The Harkel Adventure

February 7, 2012
By Anonymous

The Rakir Adventure

Creeping along the driveway, I silently padded up to the house. Outfitted for stealth, I was the movie version of a secret agent. In truth, I was a secret agent, but not for a Hollywood film. This was the real deal. The moment I had trained for. The target’s house was two stories with an overhang deck directly in front of the main window, which I quickly approached.

Peering into the room, I identified the target. “Okay Harkel,” I said to myself, “you can do this.” The target’s name was Salar-Hussem Rakir and according to my superiors he was a threat to our country. Breaking the glass, I quietly entered the room. Waking the surprised man I quickly knocked him senseless and took him to his car. As I started the engine, I was very surprised to see over twenty men, armed with pistols and machine guns surround the car. Slowly I turned off the ignition and got out of the car. Immediately four men broke the circle. Two came to secure me and the others rushed to help Rakir. Slowly he became conscious and approached me.

“You really thought I had such lax security,” said Rakir laughing. “I have known you were coming for days. Although, your entry route was rather unexpected.”

I said nothing.

“Cat got your tongue?” he asked, “lock him in the third cell on the first floor.”

Later when I was alone in my cell, I wondered how to get out of what looked to be a very ugly predicament. Just before dawn I stumbled upon a solution to my problem. In my cell there was a metal cot, which if necessary I could be strapped down on, a small table, and a window. When Rakir visited one day later, I was ready to put my plan into action.

“Well,” said he upon entering, “I hope your accommodations have been enough to suffice your needs.”

“Wonderful,” I replied. While he had been talking I had strategically placed myself opposite the bed.

“Good, good.” Then, he must have seen something because he had time to look curious and say, “What…” before I knocked him senseless, again. Moving quickly I tucked him in the corner. When Rakir had entered the room, he had neglected to lock the door which just made my life easier.

Before I left, I double checked the metal frame and then I lifted up the bed in front of me as a giant shield. After I slipped out the door, I started up the hall. Every once in a while I looked behind me, to make sure no one was following. I got to the main hallway without incident, but when I was about half way down alarm bells started ringing.

“Ahh great,” I muttered.

I broke into a run and was soon to the front door. When I grasped the handle, the door was yanked open from the other side. Before I knew it I was surrounded by Rakir’s evil henchmen. I was crouched behind a metal bed surrounded by a bunch of men with machine guns. Not exactly my idea of fun. After a moment’s indecision I rushed at the men nearest the door. Shots rang out, but my bulky shield held. I ran over two of the men closest to the door, and shoved my bed into the doorframe. As the bed was about as big as the door, the frame got stuck and the men could not remove it. As their voices rang out I made a beeline to Rakir’s car. The keys were still in the ignition where I left them, and I quickly pulled the car out of the driveway.

Halfway back to Head Quarters, I heard a voice in the back seat say, “Well, I do like exciting breakaways, but that wasn’t exactly my style.”

I turned back and to my surprise I saw Salar-Hussem Rakir sitting in the back seat with a gun in his lap.

“Uhhhh,” was about all I could manage.

I was about to attack when he said, “Just hear my side of the story, please.” After listening to his side of things, I was not quite sure what to believe. I finally decided the only way to prove his story was to take him to our HQ offices, and have his story confirmed by people higher up in my society.

A few hours later I emerged from my debriefing quite amazed. Apparently, I had actually gone to get Rakir out of that place, and it needed to seem like he had gotten captured. Clearly it would be much more convincing if I didn’t know the truth, and I believed I was actually removing a threat. And being the wonderful secret agent that I am I was the person for the job.

Many years later, Rakir and I are great friends and have survived many missions together. I know that you’re dying to hear about our miraculous adventures but, those are stories for another time.

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