sign of anyone.
“Stay alert men” I commanded.
“Yes general” they all responded.
The base was deserted no zombies and no military personal. We went to the Armory and took all the weapons and ammo. We sent the innocents to the hospital to get medical supplies. Then we met back at the harbor. We found a stealth battleship and a stealth aircraft carrier. I took half of my 30 men and commandeered the battleship. Then sent the other 15 of my men to the aircraft carrier with the innocents. We put all the supplies on the aircraft carrier. As we were exploring the aircraft carrier we found all sorts of stealth vehicles and other stealth equipment. We departed from the Russia coast to the USA in November 4th, 2015.
We were all tense leaving the only land we had known but we had to try and get to the USA because it was the only safe zone we knew of. We were in our 5th day of traveling across the ocean when we lost the motor in the Battleship. One of the innocents was a ship engineer. He worked on these types of ship before.
“Will you help us get the ship up and running again?” I said nicely.
“I will help you fix the ship.” said the Innocent calmly not knowing what would happen if he refused.
“Thank you” said Yuri (again words a Russian General speaks very rarely).
We were up and running in a couple of hours. Five days after the breakdown we reached the Coast of Alaska. We went ashore to get off the ship for a little while and to look for more supplies. We found nothing of any use to us. So we continued on our trip down the coast. The next place we stopped at was a little more exciting.
The next time we stopped we were in Vancouver, British Columbia. We did the same things we did in Alaska but this time we found the zombies. There were too many of them. We had to retreat back to the ship. As we boarded the ship one of the my engineers up on the rail gun fired off a shot right in the center of the zombie mob. The shot was like a mini nuclear bomb going off but without all the radiation. The zombies disintegrated and the builds in the blast zone exploded. So we left Vancouver empty handed. We didn’t stop again til we reached the coast off of San Francisco,California.

As we were pulling into port one of the snipers caught the glint off of a rifle up on one of the rooftops. The other sniper saw people walking towards the harbor with military issue weapons while we were pulling into port. The men on land were fighting zombies when we entered port. They didn’t seem to notice us so we decided to make ourselves noticed. The engineer on the rail gun fired one shot at the bridge. The bridge turned to dust along with the group of zombies. The army on land turned towards the harbor. The leader of the group had a look of both surprise and thankfulness of his face. My snipers both had target.They both wanted to fired, but I told them to wait and see what was going to happen. The sniper on the right side of the ship said the man was roughly 6 foot, muscular, and the obvious leader of the group. The Leader of the group told his men to wait. I think because the whole group stopped except for him. He continued walking until he reached the dock. That was were he stopped. I stepped out of the shadows and walked towards him. The leader wanted to talk. He said his name was Joe.
“What is our business being here?” asked Joe.
“We heard that this is the only safe zone one the world.” I said, “Is that a true statement of not?”
“The statement was true up until a few days ago when the southern part of the fortress broke letting all the zombies in.” Joe said glumly. “What is your story?”
“Our story is that we came over here to get these innocents to safety.” I replied furiously.
“Okay.” Joe said in a defeated tone.

I looked over Joe’s shoulder and saw a zombie running out of the alleyway behind him. I pulled out my military issued knife and spun around Joe and threw the knife towards it chest. By the time the knife hit the zombie Joe fired a shot from his pistol towards the zombie’s head. I never saw him draw his pistol. We both thanked each other for the save. Joe had his army move up to his position. I had my army start unloading the ships. While we were unloading the ship a group of ten zombies rushed us from the shore. The engineer manning the rail gun fired off a shot into the group. It had the same effect as in Vancouver. We unloaded the ships and all of the contents we could on to amphibious vehicles (vehicle that can drive in the water and on land). The men drove out twelve Armored Personal Carriers. We headed through San Francisco. Joe and his men in the lead. Taking the roads that he and his men already cleared. My men and I had no idea where we were going. We were just following Joe. Hoping that the trust we put with him was well placed.

When we were out of the city Joe told us where we were going. We were going to one of his military bases in Castle Crags,California. The trip there took around a half an hour going as fast as the vehicles would go. When we arrived the rest of Joe’s men must have been expecting us because the iron gates were open with men surrounding the base.

Joe gave us a quick tour of his base. Cafeteria, barracks, showers, and the armory. He showed us the armory when we were settled in and ate some food. The armory was the size of three football fields. In the armory we found all the weapons we could dream of. We even found a couple of M.O.A.B. (mother of all bombs).
“Where did you get these M.O.A.B.’s?” I asked.
“Before the fall of the world we requested for the M.O.A.B. to be massed produced,” said Joe, “We have a bunker of about five hundred more, but we are running low.”
We asked for permission to see the bunker ,but Joe and his men didn’t grant us permission to see the bunker.
“What was your intention on coming over here to do?” asked Joe
“The attention was to get over here and be safe,” I said.
“Well I can guarantee the safety of your civilians, but your men I can not guarantee anything. What were you and your military thinking of doing?” Joe asked quizzically.
“We have no plans now that we are here. My men and I are just looking for a home.” I replied.
“You have a home. If your men will fight for me.” said Joe.
“We will not fight for you, but we will fight beside you and your men until the end.” I said proudly.


We have fortified a ten square mile area for the rebuilding project. We are still fighting zombies. The innocents are fighting with us. The trust we placed with Joe and his men was indeed well placed. The innocents are still alive along with all the men from both armies. The zombie numbers are starting to go down, but it only take one zombie group of 20 zombies to take down one of the fortifications because the men are spread out too thin.
We are thinking of downsizing our land but it is still to early to know. I step up to the short-wave radio not knowing if the message would get through or if anyone would hear it but i decided to try it anyway,
“This is Yuri Gagorovich. I’m stationed in Castle Crags, California. If there are any survivors out there. Don’t give up hope the zombies numbers are decreasing because of the lack of food. The only thing left to do is to try and rebuild and to survive. As the Americans would say ‘hurrah’. ” I step away from the radio for the last time.......walking away not knowing what the future will bring. The future is full of possibilities, but only one I know for certain---I am going out guns blazing. An air of war of a whole new kind is blowing about. For bad or good nobody is quite certain. And this my friends is were we leave you, decide what your future will be. Before it is too late.

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buckbb said...
Dec. 13, 2012 at 5:23 pm
Good Story! I liked the plot a lot!!!
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