Treasure Quest

December 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Hi, I’m an explorer looking for a long lost treasure. Today I decided to go to volcano kwakitha. If I’m not mistaking there is a treasure full of gold. Pirates put it there a long time ago. So I’m preparing myself for the harsh and brutal trip. I’m taking with me a fire proof suit, an oxygen tank and a gas mask. I’m also taking a lot of water bottle. Hopefully I won’t hurt and the volcano won’t erupt as soon as I get there, wish me luck.

Once I got to the volcano I could feel the heat coming of the lava. Then out of nowhere I see this huge molten rock flies out of the volcano. A couple hours later I got to the top and I could smell the horrifying gases that steamed of the magma. As I got closer to the center I could hear the lava boiling. Then I found the entrance to the treasure and so my quest begins.

The author's comments:
something i thought of.

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