February 10, 2012
By Chrissy Manus BRONZE, Bellevue, Nebraska
Chrissy Manus BRONZE, Bellevue, Nebraska
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It jumped when it heard a sound then it started to run towards the bed when the sound got closer. As the sound got even closer and louder it moved further under the bed, it heard the sound again this time louder, it moved further under the bed until It hit the wall and it couldn’t go any further to get away, it heard the sound come in the bedroom and it was on the right side of the bed so it ran out to the left side. And tried to run out the bedroom door as fast as it could to get away from what that sound was, it ran out the door through the living room jumped over things laying on the ground, through the kitchen and out the kitchen door.
It went out to the back yard through the yard out to the alley in the back went to the right and made a run for it. It didn’t hear anything coming after it thought it was clear to stop running so it found a dumpster about two miles away from the house. It hid in the dumpster until it got dark and it was getting hungry and tired. It thought it was safe to come out. When it finally came out of the dumpster it wondered for a while because it didn’t think it was a good idea to go back to the house, the sound might be there. It didn’t know what “the sound” was it didn’t hear anything but “the sound” moving and it didn’t get a good look at “the sound”.

While it was wandering around It didn’t know where to go or what to do so It went and tied to find something to eat. It wandered down an alley between two big huge brick buildings it was dark and scary quiet and wet. It was starting to get even hungrier. It heard a noise, it was a very loud annoying noise like the noise when It eats, It went over to where the noise was coming from, It was surprised It didn’t know what to think to do or what to say. That thing looked just like It. When the thing that was making the noise spotted It, the thing looked confused and terrified, It and the thing didn’t know what to do. When it finally made a signal to the food the thing realized that it was hungry and motioned it to help its self. When it finally got his hunger was fulfilled, it didn’t know what to say to the thing, so it didn’t know what it should do, but it knew it had to say something.
It finally said hi, and its name.
When the thing asked “what it was doing out wandering around?

It didn’t know what to tell the thing what really happened or keep it to its self. When they had been silent for a few moments the thing realized that it didn’t really want to talk about that. So the thing changed the topic and asked, “what kind of creature was it?” It thought to its self, and it realized it didn’t know what it was. It spoke out loud and said, “I don’t know what I am.” Then it said the same thing, to the thing “what are you?” the thing said, “I am a mouse.” It said, “I thought that mice live in a house.” The thing corrected him and said, “I am not a mice, and I am a mouse!” It corrected him back and said, “They are the same thing.” The thing said “ no they are not I do not live with a group. I am my own mouse, I feed myself bathe my self and answer to my self I am a mouse.” It felt like it had said something wrong then the thing smiled, and said “are you sure your not a mouse?” It was speechless, could it really be a mouse or could it be something else. It didn’t really understand how something couldn’t or didn’t know what kind of creature it was. The thing asked it if it wanted to go for a walk and enjoy the night. It agreed they started walking and it was getting darker. They needed to find some place to sleep; they didn’t know where to go. There were so many places to go but none that were quiet enough to rest for the night. They kept walking hoping to find a place to rest and it wasn’t paying attention and it had realized they were in front of the house were “the sound” was, the thing offered for them to sleep there for the night. And it didn’t respond and kept walking. The thing followed behind and was asking, “Why didn’t you want to go in there?” It didn’t reply and just kept walking. It lead the thing to the dumpster it had been at earlier that day, and said, “we can stay here for the night.” It and the thing set up a place to rest.
It was the next morning and the dumpster was moving really fast and in a weird way, it wasn’t awake yet and the thing woke up startled by the ruckus. The thing moved as fast as it could to look out side and see what was going on. It saw a bunch of treasure and delicious looking left over food in this big green old truck. The thing wanted to get closer and get some food for it and itself. When the thing was trying to jump It jumped right into the truck and everything from the dumpster fell out after him. Including it. That fall finally woke up it. When it realized what was going on it didn’t know what to do or what was going on.

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