Valentine's Day

February 6, 2012
I murdered my family. All of them; every last one. Parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents; I watched every one of them die at my feet, and by my hands. I slowly watched my relatives’ blood come rushing down the green grass like the tide going over the sand of a beach. And I stood there in the horror of my own doing, knowing I had killed everyone I once loved.

That was one year ago, on Valentine’s Day.

My own wrong-doing put me in line for the death sentence. The execution would take place in just a few weeks. But I’m ready for it, and I’m going to surprise the nation that day. The world will know of Zach Auldrin. But alas, I have time to spare. So let me tell you my story, the last one I’ll ever tell…
* * *

So here I was, sixteen year old Zach Auldrin. Just a regular kid with an ego bigger than all of Virginia, an appetite so big I could swallow a buffalo whole, and a desire to be someone someday, someone important enough to be mentioned in a history textbook. Little did I know that in a few days that would happen, though I never thought that it’d be for mass murder.

My story begins in a car; a crappy old Toyota to be exact. My dad, my mom, and I were on a nine-hour road trip to visit some family in Pennsylvania. You know, just the annoying grandparents, aunt, uncle, and three cousins.

So anyway, my dad is the bubbly, open minded, always happy type of person. So the entire trip he was pretty much singing the lyrics to some Broadway show; something about a blonde chick trying to not be stupid for a change. Hell I don’t know. It was just an annoying ride.

I was in the back seat, black headphones in my ears, black hair over my brown eyes, wishing away my life as it once was. After an hour or two I tried reading a bit. I loved the stories of the super natural, paranormal, and adventurous sci-fi fiction. So of course, my book was called “Unnatural.” It’s funny how real that book is easily related to events that followed.

It was soon after that the first of many strange things happened. I was looking out my window at the passing cars and the trees that surrounded both sides of the road. It was almost sunset, and I loved the way the horizon almost seemed to catch the world on fire and make the trees glow a luminous red and orange.

The car was going about fifty miles per hour, but even at that speed, I know what I saw at the base of the trees. I saw my grandmother. Alone, just standing there like a creeper. She was wearing her usual grandmother-like clothes and had her hair in that usual fake red curliness. Her highly rounded glasses glistened in the last remaining sunlight, and her head was tilted at a forty-five degree angle, if I had to say so, she looked almost possessed. But I figured it was just a figment of my imagination that I summoned up from reading that damn book. I mean, we were still three hours away from her house. So I forgot about the whole thing and went to sleep for the last few hours.

This was the first of many nights that I dreamt that horrid dream, a nightmare of strange beings, almost demonic, looking for me. They had slobbery fangs and stalked the areas like lions yet walked like a person trying to walk on all fours. It was a very disturbing dream, I thought. Yet, something about it just didn’t seem like all that of a dream. Maybe that’s why I was more scared of it than I’d ever been scared before.

Once I awoke, I realized we were only minutes away from arriving. I looked out the window into the starry sky that I loved oh so much. I watched the constellation Orion as it glistened throughout the night. The unchanging sky that has remained the same for millions of years, even the dinosaurs saw the same night sky. I always loved that idea. Now I wonder if I’ll ever see those stars again.

A few mere minutes later, we arrived at my grandparents’ house in Pennsylvania. We had the usual family greeting and the same old boring chit-chat that is always exchanged between the families. My Aunt Sadie and Uncle Tom were also there, but their three kids, Mikey, Alex, and Ben, were already asleep upstairs.

My aunt and uncle were alright, hell, I’d rather have them as parents than my own. My uncle was a drama teacher and play director at a school of arts. So he was naturally outgoing and just plain funny to talk to. My aunt was a book nerd...which was always an interestingly weird combination for a couple. They were complete opposites yet their love for each other was easily apparent. I had hoped to someday find something similar.

About the cousins though, Mikey was the only cool one. He was a year younger than me, which meant we were pretty much into the same things, and at the same maturity level. His red curly hair was similar to his dad’s, yet Mikey had a much more rebel-like personality than even I did. He was pretty much the trouble maker of the family. And that’s why I loved him.

Alex was a monster. He was a twelve year old demon. I swear, this kid was more manipulative than my attention-whore ex-girlfriend. This kid always got what he wanted, but only because Aunt Sadie was way too overprotective and practically spoiled the little brat. He’s gotten me in more trouble than I’d ever been in before. I think killing him in particular was the one killing I don’t regret.

Ben would’ve been cool if he wasn’t an eight year old little bitter. He was a lot like Mikey, yet got an evil aspect of Ben, so he probably would’ve been the kind of teenager who’d sneak you some weed but then point fingers at you if he got caught. But for now, he just liked to bite and stab things, especially toes.

But anyway, so I go upstairs to get into bed, and I notice that in the other room across the hall that the TV was on. I figured it was Mikey just avoiding the family. I walk through the doorway, floor creaking with my every step, and there, sitting on the floor, was Ben. He had his pajamas on, and he just stared straight ahead at the TV. But, the TV was just static. It was loud and blaring and bright, yet I saw Mikey and Alex sleeping on the floor next to where Ben was sitting.

“Ben?” I asked, puzzled by the situation.

There was no answer.

“Hey buddy, how about I just get this TV fixed for ya?”

I start to walk toward Ben, when I heard more creaking, but it wasn’t the floor, it was Ben’s neck. I swear, his head turned all the way around on his body, and his neck creaked as he did it. When his face was toward me and his back still to me, he opened his mouth and released a screech like a violin being played wrong. I stand there, freaking out, stunned by this event. But when Ben stood up and jumped toward me, I ran behind the door and slammed it in his face. The collision between him and the door knocked me off my feet, and I just sat there, scared out of my mind.

Beads of sweat start pouring off my face and I’m panting like a just ran a marathon, only, my heart was beating faster than a runner after a sprint. After about ten minutes of lying there, I slowly got up and hesitantly opened the door, and what I saw only confused me more. All three cousins were sound asleep. The TV was even off. A part of me felt like I should check Ben, but I was too scared and figured I better just lock myself in my room.

The minute I locked my door, I jumped on my bed and was pretty much in a fetal position for the next two hours. I had never been so scared in my life. But even so, I knew that if I mentioned it to anyone, they’d just think I’m crazy. So I just laid there all night thinking about Ben and my family. And after a few more hours, I started to drift off to sleep. My fears and my worries slowly started to wash away. A part of me told myself that I couldn’t just sleep, everything in my room looked scary. But it eventually happened, like I had no control. And I once again slipped off into dream land.

Once again I had the nightmare of demons. Only this time, I felt like I was in hell. There was just fire everywhere, and these demonic dark clouds of faces were lifting up out of the flames of red and yellow. As I looked closer, I saw that the faces were everyone in my family. I could see Uncle Tom and Aunt Sadie‘s melted down faces just lifting up and being engulfed by fire. It was a horrible feeling. And I had that empty pit in my stomach like you get when you die in your dream. All the voices, the voices hurt. Everything just hurt. I covered my ears and winced with pain, it was like they were calling me, attacking me with words, yet somehow warning me. I spun around, frantically trying to escape, but I came face to face with a melted face of my mother, shrouded in darkness and flame. And the face started to scream. Just a high pitched, deathly scream that made her face go pale and wrinkle like she was screaming for dear life. And then the voices just disappeared, and the fire just vanished. And I was in a dark room. The only thing that remained was the scream, a scream of death. And then the scream turned into a few grunts, and eventually just ceased as it felt like they had passed. I thought for sure my mother was dead.

I didn’t sleep that night. I was too scared to move, too scared to even lift my arm up to turn on the light. It was so close, yet I felt like if I got up to turn it on, something would get me. It was like I was paralyzed, forced to just lay still and stare directly at the dark ceiling. The pitch black room made it impossible for me to see, my eyes just wouldn’t adjust. So I laid there, petrified, for hours on end, just wanting the sun to come up so I could get out of this hell hole.

The morning was brutal. I woke up in a bath of light from my window. I had no idea how I fell asleep, but whatever happened last night, hell I figured it was all a dream.

As I walk downstairs, carefully and cautiously, I see my whole family. The adults, including my mom, were all just sitting in the living room watching TV and doing their normal boring talk. The three kids, I noticed, were in the kitchen fighting over who gets more breakfast cereal.

“Hey guys…” I said awkwardly to my cousins. “How are you doing?”

“These little demons keep hoarding all the cereal.” Mikey said.

“…What did you say?” I said, surprised by the word ‘demon’

“They keep hoarding my cereal!” He repeated.

“Shut up Mikey!” Alex said with a temper. “You’re not important anyway!”

“Yea sure, give me food or I’ll slit your throat.”

“MOM!” Alex yelled in the other room. “Mikey took all my cereal and now he’s trying to kill me with a throat slit!”

Aunt Sadie came into the kitchen and said, “Mikey, give Alex your cereal, you don’t get any anymore.”

See what I mean when I say Alex is evil?

After this whole breakfast disaster, I go over and sit down with quite little Ben.

“Hey bud, how are you feeling?”

“Fine, I’m hungry.”

“Yea, blame your brother for that.”

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes.

“Hey, Ben?” I asked innocently. “What were you doing last night watching TV?”

“…We didn’t watch TV last night. I was too tired.”

“Are you sure? I could’ve sworn I saw you last night watching the static channel.” I chuckled a bit at my petty joke.

“I’m sure.” Ben said definitively. “I’m hungry.”

“I’ll get you some cereal.”

“I don’t want that.”

“Well, what do you want?”

“I want your soul.”

I paused for a minute and stood up, “What did you say?”

Ben looked up at me for the first time all morning and said. “I want a cinnamon roll!”

“…I don’t think we have…Are you sure you didn’t say you want my soul?”

“Ewe, why would I want that? I bet your soul is full of pig blood.”

I turned away, ignoring the fact that he just licked his lips after saying that. “You scare me sometimes…”

Later that day, after it took us a total of four hours for everyone to shower, we headed outside just to fool around. The kids had brought plastic swords and since we had nothing better to do, Mikey and I went into an epic sword duel against one another. We were both pretty skilled, but since I’m a fan of sword fighting, Mikey was easily out skilled. At least until Alex came in with two swords pretending to be Darth Vader.

It was all fun and games until another strange event. But a small one, in fact, as small as a fly, for a fly flew up to me and landed on my cheek. Out of instinct, I smacked it, killed it, and wiped the blood off on my jeans. The reaction though, was beyond strange, for every family member of mine just stopped what they were doing, and starred at me. Mikey and Alex dropped their swords. My dad poked his head out the window on the second floor just to stare at me. My grandmother, who was watering her flowers, just dropped her hose while it was still on and glared at me. Everyone just starred like there was something downloading in their brain or something crazy like that. I was so weirded out I ran back up to my room and locked my door.

I was truly freaking out about the events that had been taking place these past few days, so I figured, why not read? I got my book out, the same one I read in the car; “Unnatural” and I finally got to that part in the book where they always start to explain what’s been going on.

In this book, one of the characters practices some form of Wicca or Paganism or something like that. And the book started talking about these elements that certain people had, people who could sort of manipulate elements, but also shared the same personality as their element. The character in the book was wind. She could sometimes create a breeze with her emotion, which I thought was kind of cool. But anyway, as I read more, I started to see some connections. Demons are attracted to people with these elements. They feed off the energy they give out when being powered by their own element. And the more I read, the more it made sense. And another thing I saw was how to kill a demon. It read, “Only the blood of a demon can harm the blood of another demon.” I thought that was interesting enough to keep in mind.
Anyway, According to the description, I would be like a forest element, or a kind of thing that could manipulate certain life, like bugs or plants. And the more I read, the more I believed. Even though I still don’t understand half of it, I realized that these demonic things I’ve been dreaming about could be what this was. My family could be possessed and my forest energy is what they want. But this was all a sense of paranoia, at least that’s what I figured. But I did end up drifting off to sleep because of all the reading. And that night was the beginning of the end…

That night, well, I don’t really remember myself dreaming. I don’t think I ever fell into a deep enough sleep, mainly because I felt like I was being watched by some demonic creatures. I kept feeling a warm breeze on my neck. I thought to myself, did I leave the window open? But even if it was open, it was in the middle of February in Pennsylvania, there wouldn’t be a warm breeze.

I did my best to ignore this logic, but for what seemed like the next few hours, I just tossed and turned in my borrowed bed in this dark, cold room. Eventually I decided to just wake up and turn my brain on. After a few minutes, reality checked back in with me. And not only did I realize that the breeze was someone breathing, I noticed a drop of saliva on my shoulder.

Suddenly realizing this, I reacted as quickly as possible to turn myself over so I can reach my lamp, but something grabbed my leg so I couldn’t move. I kicked and fought with all I could, I even started to scream. But I would not give in, and with that motivation, I pushed myself off my bed and attacked the on switch of the lamp, filling my room up with light.

What I saw was my grandmother, glasses off, hunched on all fours, fangs dripping with saliva. Her mouth was much wider and her lips were greatly chapped to the point where her lips looked black, and her mouth was open so wide, my head could’ve fit inside. And that, I didn’t want to find out, because I kicked my grandma in the face so hard, she fell backward off the bed. As I get off the side of the bed, I wanted to take this as an opportunity to talk some sense into whatever soul was left in there. But I never got the chance; my grandma skittered like a rat back on her feet and launched herself out into the hallway, making sure to leave claw marks on the side of the doorway as she ran. I thought about chasing after her, but what chance did I stand against a freaking demon? So I shut my door and locked it as fast as I could and then went into my bathroom. (Yes, I had an attached bathroom to my room.) I locked that door as well and slept in the bathtub, safe, for the rest of the night.

I awoke the next morning too scared to go downstairs. There was no telling what was waiting for me down there. And I simply just didn’t want to find out.

My dad even came in my room with a worried look on his face and asked, “Hey, have you seen my mom?”

I was too shaken and scared to tell what really happened, so I naturally just shook my head and continued to pretend to sleep away this horrid nightmare. I swear, my hands wouldn’t stop shaking for the next few hours. Even though the deed was to be done today, the deed that put me in this rotting hell hole of a jail cell.

Anyway, until about two in the afternoon, I had been laying in my bed quivering with more fear than ever before. I had no idea what was to come. For all I knew, my entire family might try to kill me if I go downstairs. But alas, I am in fact a teenager, and thus, my stomach needs outweighed the need to survive. After a while it was to the point where I’d kill my family just for some food.

So I go downstairs, and everyone was just freaking out because grandma has gone missing. Granted, the kids didn’t really care, they had more of an appetite than I ever have.

As I walk into the kitchen to grab some lunch, Mikey says to me, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” And the more I thought about that, the more I wish I could spend it with someone I cared about instead of the fear of being eaten by my grandmother…

About a half-hour later, my dad walks up to me again and says, “Hey, We’re going to look for my mom. She’s got to be somewhere in town. We’ll all split up and look.”

I looked at him and my eyes said enough that I didn’t have any interest.

“Fine, you and grandpa stay here in case she comes back to the house, we’ll meet back up here in an hour.”

“Wait…” I said. “Can Mikey stay with me too?”

“Whatever floats your boat. Just don’t get into any trouble with my dad.”

“No promises…”

I don’t know why I asked for Mikey to stay. I knew he had a part to do with the demons as well, I could tell by the way he was watching me, like a lion stalking his prey. I noticed he’d even lick his lips sometimes when he thought I wasn’t looking, just like how Ben did a few days before. I was just glad Ben wasn’t the one staying with me. Mikey, however, was my favorite cousin. And possessed or not, he would always be a good friend to me. And even though I’m still not much of a religious person, God bless his soul.

The rest of the afternoon went by too slow. The rest of the searching party agreed that they’d be gone however long it takes to find her, so they never rendezvoused back at the house. In the meantime, I did the best I could to ignore the paranormal activity and try to enjoy what I thought would be my last few days with Mikey.

My grandfather had always been an honorable man. I always had a great amount of respect for him. He spent 20 or 30 years of his life as the chief fireman in the town. He even fought in the Vietnam War for a year. And on top of all that, he was able to raise four children. I always figured he’d be the last person to turn against me. But on that day, I was proven wrong.

After a bit of sword fighting with Mikey, I ran inside real quick just to grab a drink. I didn’t know where grandpa was, I figured he was out back messing with his yard tools or something. But as I got a soda bottle out of the fridge, I closed the door and immediately saw the mirror that was on the adjacent wall. What I saw was Mikey just practicing with his wimpy plastic sword, and my grandpa not too far away from him. My grandfather was carrying a hatchet. And when I turned to look out the window, I watched in horror as my close relative waved at me just before he turned around long enough to see a hatchet come down on his face, splitting his skull apart and blood spouting all over the lawn. And as the mangled body of Mikey squirms to the ground, arms flailing, and my own grandfather rips the hatchet back out and stares directly at me with a grin on his face.

My stomach feels absolutely sick and my gut wrenches inside me, I was so scared and disgusted that I threw up my guts right there on the kitchen floor. But soon, my instincts take over. And my adrenaline and will to survive connect with my brain, like when you’re in a dream and you have that feeling to just ran as fast as you can, knowing that at any moment you’ll be stabbed in the back.

I knew I didn’t have much time; luckily the kitchen is the second floor above the basement stairs and the garage. So immediately I run upstairs to my bedroom and lock the door, which was a really stupid idea was considering what happened the previous night. So I run across the hall to my grandparents’ room and I hide under the bed, making sure to leave the door open so he wouldn’t know what room I was in. And it was there I waited. And I waited a long time. I could tell that he was probably stalking every corner in case I would try to attack him. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I heard footsteps. Very slow, very loud footsteps coming up the stairs. Hell, my heart was pounding so hard it wouldn’t have mattered if I tried to hold my breath; which was, by the way, also out of control. Not to mention I was sweating like I was in a sauna and I felt like throwing up because that image of Mikey’s head getting split open just kept replaying in my mind. Waiting for the end was literally the most torturous thing I would ever go through.

From under the bed I could see my grandfather’s feet walking in the hallway. He skipped his room and went straight into my room. I took that as an opportunity to stick my head out and look around for an escape. That’s when I noticed the perfect defense.

Hung on the bedroom wall were two crossed swords. Marine Sabers that my grandpa must have gotten during his time as a soldier. I figured it was better than nothing. So I quietly crawled out from under the bed and carefully tip-toed my way to the opposite wall, watching the doorway for when my grandpa was done searching my room. I grabbed the handle of the sword, expecting it to come right of the wall, but instead, the whole frame came with it, making a huge crashing sound on the floor. Freaking out, I quickly unsheathe the saber and hold it tight and jump into the closet and shutting the door just quiet enough to not be heard. I looked through the panning to see my grandfather come into the room, hatchet at the ready, complete confidence in his face like he had no emotion. He walked like the only sense he had was the sense of smell, he sniffed the air like a rabid dog and walked around the bed. My heart had never beaten faster, my tears swelled up in my eyes. I didn’t want to die. I was just a kid. I didn’t want to die. And those thoughts raced through my head as the demon dropped to his knees and looked under the bed. I took a chance and went for the kill by opening the closet and stabbing my grandfather in the back. The demon shrieked in agony and exposed its black lips and bloody fangs. The blood began to redden his shirt and I just stood there, amazed and terrified at what I had done. I twisted the blade to quicken the kill but only while thinking, “He’s not human. He’s not human.”

The monster stopped its screaming. It stopped its agonizing screech. It looked deceivingly like my grandpa again. Then, just as I thought he was dead, it turned its head 180 degrees, just like Ben did on my first night here. Grandpa was still alive and with his head now backwards, it returned to its fangy form and tried to bite at me. Surprisingly, out of instinct, I punched my granddad in the face and ran like hell. I ran to the only place left to hide; the garage.

I sprinted down both set of stairs and threw myself through the door to the garage. I locked the door behind me and looked around franticly for anything I can use against the demon. My grandpa’s tools were all hanging on the wall, chainsaws, hoes, and some weird bladed stuff that made the garage look like a murder house… anyway, I grab the nearest extra chainsaw blade and wielded it like a sword as I hid behind some boxes filled with sporting equipment. My mind was racing at the thought of what I was about to do. I never in life ever thought I’d have to ruthlessly saw apart someone I loved, but there was no other way out.

I heard the doorknob jiggling about when suddenly a hatchet blade struck through the door. That weakened the door well enough for grandpa to kick it in. I watched hesitantly as the man I once respected began sniffing for me. The sword was still stuck in his lower chest with blood still dripping on the floor that had completely turned his t-shirt red. Blood had also spurted onto his face from the sword and yet he seemed not weakened at all. Not one bit.

I didn’t have much time to think about my horrible upcoming deed. His back was turned, so I still had the element of surprise like before. I leaped out with my jagged-spiked blade and swung at the demon, but this time he saw it coming, and he spun around with his hatchet and blocked my hit with a strong enough force to knock the blade from my hand, which flew across the room and knocked some of the hoes off the wall. Scared out of my mind, I let my adrenaline take over and dodged his next swing, I rolled to the left of him as an attempt to confuse him, but my grandpa easily swung at my face again, though missing by only a few inches. I quickly got up and tried throwing a box at him, which was to no avail as he didn’t even trip.

I scurried myself to the back corner of the garage, right next to the garage doors. I was panicking and had no idea what else I could do. My grandpa dropped his hatchet and exposed his devil-like teeth as he leaped at me like a lion. As fast as I could, I grabbed the hoe that had fallen earlier and drove it up like an uppercut and nailed the demon right behind the fangs up inside his mouth. Blood instantly came shooting out like a fountain and the gruesome sound made me twitch and freak out like someone does when there’s a bug crawling on them. And so I simply pushed the squirming demon into the garage doors, not knowing if it was dead or alive. But as it hit the door, the handle of the sword broke the small window and got caught on the bottom left corner of the frame, leaving the demon hanging there like a clothesline.

I got up, shaking everywhere, and walked over to the switch that made the doors open, knowing that it would not only trap and kill the demon, but I could make my escape through there before the rest of the family got back. But as my finger approached the switch, I hesitated. I was about to commit murder. Using the weapons was a choice of self defense, but this, this wasn’t necessary to protect myself. And if somewhere deep down, my honorable grandfather was still in there, then I’d be committing cold blood murder. I cried as I thought these thoughts; like, almost sobbing kind of crying. But I hit the switch and closed my eyes, even though the sound of flesh and metal didn’t make it any easier. The demon screeched its last screech as it was squished between the door and the ceiling, creating a waterfall of blood raining down on the floor below.

The sound and sights were terrible, I threw up my guts again as I walked over to the site. I don’t want to go into any more detail, but let’s just say for your stomach’s sake that the sword ended up falling on the ground. So I picked it up and went outside to try and clean off the blood, until I realized it was pointless since I was covered in his blood as well.

After I had stopped puking, I walked up the driveway to begin running. I didn’t know where yet, but I couldn’t let the rest of the family find me. I had no choice but to run.

But as I neared the edge of the driveway, I heard two cars going up the road; I looked closely and realized that my entire family was returning. And with two bodies to account for, I didn’t want to stick around. I looked up the other side of the road and ran a good ways before diving off into the woods. It was then that I realized they had gotten out of the car and were following me.

I sprinted through the trees and bush as fast as I could, jumping over fallen trees and dodging bushes of vines. My feet kick up dirt and leaves after every step, making prints in the ground for the demons to follow. But then, as they got closer, my element of life started to take effect. After every step I took, a slight array of green swarming energy began to take shape and exhort after every step. Every time I touched a tree branch, it exhorted a short tiny burst of green, like I was gaining power from the life of nature, but only when the demons were close. The only problem was that that was what they attracted to. That’s what they were after. I soon realized I wouldn’t be able to run for long.

As I ran, I looked back real quick just to see if they were following. But as I turned back around, I ran straight through a spider web, one that had multiple bugs and spiders in it, all alive, so the result was that a huge thin burst of green launched out from the contact zone, making my position just light up against the trees. It was easy to tell that the demons now know exactly where I was. So I ran even faster, and eventually got out of the tree line and into an open field. This was it. There was no turning back. I stopped in the middle of the field and turned around, bloody sword at the ready. It was dusk, and off in the distance there was the sun and the moon so close to each other.

I had always loved the stars. It seemed only right for me to die under them.

I stood there in the grass, green energy surrounding my feet, the wind blowing my hair in my face. My breathing got louder, almost to the point of panting, but it was a controlled, determined pant. And as the smells of life and blood mixed together, I watched as the six demons emerged from the tree line, stalking their vulnerable prey.

My grandmother assumed the front of the group as they approached. Her fangs exposed, just like from the other night, she spoke in a raspy, almost snake-like voice.

“You know what it is we seek, mortal.” She said.

“I know what it is you won’t receive.” I responded.

I looked around the group of six. Most of them had no weapons. Alex I saw though carried my sword’s twin that was back at the house. And another odd thing, my dad wasn’t there.

“Where is my dad?”

The demons snickered. It was obvious now, my family was dead. These were just puppets of satin.

“He resisted conforming. So we disposed of him best we could…”

My mother walked up behind my grandma, and threw something at the ground by my feet.

It was a severed hand. Pale and torn, the end covered with dry blood, and a ring on its finger.

It was my dad’s hand…

Blood and tears boiled up inside me. I no longer had any restraints on my instinct, and my arm took a mind of its own as I swung my saber as hard as I could, landing contact right on my grandmother’s neck, severing her head from her body. And her limp body fell straight to the ground. The rest of us watched as the body squirmed for twenty more seconds.

I had no idea that my blade could penetrate that much of a body. But I soon remembered from my book, “Only the blood of a demon can harm the blood of another demon.” My grandfather’s blood on the sword is what killed my grandmother, ironic.
I should’ve felt pity. But now, I was strong; I had in my mind that I would avenge my family and rid the demons from their bodies so that they may rest in peace. I now know my duty. It was time to get some revenge.

After the body went stiff, the five remaining demons screeched in hatred and all charged at me.

This next part of my story was the worst. It went by so fast, yet it all seemed to go in slow motion. There were tears in my eyes the entire time. All I saw was the blood and the fangs and the bodies flying every which way. I had to take on Alex, a twelve year old boy with a saber. All that did was put me back in a time from a few days earlier when we sword fought together with Mikey, and even though this was a demon inside Alex, he used the same immature moves and strategies that real Alex had done. I quickly disarmed him, but it was so hard to finish him. That was until his father, my uncle Tom charged in and took me off my feet, and in the confusion I ended up slicing both of them apart as the green energy shot out between my face and the ground. I felt horrible about myself. I wanted to die. But I couldn’t give the demons what they wanted. And as I took down my Aunt Sadie, I realized that soon I’d have to strike down my own mother, the woman who birthed me. But thinking of how she could just toss her husband’s severed hand at me made it easier to just close my eyes and kill the demon that took the body of my mom. And I also had to kill sweet little Ben, the one who not only was the creepiest, but it hurt my heart to look in the eyes of a scared little eight year old boy. But once I let up, he tried to bite my face off, so naturally I took defense measure that caused him to fall to the ground.

That was it. The deed was done. The green grass fields had turned red with guilt and blood and sweat and tears. My hands were soaked in it, the necessary evil that had to take place. It was done. I murdered my family.

I knew that the authorities of course would never believe me, so I didn’t even try to explain it. I let them take me in. And for a year I rotted in a jail cell.

So now, they’re gone. I had no family. And on this day one year ago, I never thought I’d ever know what it was like. I never knew what it was like to be truly alone…on a valentine’s day…
* * *

Stony Brooke Police Department
Stony Brook, Pennsylvania
Report Supplement #94857365-1
February 14, 2012

Kyle Auldrin-Male-72
Becky Auldrin-Female-69
Rick Auldrin-Male-49
Sarah Auldrin-Female-46
Thomas Auldrin-Male-42
Sadie Auldrin-Female-41
Michael Auldrin-Male-15
Alexander Auldrin-Male-12
Benjamin Auldrin-Male-8

Zachary Auldrin-Male-16
Status-Mentally Incapacitated

On February 14, 2012, Officer Parkman and I got a call from a woman on stony brook, her name was Sadie Auldrin. She claimed that her nephew was missing and she had also reported a dead body. When we arrived on the scene, we found the body of Becky Auldrin in the guest bedroom with her neck snapped. We left the house and went out into the back yard where we found the body of Michael and Kyle Auldrin. Michael had a gash in his head from a hatchet, and Kyle was hanging from the top of the garage door. We then followed the screams coming from up the street and through the woods. When we came into a clearing, we found that the rest of the above listed were dead, and Zachary Auldrin carried a bloody Marine Saber. So we took him in, got the fingerprints, and put him behind bars. He was later declared insane by three different Psychiatrists, after they all claimed he was once in an insane asylum before, only to be released by his family who now lay dead. His trial will begin in a few months.

Officer Ronald Benet

My trial is today, and boy, I’ve never felt more alive. I can’t wait to see all the blood that will be shed today. This is Zach Auldrin, and I am going to change the world forever, and wreck havoc on life as you know it.
After all, a story is just a story. And on this Valentine’s Day, another one is about to begin…

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