February 5, 2012
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It was dark. I couldn’t see anything around me. I could feel the hard, blackness under me. I sat up, looking around. 

“Hello?” I called out. But all I got in response was my own echo. It was as if the blackness was immortal. Suddenly, a white, ghostly man appeared in front of me. In his hands, he bared a small, wooden box, covered in golden vines that sealed the box shut. As he held it, he chanted, 
“The attic.. the attic.. the key.. the key.. the old chandelier, the crystal centerpiece.” He started laughing evilly, and everything was gone. 

I woke up, sweat trickling down my forehead, and breathing heavy. I could smell waffles cooking, as I sat up. I looked around, to see if I was still in the black hole. Thankfully, I wasn’t. I was back in my pink and green country style room. Sunlight was beaming through the thin, floral curtains, giving the room a sweet essence. I got up, pushing my brown hair back from my sticky forehead, still in a daze from my dream. I made my way down the wooden stairs, into the kitchen.

“Well, good morning Xena.” My father said, happily. He never fails to put me in a good mood, with his cheerfulness for everything.

“Good morning, daddy” I replied, smiling, regardless of the dream.

“Would you like some waffles?” 

“Sure, but I have a question. Do we have an attic?” He looked puzzled, and thought for a moment, wiping his hands on his pink apron. Its pink, because I lack laundry skills. Or skills in general.

“We don’t, but we do have a little door above your room, similar to an attic. I like to call it the insulation room. “I could feel my pulse rise as I heard these words. I was ecstatic.

“Really?!” I said, as I jumped up, the chair screeching on the floor. I ran up the stairs to my room, as I heard him call after me.

“Where are you going?” I didn’t reply. I had no time to waste. I had a feeling that an adventure is ahead of me.

I got to my room and pulled the cover off of the “insulation room.” A big cloud of dust puffed out into my room. How long had it been since it’s been opened? I thought to myself. I pulled myself up into the small room, and sat on the floor, (or ceiling) with my knees to my chest. I could distinctly smell the old furniture from long years ago. It was very cold, and very dark. I couldn’t see a thing.

It was like my dream. The air smelled very densely of dust, and medicine. I looked around, expecting that white ghost of a man to pop out. But, as the anticipation went on, nothing happened. I got up to look around. The light from my bedroom leaked up here, so I could see, just barely. I started to think about that dream.. I remember, you could see through the ghost, as if his back had a light, so you could see behind him. And through him, you could see a wall with a drawing carved in it. I remember it looking like a lion. I felt against the walls, feeling for a carving. After what felt like an eternity, I found it.

I could feel my heart race. A dream led me here? This was all so surreal. I could distinctly feel the lion face. On his nose, was a key hole. But, what key? I was confused as I was thinking, and I unconsciously reached my hand up to my necklace. Suddenly, it hit me. My key necklace! I had a necklace with half of a key on it. It was one of those old fashioned copper keys. I only had half, because my twin brother, Xavior, had the other half. We were separated when we were only 6 years old. One day, we found this key, not knowing where it went to. So, he broke it in half, somehow perfectly, and wrapped a rope the top, making it into a necklace. He gave me one half, and took the other. He whispered the words “It’ll always keep us together.” And I never saw him again. 

I took the necklace off my neck, and placed it. I started to slowly turn it, expecting something to happen like in video games. But, nothing. 

“Why?” I said out loud. I suddenly heard the echo of another man. 

“You are very ignorant to be going against me. You will pay for what you have seen.” I was quivering with fear, when suddenly, the little door slammed closed and I was locked in the darkness. I could hear the deep, evil laugh that was so familiar. I could feel the cold presence of the evil echo. I didn’t know what to do. I crawled over to my necklace grabbing it, and holding it against me. Everything was happening so fast. I felt the spirit wrap his cold hand around my throat, and lifted me off the ground. 

“You don’t know what you going against, little girl.” He threw my body across the room, forcefully hitting the wall. I could hear his footsteps slowly creep forward toward me, and I started crying. 

“What do you want?" I called out, tears rushing down my face, from the fear and the pain. Suddenly, his ghostly figure appeared. He was smiling a large, crooked, evil smile. It reminded me of the Cheshire cat’s smile. Shivers ran up and down my back.

“You.” He said lowly. The room started spinning purple and black (Like in the video games!), and we were gone.

When I woke up, I was in a gray prison cell. There was no furniture, except a bed. I could smell death all over. I was chained to the wall by my foot, with enough chain so I could walk around. I was wearing a brown dress, with no shoes. Where were my clothes? I was so confused. What happened..? I thought to myself. I stood up, walking to the bars, and looked around. I was painfully aching all over my body. My neck was severely bruised, from that ghost clutching me like a ragdoll. I saw other ghosts locked in other cells. The ghosts were people, except all white. Most were crying, and others were against the bars, yelling to be set free. Oddly, I wasn’t scared of them.

Three hours pass by slowly before a dark, young ghost of a girl appears. She looked very sweet. Pigtails, dress that went down to her knees, and she was carrying a doll. She looked almost identical to me when I was little. Shortly after her, two bulky ghostly guards appear, too. They open up the cell door, and set me free from the chain. 

“Mama!” the young girl cried with a sweet voice. Mama? I thought. This young girl looked no more than 6 years old. I’ve never met her before, either. Why was she calling me mama? Before I could deny the identity I was being given, 

“This your mom?” one of the guards says to her.

“Yup! This is her!” She said, hugging me. I tried to speak, but I couldn’t move my mouth. The two guards show us our way out of the prison, the chunky heavy metal doors slamming behind us.

“Um, thank you for letting me out, but I’m not your mama...” I said.

“I’m not an idiot.” She said, laughing with a familiar giggle.
“You think I wouldn’t know who my ‘mama’ is? Wow you really don’t know what’s going on do you? Do you even remember me?” She said, with her sweet voice replaced with a slightly deeper, more experienced voice. 
“My name is unimportant at this moment. In a second, I am going to teleport us to the main castle. There, you will be shown your destiny. This world is yours. When you were little, your imagination became true. You created this world. You created these people. You created me. These ‘ghosts’ are Spirits.  They are the body-less souls that roam this land. They are in true-form right now, meaning they look like humans. When we teleport, you will only see them in self-form. The opposite of true. They will look like little balls of white mist. Only you can see them in self-form.” She said quickly and lowly.

 I looked around, remembering all of this. It was a large world, with a dark grey sky. Everything was black and red. Buildings were destroyed, and villages were on fire. I remember it being a happy place, but now it was a scary world, filled with death and fear. I wonder how I forgot of this land. It use to be my entire world, Literally.
Suddenly, we were at the main castle. It smelled of porcelain, and marble. The air was cool and calm, and gave off a relaxing feel. I was standing at the front entrance; where in front of me is a large indoor fountain, and wide stairs. It was decorated with the finest furniture, fit for a king. Everything was white and gold. It was such a long forgotten memory.
"Princess May will be explaining the rest. You'll know when you will need me again. I'll be watching from afar, but oh so close." She said, with a wink. She span in a circle and was gone. 
It wasn't long after she left before Princess May came out. I remember creating the princess. I named her May, because that is my favorite month, and my mother’s name. She walked down the staircase slowly, and carefully, her glass heals clicking softly against the marble steps. She had a thin, wispy blue dress on, flowing behind her. Her hair was bright blonde, and had blue eyes, with skin white as a china doll. She resembled Princess Peach pretty closely. I chuckled at the thought of my unoriginality. She came before me, curtsied, and said in a soothing voice

"It’s been so long, creator. It's an honor to meet you. As you know, I am princess May, heir to the throne of this kingdom. We are in grave danger. The only one that can save us is you. All you need to know, I will only speak once. The power lies in your hands. Unlock your imagination, unlock your powers. I must go into hiding at once. I trust you creator. I wish you all the luck." She turned away, and was out of my sight. I felt a heavy weight fall on my chest, but at the same time, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt like a saint, a heroine, a soldier. 

While I was lost in my thoughts, a young spirit girl, no older than 13 came out. She looked as if she was a servant. That angered me a little. She trotted down the steps, and bowed before me. 
“My creator, I present you with this gift. A crown of blessed flowers to protect you, and give you strength on your vast journey.” She held her hands out, revealing a hand-braided vine crown, with little white flowers on it. I used to make them all the time when I was little.
“Thank you so much,” I said gratefully. I took the gift and placed it on my head carefully.
“Are you a servant?” I asked her, without thinking. I felt immediately embarrassed, thinking I had offended her.
“Me? Of course not. We do not have servants. Everyone is treated equally here. I am dressed so poorly because my family lost our home during the fire. The princess is ever so kind, and is allowing the families with misfortunate times stay here. She has 200 spare rooms! Isn’t she wonderful? Not as wonderful as you, of course.” The small child giggled. I tried hugging her, but I went straight through her. She laughed a ghostly squeal, and pranced off. 

Another older spirit came in. She had long hair, and was wearing a long dress that touched the ground. She resembled a servant, too. She carried a long object, covered in sheepskin with old ancient writing on it.  
“My creator. I have been longing to meet you, since the day I was birthed. I knew you would return to our kingdom, in hopes of restoring all hell that has fired up. I bring this gift to you, made from the hottest volcanoes, and best ironist in all the land. It has been prayed on, and glows with the fury of the people, giving it strength to defeat the evilest beings. We will never forget you, and wish you the best on your journey.” She said softly. 

She handed me the long gift. I carefully pulled off the sheepskin, to a reveal a steel sword. It was polished, and engraved with the tiny words, “creator” on the top. The handle was wrapped in more sheepskin, with the base decorated in ancient prayers, about strength and protection. I held it firmly, absorbing all of this. I thankfully bow to her, and she walked away. When nobody else came forward, I felt an urge to step out of the castle, and start this adventure. 
I have no idea where I am going, what I am going to do, what I am going to face, but I must do it for my people. I step out, my lungs filling with the smell of smoke and fear. I see this land I created, being destroyed. Sweat slipped down my face. I could see my future. I felt a strong power begin to grow inside me. It’s time.

Time for me to get back what once was mine.


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