Pain... Just Pain

February 5, 2012
I felt it. That one single stab of a blade throughout my torso. I... wait... I felt something new. For my entire life I was nothing more then a fighter, protecting my own butt from those who attacked me. On this ruin place once known as the term 'Earth'.
But my opponent, what speed she had coming at me. One single slice through air knocked me back and a lunge took me by surprise. This surprise known as from what I think was pain.
I never did feel pain before. I did when my girlfriend had been killed by this same exact girl. We had to fight to protect who we cared about, and fight who we were against. And she fought for me. Even if it meant she had to die in the process. My own Emiko, fighting for me.
Me. A girl who had no idea where I was from or where I was going. From the looks of it, no where far. For what turned out is that I gained the pleasure of revenge to get this girl who killed the one I loved so dearly. I fed on it, fought with it, and died with it.
No, fight through this you weakling, fight through this and win! I screamed in my head. The same exact words I heard so long ago when I practiced. These words echoed throughout my head and clinged.
Drip... drip. Single droplets of blood fell to the dirty ground mixing the bright color of red to the dusty brown creating a new color.
Death. It was the color of death. I've seen it before when she died. My one true love. The only one I had feelings for.
Am I coming to join you Emiko? Will we finally be able to live together off this poisoned planet of death and battle? The grin of my opponent answered that as I could feel my weight collapsing underneath me. My knees buckled, my head dropped, I could feel my body collide with the cold ground.
"You've lost Anju, everyone has lost."
Hearing my name before I died surprised me. I tried to keep my eyes open, to fight this pain and this death. I had to fight... no I had to finish my opponent.
"So... have... you." I breathed, gathering the strength to stand and shove my dagger through the neck of my opponent. "The game is over... life... is over."
She fell to the ground. Faster then I did. Grabbing at my bleeding stomach I fell back to the ground. This was the end, but I smiled. Through the pain. Pain... just pain that I've never felt before.
I did it for you Emiko, I finished her for you.
And I'll be able to see her again. My beloved Emiko. Her smiling face.
And we will last forever, through the pain of death, we'll be together.

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