A Warrior's Journey

December 16, 2011
By Alex Burton BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Alex Burton BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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There was a fierce warrior on a mission to kill the monster that killed his family. This terrifying monster had some interesting features. The monster had sharp teeth like if they were daggers in his mouth. It has spikes coming out of his back. The eyes are dark green and evil. Has pointy ears on the side of his head. This beast will be the most terrifying thing that the warrior has come upon to. Besides the fact that the warrior has to go through some of the most harsh places in the world. First the warrior must go through a dark, dead forest. With creatures that seek flesh. Then a river that killed and destroyed everything that has tried to cross it. Finally the warrior must go through the worst place that anything has ever gone to. That is the back hole, which is a giant, dark spooky cave where the monster lives. So the warrior’s journey begins.

The author's comments:
A creative write that i saw before

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