The fighting couple

December 16, 2011
By Roddrick Morris BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Roddrick Morris BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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There’s a man named Ezekiel He’s tall cocky and fights through anything. He was loved by all the fair maidens in the village. They were all jealous of his wife Julia .Julia has long blond hair and eye’s that shine like they ocean when the sun is out. Boom it gets dark real quick to quick.
The forest is full of dead plants they walk through. Julia was fighting While Ezekiel was looking for his sword .Julia says to him don’t just sit there come help me fight these evil cowards. He grabs a gold sword. He kills everything in his way except Julia.
There enemies start to make loud hisses at them so then they knew who sent them. There arch rival Raymond He’s a fire breathing dragon slash snake. Ezekiel and Julia cut their way through the forest and finally they made their way to the castle of doom. Raymond lives at the castle of doom. The war begins.
They shoot and stab Until Julia gets hurt .She says to him keep fighting. He through’s a bomb at him and he dies. He runs and checks on his Wife. He sits there and calls for help.

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I think good for couples to

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