Plan B

February 7, 2012
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Plan A failed. I remember how we felt me and the people around me. We felt horrible it was supposed to be a surprise attack but one of our helicopters exploded when it hit the mast of a ship in the harbor. 20 people dead in the explosion.
Plan B. We were not sure if this would work but it had to because if it did not, we were done for. Then we stopped breathing. They had one of us captive a survivor of the explosion.Plan B failed.What do we do now ? They could get all the information from him. Where we are what we are planning. One thing is certain we have to get him out of there! Without getting captured of course. But how ?
We need a Plan C. Or as we are calling it Plan Certain. But how do we get him out?
This could lead up to weeks even months of planning ! But we need a plan NOW ! Time is running out We need an idea to start with.
Then it hit me! I knew what we needed! We needed an airplaned, four grappling hooks, a large cloaking device, and one heavily armored guy. Well we have grappling hooks, cloaking devices of all sizes,and a heavily armored guy . The heavily armored guy is well um me. But we need an airplane because a helicopter is to loud .
Here Is my plan we fly the airplane to the enemy base. We tie the grappling hooks end to end and lower them into the base and I climb down when I get to the bottom of the grappling hooks I give them a pull and they get raised and I enter the base at any means necessarily as long as it is quiet then when I find him I use my jet-pack and fly him back to the plane and we get out of there.
We finally get an airplane and the plan is set I am ready to go .
Armored.Airplanes. And Grappling Hooked.The cloaking device is in place. Off we go! We are on our way to save our guy and maybe take one of them too you know to pay them back. I mean they took one of us. Right? So should we not get them back? Well some of us like the idea and the boss does too but his wife does not she put a stop to it the minute I said anything about it so the answer is no we can not kidnap one of them. That is so not fair! Oh here we are right above our target.
We loward the grappling hooks and I was half down when because I was so heavily armored the rope snapped and all I could think was wow this is bad this is really really bad .
Then it had to have felt like a slap in the face because I suddenly remembered that all heavy armor comes with a jet-pack but I was not planning on using it because it makes a lot of noise but it was plan C B .Which means plan certain's plan B because for us plan C always has a plan B. Because if it did not it would be just plain weird.
It would feel weird to us because we always have a plan B no matter what.
So I reached out to pull the string to turn on the jet pack but it was gone so I had to take the screwdriver off my belt unscrew the thing and pull the string. The emergency string.
The jet pack started I was off ! I flew over the barracks and spotted our guy in the Jailhouse where they keep all the prisoners. So a second later I loward and landed.
I landed I hid the jet-pack in a corner and I ran through three halls and a corridor. When I found him all that he was wearing all that was left of his cloths and he was screaming how he could not read nor write nor spell and how miserable he was but when he saw me he started to yell intruder repeatedly. I quickly reached in grabbed his shirt and pulled him to the bars and covered his mouth with tape .
Then a thought snuck into the back of my head : just leave him go home just leave come on just leave him ! NO!!! I bellowed and I broke the cell open and pulled him out. I had to I had come all this way I am not going to leave him. Then my blood turn cold as a voice behind me said " turn around he is not the one you came for. I am. "
So I turned around and saw to my amazement my comradee was right behind me in a cell so I stopped I let the other guy go and opened my comradees cell and I embraced him and then we ran down the hall and then I stopped dead I had heard a noise the I started to run faster than I had before I had to get to the end of the hall to the jet pack then everything went black as I got hit in the back of the head with the back of an enemies gun.
By the time I had reawoken I was in the hospital wing at our barracks. My comrade and the Boss were there and I had apparently been out for five weeks and the war was done. It is a time of great happiness. I still have not told you the best part we WON!!!! And one more thing I am pretty sure you want to know how the heck I got of there well apparently while I had been knocked out I had been taken out of the armor and my comrade had been being taken back to his cell when the other gut I had freed ran by the guards and that were holding my comrade yelling as loud as he could FREEDOM! repeatedly. So they let him go telling him to go back to his cell and chased the other guy down the hall so my comrade picked up an enemies gun and he knocked out the guards holding me and dragged me on his back down the hall knocked out two more guards and found the jet pack and put it on and pulled the string after he was in the jet-pack and was holding on to me we flew back to the ship were I was put on a cot.
So that is how I got out of there safely and My comrade is safe too.
Oh and one more thing I learned this from my experience I learned never give up no matter what and never rescue extremely crazy people by accident crazy people okay but not extremely crazy people. Well I have too go the boss has another mission for me! Talk to you later! Bye for now!

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